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  1. There should be zero one-ended platforms.
  2. but Charlotte itself does not utilize PassPort. Go figure.
  3. https://www.435mag.com/kansas-city-becomes-first-major-american-city-with-universal-fare-free-public-transit/
  4. That is pretty hilarious. We must be nearing 20 breweries just in Charlotte alone?
  5. How many cubic yards of concrete is that? That’s the equivalent of a 20? 30? story building of typical floor plate size?
  6. I’m daring to dream it’s actually just the backer for the LED screens hinted at elsewhere ala the new concourse at CLT or the giant display in LU1.
  7. Replaced rail that’s <3 years old? Impressive! only Hawthorne Bridge can beat that!
  8. Found the docs on charmeck website: https://charlottenc.gov/Projects/Pages/ShamrockDriveStreetUpgrade.aspx No real updates lately except a casual observer notice that the teardown-rebuilds continue to encroach closer to Shamrock proper. Separately I’ve heard that Shamrock Elementary is also up for complete replacement? I’ll have to look more into that. Timeline only a few years out from NextDoor rumors.
  9. More like, how expensive to bribe lobby Duke to bury them?
  10. Are these identical to the light rail vehicles? (Visually they seem so?) Both sets of cars can (technically) run on either set of tracks? I really don't get the distinction here, other than one runs in traffic and the other has dedicated ROW.
  11. Modern MLB needs a smaller stadium anyhow. No need for 50,000+ seats. There are 7 MLB stadiums with <40,000.
  12. Well the Penny does seem to rotate a diverse stock of local craft beers, so I give them props for that. Solid pricing too.
  13. Hmm I should've quoted whatever I was replying to at the time, I don't think it was you specifically but rather a more general hypothetical of when the higher costs of living creep into Charlotte (taxes, rents, and everything else) which is pretty much inevitable given the continued growth of the city, there are fewer arguments that keep Charlotte as an appealing contender amongst peer cities. Especially for the large number of those who chose to move here from somewhere else and don't necessarily have any connection to Charlotte (hometown/family/nostalgia). Entirely personal preference of course, but the endless fawning of how great Charlotte is is humorous to me because it largely revolves around the "cost benefits" of living here.
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