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  1. Thanks Lexy for the info. How many gates are not being used at all? I had counted 1 or 2 (one didn't even have a jetway) in terminal A. In B I thought there might have been one at the end wasn't being used. I have no idea about terminal C or D since I never go out of there. Just trying to figure out where Frontier could expand their operations from (C would be my choice I guess but Southwest already has a large presence there). Did you have any info on the old Admiral's club? Thanks for the updates!!
  2. Well, since this is the definive plan, I'll repost the City Paper link on upgrades to the airport . http://www.nashvillecitypaper.com/index.cf...p;news_id=50823 Additionally, I am really excited about what's going on with the airport and am interested in seeing how they are going to refocus the security into one area. I personally think we need more moving walkways in the airport to incentivize Frontier or any other airline to makes a mini-hub/focus city. It would be interesting to me to have 2 airlines have a "focus city" here at the same time, I don't really know of any mid-sized cities that have a situation like that (although I am certainly not an expert on airports and air travel, I just love using 'em ). Just to be sure, the old Admiral's Club in terminal A is a private club now right? And is the old American Eagle terminal even being used? Last time I went down that way I didnt think it was being used at all...
  3. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...6061600753.html I came across this article when doing some research for work. I definitely find the attitudes of people here towards public transit to mirror what this survey is describing. Here is the seciton i found interesting: "One thing common to the bottom of the list is an almost complete lack of public transit," Karlenzig said. "Out of the bottom 10 cities, with the exception of Detroit, they all have less than 5 percent public-transit ridership." Columbus, Ohio, came in at the very bottom of the list. Also in the last 10 were Nashville, Memphis, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. Such low numbers may reflect limited bus routes, irregular service hours and underserved areas, all of which can threaten a city's transit future, he said. "If cities don't have 5 percent ridership, people don't really think it's there. It's almost like it doesn't exist." Anyway, thought this would be interesting with the commuter rail just now starting up and providing a new medium of public transit to the region...
  4. Reverse commuters at 3 PM though? I thought only schoolteachers got off at that time!! It just doesnt make sense to me. I could understand a 5 PM reverse commute trip or something like that. My only guess is that it has something to do with managing the amount of trains they have.
  5. Psh. The Centennial squad has been sqwaking for many years. How many football games have you won against Franklin High? You can get back to me on that answer... Just ribbin' ya, though, I had a bunch of friends that went to Centennial, but I'm all Rebel here
  6. I was born in Memphis. A few years in Huntington, WV. Spent the "growing up years" in Franklin. Currently working in Washington, DC. Then moving to London for a year...
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