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  1. If they do this while planes are landing and taking off, they could become the next extreme sport. Joe
  2. Skateboarding is not a crime.
  3. Kris Larson forgot to mention skateboards. Can I ride my skateboard to work? In a Michigan winter, with six inches of snow, uphill, both ways? If you work downtown, you know there's a problem. It may not be as apparent at night. And it has become much more of a problem in the last 3 years. I used to laugh at people who said there wasn't any parking. Until there wasn't any parking. But let's all take an Uber or carpool. It's very affordable to take an uber both ways, 5 days a week (not). And everyone lives next to someone who wants to carpool, right?! Eyeroll.
  4. Up the road on Ada drive, they're building a bunch of townhouses and single family homes (that look over the dam). The townhouses look pretty nice. Downtown Ada will be pretty impressive in a couple of years. The Kingma's will do really well in that area. Joe
  5. Says the Guy working for one of organizations that seems to be hell bent on thinking Grand Rapids is instantly the New, New Amsterdam just by adding bike racks. I'm sorry, but y'all are cutting off your nose (our nose actually) to spite your face. Joe
  6. It's maddening. I used to get annoyed by people saying "there's no parking". The fact is, there's no parking. i honestly feel like the continued success of downtown is going to be something that strangles itself due to very poor planning. Who the eff is running that clown car. Err, I mean clown bike. As I've said, the city should be helping to OVERBUILD a ramp. Don't just build a ramp to fit the needs of the development. Build it to help the whole surrounding neighborhood. Even at $33,000 per spot, chipping in to add 100 spaces to a ramp that is already being built would set the city back $3 million. I say that is money well spent since it's an instant money generator. Can I run the mobility department? Please? Joe
  7. It's a crazy amount of digging. I don't know what they are doing but it almost looks like they're digging a moat around the building. Same owner as the Grandville Castle? LOL. Joe
  8. Well, anything can be saved, just depends on the price. I don't remember this building looking SO saggy in the past. Is a lot of the damage a result of the construction? Joe
  9. The problem I have with commuter lines is it adds a lot to your commute time. I bet it would work for some, but when I leave work I'm like Fred Flintstone flying off the dinosaur. I want to get home. I think I'd have a hard time adding another 30 minutes to my commute in wait time. Again, that's just me, but it doesn't sound a whole lot different than the dash lots (except they are further out). But again, maybe the option would be appealing to some, and free up parking for others. Joe
  10. I'm not talking about building ramp after ramp after ramp, but what I'm saying is that any vision of mass transit, biking, changing people's patterns is a long-term (15-20 year) fix. Yes, it should be done (wisely) but I feel like the city has basically taken a stance of bikes/bus only policy for growth. It's extremely frustrating that our city seems to think it's something we're not. Love it or hate it, near-long term, we're still a automobile reliant city. And that requires people to have a place to park. I'd be pissed if I were a developer dumping millions into developments and renovations that could lure good tenants to their buildings, only to lose out to no available parking. I can understand that some companies do not want to incur the cost / hassle of parking downtown so they stay in the burbs. It's a different story when a company wants to move (or stay) downtown but they literally can't find suitable parking for their employees. I hope publications and businesses keep hammering the city on this. Maybe they will finally realize they're about 2-3 years behind. Joe
  11. The city really needs to come up with a plan that involves breaking ground on a new ramp, in the core, this year. Companies may hold on if they see something being built, but it's getting to the point where you almost don't know what to do. I know there were some complications with building a ramp behind the Arena (because of the way the Arena was financed), but that seems like an ideal spot. Personally, I wouldn't attach it to the Arena like they proposed. Make people get out and walk (I'd hate to see people downtown to an event and never never interact with the city itself). Include retail on the first floor and build a huge ramp. The city needs to get off their ass. They also need to realize people want to drive downtown. Lets get it done already. Joe
  12. I have to imagine that would be a massive amount of weight that the structure could not handle. I do agree though, if we're going to add parking structures, overbuild. Like the ramp they are building at the warner tower site, is that built for the number of spots necessary based on the size of the building? The city should help them overbuild by 100-200 spots. I think they need to make this a priority. It seems their strategy is to build surface lots on the fringes. I don't think this is wise planning. Joe
  13. Drive by the Calder Plaza building at night or in the early morning. They've done a fantastic job. Will be interesting to see it when it is 100% complete. It reall looks like Class A space. Joe
  14. There were plans in one of the city packets a few months ago. Extensive renovations including ripping down and rebuilding an addition on the back. I think it was going to be retail in the front of the first floor, offices on the back half/second floor. Joe
  15. Look mom, no hands!