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  1. Yes, but a "college town" vibe should have bookstores, coffee shops, bookstores, home-grown restaurants, bookstores, art shops, bookstores, nice places to sit and talk, tea rooms, bookstores, etc. Five Points has some of that - it needs more.
  2. What a shame that the Charleston paper is doing more reporting on Columbia than the State!
  3. Not sure where to put this, but you may have heard that Columbia is getting a new public charter school for the arts. According to their website, the Midlands Arts Conservatory (MAC) will open in August, 2017. MAC will have a focus on the visual arts, theater, dance and music. Go to https://www.facebook.com/MidlandsArtsConservatory/ and http://midlandsartsconservatory.org . They will be holding two informational meetings for parents and the community: on Saturday January 7 at 4:00 in the North Main branch of the Richland Public Library, and on Sunday, January 8 at 3:00 in the second floor theatre at the main branch of the Richland Public Library.
  4. In today's Cindy Ross Scoppe's article in today's State paper she mentions that " Cassie Cope reports that the only one of the projects that even makes an appearance on one of the Transportation Department’s many priority lists is the one involving Columbia’s eight-block South Main Street. " Apparently there is $3-million for that project. Has anyone seen plans yet? Is this really going to happen, or is it still in the works? It would be great if this could turn into a pedestrian friendly "mall", and a centerpiece of the campus. Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/cindi-ross-scoppe/article98165602.html#storylink=cpy
  5. Of course - but neither can it fund highways downtown. However, there is a lot of land downtown for apartments and townhouses. The more people who live and work downtown, the less need for highways. Eventually there will be a critical mass of people who live downtown and need to go from the Vista to Main street, to Five Points, to Bull Street, and the city will have to pay for some sort of upgraded mass transit - maybe 20 years from now - and that will mean better bus service, or street cars, or a monorail, etc.
  6. Sorry to disagree with you, but highways downtown would destroy the character of Columbia. This is not "old school" - it is learning from the mistakes of other cities. Those cities made their mistakes 50 years ago, and are now coming around to much better ways of moving people around and creating communities. Remember the old adage: "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got". In this case you get congestion, pollution, broken up neighborhoods, and ugly strips of asphalt and concrete.
  7. No, No, No - we don't need more highways, especially downtown. Don't you realize that many cities are actually tearing down the ugly highways that were mistakenly built in the city centers - e.g. Seattle, Boston. Even Greenville tore down a bridge in order to reveal the beautiful waterfall and create a lovely urban park. We need to make the drivers so frustrated that they decide to live downtown, and that the "powers that be" build mass transit systems to get us around. Say "No" to cars!
  8. mr. chips


    I guess it is a matter of personal taste- but I rather like this color, and the fact that these USC buildings have a kind of architectural unity. These buildings are also immediately identifiable as USC.
  9. Yes, those are such high-profile and important plots of land (both sides of the Gervais/Assembly corner) - they need to be something special. It's all about the connectivity of Main street to the Vista, and it is what people will see when they visit the State House. It has to be people-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and perhaps even making a statement. I hope something goes there that will really enhance our city. Is there any actual movement on that site?
  10. European cities have had pedestrian streets (Fußgängerzone) for decades - business thrive, cities are more beautiful, visitors and local citizens love it. Greene and Lady streets are a good idea. I would nominate South Main Street - there is absolutely no need for that street to have cars between the State capitol and Blossom. We've discussed that before on this forum: create a horizontal urban park with trees, fountains, benches, art-works, little platforms for music performances, etc, etc. It would be unique for Columbia and much of the South, and attract attention - besides being beautiful!
  11. I couldn't find this - can you send the link? Thanks.
  12. mr. chips


    If he is or was on the city council, you would think that he would understand the importance of those pieces of land as the "entrance gate" to the downtown and the capitol area. You would think that he would want to be a good citizen and create something special there - rather than a surface parking lot. If not, you would think he would sell it to someone who would build there. Is there not any way to pressure him to do the right thing with that land? Civic pressure, political pressure, anything?
  13. Interesting article on the economic impact of sports stadiums: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/business/are-pro-sports-teams-economic-winners-cities
  14. mr. chips


    So, does anyone know who actually owns that land?
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