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  1. Agreed. This building doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother others. Much like the Venue tower annoyed everyone. I think it's pretty nice infill, though a little squat. 18 stories and this would have looked nice from all directions. Joe
  2. Interesting to see EGR is one of the fastest growing cities in Kent County. You wouldn't think EGR would have the capacity for that kind of growth, being and older, established city. Joe
  3. Awesome building. Love the MCM facade. Has anyone noticed the building being torn down on Monroe, North of Leonard? Big white building on the east side of the road? Anyone have the scoop? Joe
  4. Completely non-saracastic question. Why is the barrier to entry so high for residential developers now vs 15 years ago? Just curious. Back then, you saw Pulte and Eastbrook building multiple large developments in tandem. I know Pulte is gone, but why do you think you don't see that today? You'd think Rockford, Forest Hills Eastern, etc. would be ripe for another large development (or three). Is it a lending problem? I've always been surprised that while there is lack of available housing, you don't see many major housing developments being built or even planned. Joe
  5. This post is awesome. The best "things will be fine... OH MY GOD THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!" post I've seen in a while. haha. Joe
  6. I think the building had lived a good life. It was starting to get pretty beat up, also kind of chopped up so the configuration was always weird (no matter what restaurant was occupying the space). The deck had a nice view, but now it'll be a public park. I think it's a good tradeoff. Joe
  7. I'd love to here about more about the foundations. I love that kind of thing. Joe
  8. Solomon built our house. They've done a few small commercial buildings (basically really nice looking pole building on West River). They build nice, detailed houses, but kind of surprised they're the GC on this project. Joe
  9. Does anyone know if they have plans for the old schoolhouse that sit next to the Thornapple Grille? I'm sure it was moved to the site, but it's a great little historic building. Hope they move it (as opposed to demolishing it) and keep it in the "Village". Joe
  10. I'm sure that is the case (I've heard it a few times myself). With that being said, I don't think this development is going to be hurting for tenants. Vitale's is already pretty far along on their building located where O'Briens was located (west on Fulton). Didn't realize they were knocking down the existing building, but it is already gone and the new building is framed. Joe
  11. I think this where the Grille was will be riverfront park space. The townhouses up the hill look really nice. Did anyone notice the J. Peterson (who does a lot of the knockdown/rebuilds in EGR) bought a small lot across Ada Drive from this development. I think I heard a couple more rowhouses. Not entirely sure, but it'd have to be a small number (2-3 max?). I like driving into Ada. It's almost like Playing Sim City. "What would you do if you built your own town". Joe
  12. They're a regional economic development agency. To favor one city in their "territory" over another would be wrong. But everywhere else is fair game. So let's find a company that wants to expand/relocate to a cool Midwest downtown [crickets?]. Joe
  13. He grew up in the area. So being frugal wasn't a motivator. Also turned the party store on the corner of wealthy and fuller into a bank. Anyone remember rolling up on that intersection in 1995? Joe
  14. I think it comes down to cost. Sort of off topic, but I was in downtown Sarasota in April and they are building a 6-8 story building out of wood. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen as they had at least 3-5 2x4's end to end in many places. I'm sure it was for hurricane code, but it seemed like a ridiculous amount of work. Seemed like steel or concrete would have been the way to go. Joe
  15. Agreed. I think it's down to politics, NIMBYism and environmental issues. Im sure this is part of the study, but all of the bridges from downtown to Grand Haven have the clear ace for boats of this size? I guess they would just for flooding reasons.