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  1. I agree krazee. When I visit Lake City and ride through Lower Florence, Clarendon, Williamsburg Counties, I'm sadden by the lack of opportunity for those who still live in those areas. SC has a challenge ahead, I just hope that the state take heed to some of the mistakes that other states have made relative to the haves and have nots.
  2. A more DC like transit system would require money from the state and other counties in the metro. Dekalb, Fulton and the City of Atl foots the bill for the system. MARTA is the only major transit system in the nation that doesn't get any funds from the state.
  3. Flo, I only responded to what you posted. You're the one who inserted race into this discussion with your assessment of and displeasure for Ed Robinson. His contituents reelected him because they appreciate the job he's doing for them. You also posted the above which envoked race into a discussion regarding the tax issue. BTW, I don't know Ed Robinson, so he and I are not friends as you have assumed. You're the one attempting to discredit others with a different viewpoint.
  4. Sounds like you've got a problem with Ed and the people of his district. Your mention of Williamsburg and Marion in your previous post and now you ref this district and it's problems says a lot about you. I would think that the whole city council would be responsible for citywide progress, but your reference seems to suggest otherwise, relative to Ed's district. BTW, why did Ed compare the FPD to the KKK?
  5. Okay, I've found a link to a story in the Florence Morning News with the same information. The link: http://www.scnow.com/midatlantic/scp/searc...11-02-0009.html Thursday, Nov 02, 2006 - 10:42 PM FLORENCE
  6. Houston, (we) sounds like you've got a very serious problem there in SC.
  7. He got 4 million for the Pineneedles road project, I've already confirmed it.
  8. Could this be because some regions in SC only focus on a small number of areas for job growth. For instance, in Florence County all the focus for creating jobs and other econ developement has been in one area. If the rest of the state thinks in this manner, then I can understand the gloomy outlook. There needs to be a sense of building up on a more broader scale. The city of Florence is definately experiencing growth, but the rest of the county is not fairing very well. While I can understand the creation and mataining of an econ base, I don't see where neglecting other parts of a region is benefitting the whole. Is this kind of thinking prevelent throughtout SC?
  9. This tax isn't good for the county and passed by a narrow margin. When I was home for Thanksgiving last week, I found out that Rep. Clyburn had already gotten the money for the Pineneedles Road project before the election, yet it remained on the list. And I don't understand why the county is responsible for funding the widening of US 378. Shouldn't U.S. roads be funded with Federal dollars? What will they do with the funds that were allocated for the Pineneedles project? Will any of this money be used for other roads, such as SC 341? Rep. Clyburn has done an excellent job over the years, at bringing the bacon home to his district and now that he has a very powerful position in the congress, he should be able to meet the needs of some of these projects with Federal dollars. I will be watching to see how and where this new found money is spent by Florence County.
  10. I only read what he wrote, but thanks for making the correction for him.
  11. I don't take what you say personally because none of the derrogatory terms describes neither me nor those whom I have talked to about this issue. Snoops, you call them? Trickle down, you say? They've been waiting for a trickle down affect for quite some time now. We'll see if that happens should the tax measure is voted up. BTW, calling them Snoops doesn't help to build relationships with those in opposition. The Pee Dee is what it is because of it's leadership's inability to build relationships and concensus throughtout the region.
  12. I have no problem with the logic in your above quote, we're in agreement. I just raised the issue about the lack of developments in the lower part of the count. Hopefully you're right in you view that the county seriously wants to stimulate these depressed areas. I get tired of going home and having to travel to Florence for any real entertainment. The drive back through Coward and Scranton isn't fun, you know they're like riding through Mayberry (with Andy, Barney and the speed traps). There hasn't been any major developement in the area since Nan Ya Plastics came on the scene, years ago. If this measure is approved, we'll see what the county does with it. Cheers to you.
  13. Seems to me that you're the one making excuses with your condesending remarks. You just give my points life with your statement that people have to travel to Florence to work. Why is this? Because they don't have any jobs close to them. Wouldn't it be great for them to have more jobs closer to home? BTW, I like your 'money growing on trees' and 'magic wand analogy'. Get real and talk straight to the issues that I've raised.
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