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  1. I thought CATS wanted to move away from hub and spoke... rebuilding the CTC in place will just cement this model for years to come...
  2. Austin is not even close anymore. Whereas Charlotte cannot break 600' on its recent builds (well BOAT did manage to (632'), and hopefully Riverside will as well. Duke annoyingly came up a little short) Austin has 7 projects under construction (+2 more approved) that are all well over 600'+ in height (plus 2 existing) for a total of 11. Charlotte has 4 total. lol. In Austin that includes a 875' office/residential (66 floors) that beats our tallest by a couple feet, plus a super-tall 1022' (87 floors) hotel/office/residential. I'm gonna go ahead and wager it will be a long time still before anything beats BOACC let alone cracks 1000' in Charlotte. If you think Charlotte is on fire with its recent buildings (and it is, truly) Austin is just bonkers.
  3. What a masterpiece of Art Deco design! Asbolutely incredible I can't wait to see it in person. I had no idea about this building. Huey Long wow what a character... just recently learned about him as well. Quite an interesting fellow / life lived.
  4. Giving Wells Fargo a run for the money in sleazy business practices.
  5. Easily one of the best bang-for-the-buck deals if you want performance.
  6. man every once in a while I'm tempted to start a custom map to track empty retail storefronts in uptown, the sheer # is staggering. I figure there's gotta be numbers that track this... is that part of their yearly report?
  7. I'm all for this, especially since it is somewhat local to me these days. With that said, I got a great chuckle out of this. "To learn about pizza, they went to New York and did research and went to pizza school."
  8. environmental if I had to guess. soil remediation can be a pain.
  9. whispers softly "just one more lane bro..."
  10. More like they drew a Chicago building and they have a Charlotte budget.
  11. Charlotte / NC you want to be a progressive leader in something? Ban billboards.
  12. dang that's a FANCY bus stop. the little patch of concrete is adorable. no budget left for a bench though I guess.
  13. Isn't there some sort of city report about retail occupancy rates? Uptown would be very interesting to see.
  14. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/person-taken-hospital-after-shooting-uptown-charlotte-officials-say/FAK7ZHNHING6DDJW3OGUIEJ74U/ 6pm on N. Tryon He said the woman walking down the street and carrying a long weapon opened fire. “At which point, she raises the gun,” said the chef who did not want his face shown on TV. “I duck down in my passenger seat. A group of shots rings out. I hear glass breaking immediately, which is my car being shot.” A barrage of rounds struck the chef’s car several times on the driver’s side. “There’s a pause,” he said. “Another volley of shots, at which point I hear my rear windshield being shot.” The chef said a bystander then tackled the shooter. “People start screaming once they see gun,” the chef said. “He grabs her to try and wrestle the gun away from her to try to wrestle her around.” The bystander was shot, the chef said. “I was thinking the man who tackled her was probably in very bad shape, and I felt terrible for him,” he said. The chef, who was not injured, said that person likely saved his life. CMPD said the two shooting victims’ injuries were not life-threatening.
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