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  1. they could always make all this a reality:
  2. can someone put together a map that overlays a color over all the actual property owned by Amplify GR in this process? also, is the Azzar Store Equipment building THAT Azzar of the Keeler building fame? If so... that will be a difficult negotiation to buy up the whole neighborhood.
  3. joshleo

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    I would encourage everyone to go back to my first post that started this thread. It is crazy how many of the buildings I posted are now something completely different.
  4. joshleo

    Kregel Publications - Renovation? Wealthy Street.

    So no progress on this project eh?
  5. joshleo

    New Home For Opera Grand Rapids

    It is actually Living Stones Christian School that moved in to the old Hillcrest school, they used to be in the SEAC on Fuller and Sigsbee
  6. joshleo

    LINC Southtown Projects

    an old photo of the intersection of madison and Hall (taken from madison looking north) The building above on the right with the large circle with the eagle in it is the LA insurance building. Guess these 2 are getting torn down? Photos courtesy of PPWIII
  7. joshleo

    LINC Southtown Projects

    I heard a rumor they were taking over the Kregel building project as well (733 Wealthy)
  8. joshleo

    Hall Street Bakery - SE corner Hall and Fuller

    it is discussed here:
  9. joshleo

    The Churches of Grand Rapids

    I am always find it interesting what doesn't get people's attention on this forum. I looked to see if this was mentioned but i don't think it was. First United Methodist is losing their tower because it was too expensive to maintain: been going on for a while now but guess no one seemed to mention it.
  10. joshleo

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    So This building has been pretty much the same for the past 5 years. When I took this photo the other day, there was a guy working on something in there. the inside has some tools but is pretty cluttered. It seems like there would be some serious potential for such a big building in a prime location (especially with the easy access for delivery trucks) 2007 photo: So what's the deal with this building?
  11. joshleo

    Michigan Street Corridor Development

    no that is across the street, there is a new ophthalmology place where the Miller Zylstra building was. here: and here is the old walgreens:
  12. joshleo

    Michigan Street Corridor Development

    Fun stuff happening on Michigan: that hot % now is a "Donk's" the old walgreens on diamond is becoming a good will and a building just popped up on the north side by Grand Coney - can't remember what the sign said at this moment.
  13. joshleo

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Saw a sign in the window of Sand Mann's that a Little Caesars is going in soon. I am glad a business is filling an empty building but not so thrilled that it is a big chain (and one of such low quality too)
  14. joshleo

    Get rid of the S-Curve?

    Isn't this only possible under the stretch of 131 between Wealthy Street and where it curves over Grandville? The rest of the S-curve is a GIANT wall... the entire West side is still just a giant mass of concrete and earth separating the museums and GVSU/residential area...
  15. joshleo

    Kregel Publications - Renovation? Wealthy Street.

    With any development in this area I think it is important to think of it's impact on the lower income neighborhood around it. Will it have any effect on property values and property taxes? As wealthy street becomes more desirable to people outside of the neighborhood and since the rent in apartments like these will probably be somewhat higher than most rentals in the area, will the current community find it more difficult to afford rent as rates rise around them? I think this building has some amazing potential to be turned into something really useful to the neighborhood and street, but I also hope that the businesses going in will serve all the groups in the community, college students, young families, single professionals, old folks, white, black, people with degrees, people who don't have degrees, upwardly mobile, and those living in poverty. I hope businesses and projects like these serve as places that bring people from different walks of life together not separate them even further.