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  1. Sister in Plaza Midwood, formerly Kiki (below Soul Gastrolounge) is closing its doors.
  2. The second tower crane looks to be complete!
  3. Looks like Greg Collier will be taking over as executive chef at the Centurion lounge. Hopefully no more reconstituted eggs now. https://charlotte.axios.com/298786/chef-greg-collier-opens-new-restaurant-in-charlotte-airport-lounge/
  4. I grabbed a couple pics from various angles of the tower crane going up yesterday. First is from the intersection of Camden/West, and the second is from the 1927 S. Tryon Parking Garage, just as they were putting on what looks like the last segment of the crane.
  5. I've recently discovered some amazing nonalcoholic beer from a brewery called Athletic Brewing Company. Their IPAs taste just like a nice IPA. Maybe not an award winner, but close. I actually cannot tell that it isn't alcoholic (well, 0.5%). Are there breweries in Charlotte with a good nonalcoholic beer (IPA preferred)? I'm not taking about kombucha (which is also awesome), or ciders, or nonalcoholic sparkling water, or ginger ale, or O'Douls (or the like); but real craft nonalcoholic beer. With Athletic, it's been proven that non alcoholic beers can taste just like the real thing if they're done right. I just wonder when any of our local breweries will offer a nonalcoholic IPA or other varieties. Then I'll probably be hooked. Surely the market is there for those that just want to enjoy the flavor without getting tipsy.
  6. Does anyone have an estimation of how tall this building could be based on these stats? I didn't see the floor-count anywhere in the articles in the Observer or on Axios.
  7. Is there any further news on what will be built on the Gas-Fired Products site? I work at 1927 S. Tryon, right across the street and have seen the demolition of the GFP building...just wondering what is coming.
  8. But how were the tacos? I ate at Ava - had their fennel sausage pizza. It was good, but not really competition to Inizio and Capishe. I'm most looking forward to Botiwala.
  9. Does anyone know what's under construction on the old Coliseum Center lot near Walmart? It looks like a building with some kind of island - I'm guessing a gas station. Yay.
  10. Looking towards town down Camden at night from the intersection @ Park Ave., the Flower Child and Design Within Reach neon signs light up the area quite a bit, in a vibrant kind of way. It looks great!
  11. I had to look at the reviews, and 13 of the 24 reviews were 4 or 5 stars. Most of the negative ones were for service alone, not food quality. I didn’t experience any service issues myself, but I was there both times for a late lunch, so it wasn’t crazy busy at the time. Hopefully the service gets better with time, but food-wise, it’s a winner. Just don’t go in expecting a really adventurous/exciting/creative menu, because you won’t find it - it’s staple bar food, executed very well.
  12. I checked out Superica on opening day and completely agree with the reviews here - it’s awesome! I really went in expecting an expensive (for lunch) meal and small portions with no free chips and salsa. I couldn’t have gotten it more wrong. Free chips, 2 delicious salsas, unlimited beans and rice, and a couple really damned good enchiladas. It was all delicious, and at $11.99, maybe a little more expensive than my every day lunch, but still a good deal. Speaking of openings in South End, I’ve been to The Rosemont (in the old Wu’s/Nan & Byron’s/Vinnies location) twice now, and I was impressed both times. I tried their French Dip on my first visit (if you know me, then you know I can’t turn down a French Dip sandwich) and the Philly Cheesesteak on my second visit. I know you can get both of these sandwiches at plenty of other places, but the execution here is just very solid. Both have a 1/2 pound of meat (medium rare shaved prime rib for the dip) and are served on a nice, chewy sub roll. I’d go so far as to say that they could be contenders for for best French Dip and best Philly in Charlotte. They offer several french fry options (regular, waffle, seasoned crinkle cut, or sweet potato) for sides. At $15 each, they aren’t cheap sandwiches, but I think they were worth it. There’s nothing fancy or adventurous (or healthy) about this place, but the food was just plain damned good. I think this concept will stick, and do well here. I know I’ll certainly be back. Bottle Cap Group got it right here.
  13. A new restaurant is opening in the old location of The Meat & Fish Company called Hi Tide Poke and Raw Bar. Signage is up and they are hiring. It’ll be nice to have a raw bar back in the neighborhood since Vinnie’s closed (not that Vinnie’s was known for quality, but still). It looks like it’ll be pretty laid back, and hopefully that means they’ll have raw oysters that don’t cost $3 each. I can kill a good 3-4 dozen no problem, but that gets pricy at most places.
  14. Oh, trust me, if it were on the menu, I would’ve gotten it!
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