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  1. Partially Cornerstone’s doing. They let it sit vacant and rotting for years. Joe
  2. Vision for the South Division Corridor: https://www.grbj.com/articles/94270-planners-create-vision-for-south-division It'll be interesting to see what they envision for each of the 6 intersections they're focusing on. Joe
  3. The rendering that is on site seems to be way out of whack as far as proportions. Like they were running out of room so they just made the floors look smaller. Joe
  4. That stinks. I'm really excited about this project. I was legitimately wondering if the work would speed up due to some of the Trump administration's unwinding of EPA policies. You know, like they could relocate the snuffbox mussel with sticks of dynamite, small, tactical nukes to take out the dams, etc. ? And screw the upstream effects of the lamprey eel. Wonder how fundraising is going? Last I looked, they still hadn't opened public fundraising. Joe
  5. True. I imagine Meritage has always wanted to build their own signature franchise. Looks like they’re making a another run at it (I believe twisted rooster was intended to have a lot of locations). I did read that they are building four Morning Belle’s in 2020. Joe
  6. On the bright side for the owner, the views from this building are amazing. Wonder if when the rebuild/repair, they’ll go for a much higher finish / monthly rent. Joe
  7. They are going all in on this concept as they announced they'll be opening 35 locations. This is the "pilot" restaurant. Joe
  8. You could be right. From what I recall, they weren’t fans of the height but also didn’t like the lack of parking for the size of the building. I could be wrong though. Joe
  9. Not necessarily. Has anyone tried? I’m sure a 2 story building is much less expensive than 4. So maybe a large building was never a consideration. Joe
  10. Unless the thing gets tangled in some sort of court case, we should have zero worries. It's in too good of a location to just sit. No way this thing doesn't ultimately become a successful development. Joe
  11. That’s interesting. And pretty smart! Can’t wait to swing by tomorrow and look! Joe
  12. Meanwhile, down the road, the Hendrik is at 98% occupancy. It almost seems like it would been impossible to mess up residential at that location, but they did. Wow! Joe
  13. FlannelJax is opening a Grand Rapids location. Sounds like a good activity for downtown. Wonder where they’ll open shop? They already have jobs posted for the GR location. https://www.grbj.com/articles/94186-ax-throwing-chain-targets-grand-rapids
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