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  1. the heart beats tonight a city on the rise from there i see from inside minds eye the dancing of tunes to flows of arteries on ways through the citys rushing vibes alive from rising sunes this day like this i go pedding singing from folk lores along this way as drums a beat from popes hills indeed i dance my ways about from frozen balls to melting furs no one to see a seasons deep a paddle away from this to deep my songs await o winnipeg o winnipeg in the deep in the deep
  2. pride 25 celbrating 25yrs of pride in winnipeg portage ave now with new apartments yes apartments not condos condos in the exchange new air terminal finaly open canadian museum for human rights
  3. my nieghbors yard canadian museum for human rights milenium lybrary & plazza witch the plazza is curently being redone the old royal bank building curently undergoing a 27million dallor make over into student residences and new culinary arts campus new old market square stage The Cube noah pred mixing at the cube Manitoba hydro place one of the worlds most energy efficent office buildings
  4. main st night club the forks harbor waterfront drive condo view portage and main bike lock up portage ave royal canadian mint
  5. some more stuff canwest global place manitoba hydro city hall movie set in the heart of the exchange ashdown lofts
  6. esplanade riel bridge notice the wall of glass behind the trees looking from inside
  7. nope lol just the retinex filter in gimp
  8. waterfront drive city hall canwest global place old market sqaure manitoba hydro downtown the forks
  9. just over 700k txs realy why not come out for festival ? it starts on the 17th.
  10. it has not realy been all that cold here nice sunny days ect
  11. lol bit blury but took this last night climbed a building to get it wish i had taken the tripod with me o well. ya can see the crane for the hydro building on the right and the one on the left is for waterfront drive condos
  12. heres som more stuff from yesterday the eyeconic nutty club boarders at the forks owtch the frozen river walk skaters on the river ice trail i'll be damed even in january plp ride there bikes
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