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  1. Just drove by and tried to take a pic but it's a bit difficult on 196. . It almost looked like one of the large cranes "broke". But they may have just lowered it to the ground. It was an odd site. One of the turrets is starting to take shape (on the shorter part of the complex). Joe
  2. Says Quercus, president of the AAA (anti automobile association). Seriously though, your stance seems to be "if you want to park downtown, screw you". And if an organization recognizes the need for parking in the suburbs, "screw them too". I agree that the Gardens should be accessible to all (and knowing the organization, I'm sure they work hard to meet the needs of everyone), but come on! Joe
  3. MLive has a good overview (with pics that match up to the renderings and a site map). Really helped me visualize the changes. Great upgrades. Joe
  4. FMG was already there. The zoo would have been built on the golf course (which Meijer acquired for that purpose). Joe
  5. Have there been any specifics on what they are doing to the amphitheater? It said expansion, wonder if it'll be a significant increase in capacity? Joe
  6. I'd love to see GRPD move out of their current location. It was a good fix for a white elephant at the time, but it seems like an oddly repurposed building in an odd locations. I used to work across the street and it was weird to see the SWAT vehicle parked on the sidewalk, with team members getting ready. It didn't seem like the optimal situation. Whether they move or not, I don't know. But I'd be happy to see them free up that space (if someone had good plans to demolish the building and do something big). Joe
  7. Pretty amazing growth statistics over the years. Crazy to think the Gardens probably wouldn't have happened if The Meijer store proposed for that location had been approved. Joe
  8. Awesome news. I agree, I'd love to see a site plan to get a sense of what's being added/expanded. Joe
  9. I like it as well. The Leonard/alpine Development from third coast looks a lot better in this packet. Strange. I see a lot of photos in this document swiped from UP with no photo creds. Hmmmm. Joe Especially GRDad's paintbrush mock ups. Those are one of a kind! with mad skills like those, you'll probably be famous (but only after you die, sorry). Joe
  10. I actually think the future will be transportation as a service. Whether you pay for it (like your cell phone) or pool a fleet of vehicles. BUT, I think that is pretty far away. Even if the infrastructure were in place for fully autonomous vehicles TODAY, it would be a good 15-20 years before people change, and the supply of manual driven vehicles work their way out of the market. Plus, it's going to be a big break for supremacy between tech and car manufacturers. Again, I think it'll happen eventually, but it shouldn't change what we need today, tomorrow, or in the next 20 years. Joe
  11. I found an article about parking an autonomous vehicles. Some really interesting concepts: I like where they say that they may have to offer incentives so your car doesn't drive around empty while you are on a short-term trip. Go to restaurant, let car wander around for an hour and half. Joe
  12. That's an interesting thought (though I think we're still along way away from everyone riding around in self driving cars). Serious question though, wouldn't your self driving car need a place to park? And how in the heck would it find a spot (or does it go home?). I'm going to have to google that one! Wonder if the public parking ever fills up (other than DeVos place events catered to locals)? I used to work for a place that had an office near the baseball stadium in Denver. On game days, your monthly parking pass was invalid. If you parked in your own lot (or even designated parking spot), you'd get a ridiculously large fine. That seemed like quite an annoyance. Baseball game! Scramble! Joe
  13. Quercus- how far south on Fulton? Have you ever attempted getting a monthly parking pass south of Fulton? If not, try it some time. They have no waiting list for the surface lots. You call- every day between 7-8 AM and ask if one has become available. No, nothing? Call you tomorrow! Repeat process for weeks/months. Now multiply that by 30, 60, 90 people trying to move downtown. Joe
  14. You seem a little bit confused Quercus. Obviously the hotel is busy, which is good. They overbuilt that lot to accommodate office space around the site (taking frontage from the Riverfront building, etc.). Now it's full, which means the demand for office space has met, exceeded goals. What happens when these companies grow, or someone decides to move downtown from the suburbs. The cost of parking is a bitter pill for some companies in the suburbs to swallow. But if you're one of said companies, decide to absorb the cost anyways, and then can't find any parking for your employees? Moving downtown is DOA. It's a snowball effect of all of the other goals for downtown Living, retail, etc. I don't know why this is such a hard concept for people to understand . Maybe they should tell them all to ride bikes? "Hey, good news! We're moving downtown into a great new space, tons of restaurants within walking distance, have a drink after work, etc. Bad news, you now have to peddle your ass 15 miles to work because there is no parking. You will learn to enjoy it! Except from November to April. Oh, and July and august are going to suck too and rainy days. Also, your kids really didn't want you at their after school events so we just gave you some time back. Enjoy!" Joe
  15. I think I'm a bit more excited for the New York themed building with a roller coaster and tiny Statue of Liberty. Or maybe the one with the volcano. Or pirate ship! Joe