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  1. ^^ see above. It actually inspired me to do a little population history investigation. The fact is for a long, long time, Charlotte really was just a small country town. That clearly has direct impacts that carry on into today. Charlotte is no different in that regard really, the same has always held true for the Southeast in general. Small populations that don’t even compare to the Midwest cities, let alone the Northeast. It literally comes down to the sheer number of people in a city/region. Charlotte had no need for the intense transportation of dense high population are
  2. You mean this mesh screening? I dunno man, seems perfect to me.
  3. Gaston county and especially Belmont is just bonkers with growth especially down around the lake shore. Look at McClean down around SouthPoint.
  4. Charlotte is that teenage kid sitting in the guidance counselors office (again) as the counselor explains to the parents how despite all their natural gifts, the kid just “doesn’t live up to their potential”. As other have said here, Charlotte succeeds despite its leadership. Imagine if we could break out of amateur hour. Shout outs to those who are actively trying to make it better. Lest it seem like I’m just complaining. I genuinely want Charlotte to be the best it can be, as I think we all do.
  5. CATS can not even operate a street car competently, barely any better with a single light rail line, and not even any true commuter rail in sight. What do you really expect?
  6. https://www.wral.com/nc-senator-calls-for-lt-gov-robinson-s-resignation-over-homophobic-comments/19915242/ I'll let the man speak for himself.
  7. It's almost as if, hear me out, people have forever used both downtown and uptown interchangeably, and everyone still understands what they mean. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. $70 million dollars is a lot of money! Oh.
  9. Next up, light rail! maybe by 2060
  10. The real question..... how big is the YAPD yet another parking deck
  11. Is the shipping container look original to the building?
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