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  1. While it's always a disappointment to see an employer leave, it's not really that newsworthy. Looks like a consolidation. Not like they pulled hundreds of jobs from the area. Joe
  2. Seems like Lantern would be poised for an expansion west (it fits the criteria- busy, well liked). Madcap seems to be expanding. Those would be my two guesses (and they are complete speculation; no insider information). Joe
  3. WTF you talking about @x99? You off your meds again. Sure, Grand Rapids in not downtown Chicago (let's face it, MOST downtowns are not like downtown Chicago). Are you sure downtown restaurants are struggling? They're always busy when I eat at them. Are you sure you're not calling ahead ("Debbie Downer, party of one") and everybody is scattering before you suck the life out of them room? LOL. I kid. But you left yourself open to that one. Joe
  4. Do tell.
  5. 'Tis true. They cut down a probably heavily wooded lot to build this project. Joe
  6. Agreed. There isn't a silver bullet solution for building a 24/7 city you have to have residents to have retail. But amenities like retail, and services (like pharmacies and grocers) take a critical mass of people. Businesses (jobs) will cluster around an area (even if it's more expensive) if the pool of talent they need lives and works in the area. It's a fine balancing act, and I think Grand Rapids is doing a really good job so far. A lot of work to do, but just think back to Grand Rapids pre-Arena and look how far we've come. We've made consistent strides to make the city better and more livable. It's all good! Joe
  7. I disagree. I have to stay at a decent number of suburban hotels and a lot of brands, Hilton Garden Inn, Courtyard, Hampton all do a pretty decent job (for faux-chitecture) of making the first level somewhat transparent and pushing the lobby and pool to the front or side so there are a lot of windows. This building looks like they forgot to design the first floor and only realized it after it was under construction. Also, I never understand ugly paint jobs. It costs ZERO extra dollars to make sure the paint has a cohesive and palatable color scheme. My biggest worry is who's building this and what they are building next. If the North Monroe hotel is going to end up with zero attention paid to the exterior, I'd prefer to see the lot not get developed (yet). Joe
  8. Depending on the finish materials, I think the hotel could end up looking really nice. It looks quite transparent and reminds me of the corner of glass on the Calder Plaza building. We all said it'd be great if that building was all glass, and, if not mistaken, this building may do just that. Although it'll have a lot of closed curtains being a hotel and all. Joe
  9. Agreed. It's REALLY bad and makes me afraid to see what they'll build on Monroe. Joe
  10. Hotel occupancy is quite high, and when we have people to come to town for business, it's actually pretty hard to get a hotel room downtown. I was surprised. So I'm sure there is a lot of business travel coming into town. Joe
  11. I think we're getting a little worked up over nothing at this point. Parking is a concern, and I don't seeing major development hitting that spot for 3-5 years, maybe once GVSU builds their new building. It's a storage building and an old suburban style office building. I'm not the least bit worried about this. I have to assume once GVSU gets going, they'll need parking to replace what is lost, even if it is short term. Joe
  12. That's disappointing. I think that part of the city needs more residents / people that stay past 5pm. Personally, I think the thing that will keep up demand for housing downtown is more employers locating in the city. We already have great nightlife options which was a huge push for years. Now we need basic necessities (groceries) and jobs- basically the ability to rarely get in your car and go to 28th Street. Of course, easier said then done Joe
  13. Nice job @x99 - Small but meaningful changes. The devil IS in the details. Joe
  14. Me too! Kind of bummed they weren't. Joe
  15. I've never heard of Portage Point and now I'm intrigued. Joe