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  1. That area is in the process of being included in the revised special assessment district for the nashville downtown partnership. This would provide the area with certain services but a slightly higher tax rate. I think it'll be settled by next year. This might improve the viability of redevelopment at this spot, but I believe the lot is owned by Central parking or the Methodist Church both of which aren't really known for their redevelopment prowess (on a related note, there have been rumours that they are considering moving their printing facility out of downtown) So I wouldn't hold my breath .
  2. At least the article says there is still a chance for light/commuter rail to connect the Boro and Nashville. I'm still pretty disappointed that they are prioritising bus though...
  3. I wish they would paint a huge cross on the tail, I think that would be kinda cool to see, lol.
  4. The Tennessean has a full article up and rendering on this new "Artesia" project. The rendering doesn't look awful, but it doesn't really inspire me either, esp. with the price-point they are asking... http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar...ESS01/612020318 Is that some rumblings of preservation that I hear ? Sounds like that area needs a conservation/preservation overlay to me...
  5. I don't believe this project has been posted before. http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar...SINESS/61201018 This is a great location but those pricepoints are UNBELIEVABLE!!
  6. Boooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWN WITH DETROIT!!!!!!!! Good thing we showed them the reception that they deserved!! 6-2 I think with our colour scheme, a Preds jet would look really cool. We just charter now though right?
  7. Indeed, welcome. I was reading the Planning Commission's agenda that smeagolsfree posted on the Westin thread and it looks like there is a zoning approval that is coming up for the Sig Tower for tomorrow night's meeting. It says that there are 197 hotel rooms planned, 435 condos, and 17,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. I was just wondering if this means the numbers will become more fixed as a result of the Commission's approval (hopefully) on Tuesday night. Btw, planning staff's recommendations are approve with conditions. Here's the link: ftp://ftp.nashville.gov/web/mpc/meetings/2006/111406.pdf
  8. Here's today's article about the special even Titans train. http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar...EWS01/611130352 I am glad to see that they met their operating expenses. Does that mean the extra 75 were pure profit? If so, the public burden to this project is ever diminishing .
  9. http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar...Ul6M/Fjjd1zI%3D I guess 275 riders for the first game isn't bad. I'll be interested to see if the ridership increases, since they are planning to run trains to the remaining home games.
  10. I've been a loyal NWA customer all my life. Never had lost luggage and usually have had very professional service. Although flying their partner KLM kinda takes some of the shine out of their luster, lol, but I think KLM has absolutely extraordinary service (and some REALLY hot flight attendants, but I digress). I also think the Detroit hub is one of the best in the nation. Memphis has gotten quite a bit better too after their renovations. On another note, I kinda wish some carrier would implement a shuttle system (hourly daytime flights) like the large Northeast cities mantain between Nashville and cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Memphis. The market probably isn't there yet (except I really could see it for Atlanta) but it would be a cool option to have
  11. Wow, great news! Were there alot of other people on the train with you?
  12. I shuddered when I saw this statement. Shuddered...lol
  13. Your report makes my head hurt, lol. Certainly not what I wanted to hear for that leg.
  14. Two interesting articles today. The one from the Tennessean doesn't really say anything new other than if they get enough people for the first Titans game they might lower the cost for subsequent games on the Star. http://www.tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/ar.../610270401/1001 The one in the city paper is intriguing because this is the first I have heard about reutilising the Demonbreun Landport. I am glad that MTA is starting to think about that more (instead of just letting it sit around). It will be a good resource if (and hopefully when) the other rail spokes start coming online. http://www.nashvillecitypaper.com/index.cf...p;news_id=52958
  15. Wow, this is GREAT NEWS!!! Now we have 2 clubs in Nashville again. I really missed not having the Admiral's Club there, it was a pretty good location. Thanks for the find!!
  16. It does sound pricey. I hope people do ride it. I'd do it for the novelty (it'd make a special event better imo). I'll be interested to see how many people make use of it and I'm just glad that they are offering it so fast after the launch of the entire network.
  17. Wow, this is great news. If I remember correctly, the first week's ridership was 500 daily riders so that means that they have added much more than 200 daily riders (for it to average out to 640 for the month). I think their target for the first year was 1000 a day. So, hopefully there are well over 700 daily riders now and they are well on their way!!
  18. I don't understand, the article said that the Star was 80% federal government and 6 out of 40 million doesn't equal 80%. So which one is right?
  19. Lexy, on your Sept 27 update last picture, what's that copilot doing, smoking a cig!! LOL
  20. I rode the train today. It was a nice, very smooth ride. Each car was about 65% full on both ways. I was talking with one of the conductors and they said since single passes went on sale in Mt. Juliet yesterday 270 of 300 passes had been sold. Hopefully this is a signal of people embracing this project. Overall, I must say it was such a great feeling to be on a passenger train in TN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Thats a nice plane!!! When I was in Brasil, I noticed the Air Force has some pretty nice facilities (especially for their upper level staff).
  22. i was watching news channel 5 tonight and they mentioned that the Amsouth building was planning on adding another 3 stories to it. The addition will accomidate a gym on the top levels. They said there would be a story about it tomorrow.
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