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  1. It's not real until it happens to you! Then it becomes, "Why me??!!"
  2. Yeah there was a whole line of construction vehicles parked along 11th and round the corner onto Brevard this morning. Not sure what's up.
  3. Couldn't be happier to have unlimited AT&T gigabit fiber. Worth every penny.
  4. Hey, missed ya by maybe 30 minutes. You took better established shots, mine were mere walk-by’s. The Builders building caught my eye. Our next 1920s building to be lost I suspect.
  5. The tower itself with some establishing shots from the surrounding blocks. Hopefully they do something with that sidewalk on Graham. No joke it’s ~18” wide.
  6. Their location certainly didn't help, when they are counting on tap room sales for nearly all of their revenue. Not when people need to drive there. edit to expand a bit. It's in a industrial-ish office park, with nothing "interesting" around it. no where to walk etc. you're literally counting on people needing to drive there to drink, but not too much, because they also need to drive home.
  7. NY Post is a small step above the National Enquirer. A fine substitute if you run out of toilet paper.
  8. Woohoo, financial institutions are excepted. So I continue to get to be the only one in our building. Fun stuff.
  9. I'm a contractor for WF. My company announced 20% pay reduction for all employees and furloughs for a undetermined # of personnel TBD.
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