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  1. they could always make all this a reality: http://www.oakdaleneighbors.org/BostonSquare.html
  2. can someone put together a map that overlays a color over all the actual property owned by Amplify GR in this process? also, is the Azzar Store Equipment building THAT Azzar of the Keeler building fame? If so... that will be a difficult negotiation to buy up the whole neighborhood.
  3. I would encourage everyone to go back to my first post that started this thread. It is crazy how many of the buildings I posted are now something completely different.
  4. So This building has been pretty much the same for the past 5 years. When I took this photo the other day, there was a guy working on something in there. the inside has some tools but is pretty cluttered. It seems like there would be some serious potential for such a big building in a prime location (especially with the easy access for delivery trucks) 2007 photo: So what's the deal with this building?
  5. no that is across the street, there is a new ophthalmology place where the Miller Zylstra building was. here: and here is the old walgreens:
  6. Fun stuff happening on Michigan: that hot % now is a "Donk's" http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2012/11/taco_boy_owners_will_open_new.html the old walgreens on diamond is becoming a good will and a building just popped up on the north side by Grand Coney - can't remember what the sign said at this moment.
  7. Saw a sign in the window of Sand Mann's that a Little Caesars is going in soon. I am glad a business is filling an empty building but not so thrilled that it is a big chain (and one of such low quality too)
  8. In the end, I want the businesses to appeal to both the people who live in the neighborhood who are there out of necessity and those who are there by choice. I want businesses that appeal to all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds and are comfortable places to frequent for people from many different walks of life. I think Sandmanns did a good job of bridging some of those gaps and I hope more businesses in the future can do the same (without the tax issues)
  9. I would encourage you all to check out the salon page on facebook that is referred to in these recent posts and see that the owner of the store is actively participating in discussion about the recent plans. It is great to have people so passionate about our community and I am glad that they are involving the Baxter Neighborhood Association. I believe that many of the low-income residents of the neighborhood are greatly underrepresented in the online conversations about Wealthy street, so it is good to get them involved in other ways. https://www.facebook.com/groups/UrbanistSalon/
  10. When I see someone post things like this, it makes me sad: Characterizing people as "wannabe street thugs" is troubling. Would you say the same thing if those people "loitering" had handlebar mustaches, plaid shirts, and rode around on fixies? that is a big assumption, especially since the market's new owners have made a deliberate effort to include more produce, craft beer, etc. It so so much more constructive to talk about the concentration of households in poverty, racial/ethnic makeup of a community, etc instead of just calling it a "ghetto" They have a reputation
  11. yeah that is pretty much how people park there (and how i did this morning) as the big delivery truck brought supplies into that garage door in front of the parked cars...
  12. A little birdie in the Neighborhood told me that David LaGrand Bought the property, but no word yet on what the plans for it are.
  13. No Spire!? that makes me sad, that was the thing I was most excited about on that building!
  14. Acanthus was pretty awesome. A while back I was talking to the guys at Wealthy&Charles and they said that the woman who owned it decided to take the business online. But I didn't get the website or wherever she was selling things. Anybody know?
  15. as cool as it is to see Mayor Heartwell in a promotional video.. I have to say that his on-screen presence is a little weak... oh well
  16. I agree about keeping the furniture store, I think you are spot on with it jsut needing to be cleaned up a little bit. I feel like that is the case for a lot of things along wealthy... it is amazing what a clean facade and nice sign can do for a place
  17. any plans for that furniture shop to be made into something more than a pile of furniture that makes it's way to the sidewalk when it is warm? or maybe making the wealthy market more than a glorified liquor store with a GIANT parking lot? I love that this intersection is turning into something great!
  18. yeah that pretty much sucks.. that place had some really cool stuff. I mean I understand how online can be good business, but as long as the place is still there, why not do both street and online business? bring the laptop into the store.. guess it is probably a rent issue... I just wish more business would stick around
  19. so how do the one way streets work north of wealthy between cherry and wealthy? will they still be open to parking and if so, how does one get out if the street is one way but blocked off at one end?
  20. oh goody, as long as I can still get around my building , I am happy... and yes you are correct about the red brick building according to wwmt it says union to prospect happens in may: http://www.wwmt.com/onset?id=35245&template=article.html
  21. why does this map omit paris, college, moris, and prospect? I live on Wealthy street, Where am I supposed to park? Will the one-ways like college be available for parking? What I like: new street What I don't like: being woke up by back-hoe's having no place to park lots of dust in my windows from the construction... can you guess what building I live in?
  22. roundabouts huh? anyone got any sketches? p.s. where are those historical photos GRGridGirl?
  23. When I was in the UK this summer, we ate at a tapas restaurant but it wasnt expensive. I think that would be great. I know people like San Chez but only if they want to sell their firstborn for a meal. I love the idea of Tapas, but would love it even more if it were affordable.
  24. So here are my questions: 1. will places such as "Wild Bunch" ever get a makeover? 2. what kinds of businesses would work on welathy street? a grocery store? more restaurants? things such as a kinkos, or tux shop? what belongs and what will survive?
  25. And you haven't posted them here yet why?
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