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  1. blueize74

    Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    I'm not sure if anyone weighed in on this yet or not, but after reading the article, one thing stood out at me. Mayor Meeker says he's concerned about the height? Are you kidding me?
  2. blueize74

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    US Airways and America West Agree to Merge What type of effect do you think this will have on the future of US Airways' hub in Charlotte?
  3. blueize74

    Dorothea Dix Property

    What to expect in the future... News & Observer Clip
  4. blueize74

    Dorothea Dix Property

    People's Voices Shape Dix's Future It's interesting to juxtapose this article to what we discussed a while back. What do you think?
  5. blueize74

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Where do you live? Awfully presumptuous to not even live in Raleigh. I don't even know where to start. Try finding a parking spot around Glenwood South after 6.
  6. blueize74

    Triangle in the national media

    It's a pretty basic function - "Preview Post" is very easy to check if you did it right
  7. blueize74

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    I think the term gentrification has been stigmatized. I've heard this term my whole life and it has never dealt with a specific race - I'm not sure that was even intended. Southeast Raleigh has been known for crime and I believe the post was more intended of making note of it being an eyesoar anyway. Whether I agree with Jerseyman's assesment or not, many things did seem to be factually in order about what he said. Gentrification was mentiontioned before in this thread concerning Hillsborough Street and nothing was said.
  8. blueize74

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    See ya! - That guy needed to go. Completely uncalled for...
  9. blueize74

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Ouch - shouldn't have said that... Run for the hills!
  10. blueize74

    SouthPark Mall

    Glad to see that Southpark is getting a face-lift - looking good!
  11. blueize74

    Dorothea Dix Property

    I agree that there are plenty of spots available for towers/retail downtown. But Dix Hill isn't an oasis or gem of natural delight right now - much of it is sprawled and scattered with a mix of newer and historic buildings. However, It does present a beautiful view of Raleigh. If it were turned into a nature preserve/park then there would be much to tear down. I think that most of this forum focuses on Downtown's urban development, and a professional or research park at Dix would have a trickle down effect just as will the condos going up right now. Raleigh's already reknown for it's parks.
  12. blueize74

    Dorothea Dix Property

    I don't see how you can make it a 100% park either with all of the buildings down there. Partial park with trails and a mixed use professional office park with residential. Conservationists get ready to cringe, but a Highwoods-like park would be awesome. Highwoods did a good job of nestling buildings in the trees, etc - it's a beautiful professional center. It's way too prime for a 100% park and I don't think that the tax base in Boylan Heights is enough to have any pull - but anything's possible I guess.
  13. blueize74

    Raleigh's Fayetteville Street

    The Archdale is 14 floors, ground floor, basement and a Mezzanine at the top for maintenance (all in all - yes 17 stories). The one to it's east is Revenue and the one left out is the Legislative Office Building. I work for the state so I have nothing better to do than to count the buildings around here
  14. blueize74

    American Tobacco Historic District

    No doubt, but this type of design attitude should be taken into whatever is done with Dix. That area is prime real-estate around Raleigh with a great view.
  15. blueize74

    American Tobacco Historic District

    This would seem to me a great place for a movie. Cinematographers love industrial spaces like this for office scenes, etc.