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  1. Well……. Austin has 14 all-residential towers 30 stories or taller, two of them taller than Hearst tower here in CLT. The Independent (690’) is the tallest west of the Mississippi. This does not include the additional 5 buildings over 30 stories that are combo res/office or res/hotel. Additionally there are at least 10 more already approved but not yet begun, most of which are res or res combo. There are 14 buildings under active construction, all of which save 4 are all-residential. The tallest of which, The Travis, at 594’ and 52 floors, will be taller than 1 WFC aka the Jukebox. The tallest overall, Sixth and Guadalupe at 875’ and 65 floors, will be combo Office and Residential. While overtaking our tallest, BAC at 871’ Talk about a booming downtown for sure Austin is top of my list of cities to visit.
  2. and so it begins! This is the future…
  3. That’s what I thought too but earlier (months ago now) it was maybe being “re-evaluated” since it is clearly so terrible. There hasn’t been any further installation since the underlaying bracing went up.
  4. Definitely has a 21st century Penitentiary vibe.
  5. Who owns the old Lance HQ building on South Blvd? Going off memory here. It’s the building that Lincoln Haberdashery is in. It’s a pretty lousy use of space imho. Banish the interior parking, remove the black tint on the windows and blow out the entire top floor to be open air. Total transformation of that space. Maybe when I hit powerball.
  6. What’s the deal with the screening? There’s clearly nothing in place?
  7. It’s for wind shear… /blue_font
  8. This is my #1 gripe. Charlotte is full steam ahead on building a 20th century city predicated on the auto-centric notion of 10’s of thousands of people driving into the city for work each day. This clearly isn’t the case going forward. Human scale buildings are torn down to build 10 stories of parking deck.
  9. LOL. Yeah, no thanks. I get to skip the commute, all the general office BS, and “keeping busy” or otherwise filling the void of hours I otherwise would be required to be just a butt in a seat. My productivity is at least the same if not way better working from home. Glad I will most likely never need to “go back” to working Uptown.
  10. Kill and remove large mature trees and plant some saplings back. Keep up the great work Charlotte! At this point I can barely gin up the emotion to make these sarcastic remarks at all.
  11. Wow, far down at the end of Raleigh street. Hey, walkable to Sugar Creek station at least.
  12. Folks don’t forget this is the company that operates a Coal power plant <15 miles outside Uptown.
  13. Well if the Hawthorne bridge crew gets started now…
  14. Charlotte can’t even build a pedestrian bridge over 277 and people thinking a freeway cap is in the cards for our lifetime.
  15. With ravenous hunger Charlotte consumes anything unique or creative.
  16. Definitely one of the better pieces of public art, imho. Hopefully it is moved.
  17. 5x the amount of people actually living Uptown (inside the loop) would be a good start. Population feels like it has held steady (20k ish?) for the last 10 years.
  18. With all these millions of dollars will there ever be any sort of actual accommodations at various bus stops? I’d honestly ride the bus a whole heck of a lot more if “bus stops” were anything more than literally a sign pole on a curb. It’s straight up pitiful. If you’re lucky there might be a bench, or if it’s super fancy, some sort of shelter from the elements.
  19. I sincerely hope you are able to license your work to various advertising agencies / developers !!
  20. Some people binge Netflix... I spend hours on Google Earth lol https://earth.google.com/web/
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