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  1. Surprised some corporate entity doesn’t want to sponsor a new radar system with the city. They love putting their names on sports arenas etc... free name calls every night on the tv “tonight’s weather brought to you by channel blah blah and the new BoA Doppler Weather Forecaster 9000!” Wouldn’t a modern radar system also benefit CLT?
  2. Just a shot of the future Charlotte-defining park
  3. It’s a super tight street as is, even before these large buildings go in.
  4. Yeah both should be models of exactly the kind of TOD the stations are supposed to provide. Not more gas stations and fast food.
  5. Five hundred and twenty two parking spaces.
  6. Seriously.... what a let down. Absolutely no reason for cars to be there. What a giant pile of poo on top of an otherwise absolutely fantastic development.
  7. Yes uptown definitely needs a signature attraction that people would visit maybe once or twice a year. That's the ticket.
  8. Here is Apple's latest store: https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2020/09/apple-marina-bay-sands-opens-thursday-in-singapore/
  9. That is the old rail / trolley line right there next to it, yeah? I'm sure we're gonna have the trolleys that are sitting on the old Mill property next to Blue Blaze rolling along these tracks soon, right Charlotte? Right???!!!
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