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  1. Exhibitors building is looking. Ice. Like the entry. Definitely looks like it belongs on the old building.
  2. I thought the rumors was they were the grocer going into the development on Michigan street. Joe
  3. Is this a precursor to them moving down (up) the road on Michigan Street? Kind of a bummer to see a neighborhood store get pushed out. However, I used to work in that neighborhood when it was complete Shitsville (back when Big O's was on Bridge). It was a dirty, crappy store 20 years ago. Joe
  4. Ok Rendering Ninja, go get us the current plans. Can I send you to fetch things like a dog? Joe
  5. I used to fly Frontier to Denver quite a lot. I really liked the airline and was disappointed when they left. The Denver flight will be a good addition. I hope they're not like a Spirit Airlines now. Joe
  6. Me neither. It's a helluva lot better than what was there. And if they are a good property management company, I wouldn't be worried. It's not like this siding will start to deteriorate in 2 years.
  7. This is getting there! Switch it to white, change the window color, and god, I hate that diagonal line that sweeps down to make the facades "line up". Don't even do that. It's just dumb. It seems like they could easily make this a complimentary add-on without it matching exactly. But right now this looks like a bad addition to a house that people desperately want to tear off. Joe
  8. With an emphasis on crap in this case. Joe
  9. That's really bad and I typically like GVSU buildings. It's like they didn't even try. Maybe if the buildings were just sitting next to each other it would be ok, but they tried to add some continuity between the two buildingna, and it just doesn't exist. Barf! Joe
  10. I think they ditched the double branding a while ago. It's been strictly an Embassy Suite since the most recent resurrection. Joe
  11. It will look nice. So are they tearing down the houses currently there? Is the alpine rent-all property part of this project? I've loved that sign since I was a kid. Joe
  12. While I think the current rendering fits with the other buildings in the neighborhood, I thought the first rendering was much more appealing (balconies, and not just a big box). I hope they come up with something nice before they start construction. Joe
  13. I hope they've refined the building a bit. I was not a big fan of the brick rendering. So I was thinking about Parking, and doesn't it seem like a building like this would be a fantastic opportunity for the city to partner up and add a few more floors of parking? I know the city is reluctant to do anything with parking, but it seems like some of these new developments would be the perfect time for the city to get involved. 1) it would add additional parking. 2) It would add additional parking without taking away a speck of developable land downtown. 3) The city "owns" the lot and captures parking fees (plus designates monthly / daily parking) until the debt is paid and then the building owner retains ownership(?) The financing might be tricky, but imagine if the city were to add two stories of parking to this development. Or two stories of parking to Warner Tower (had it not been started). Start adding parking where there is already going to be parking. It would seem like a win-win in my books, and it seems like the cost per parking spot would be reasonable as there would be efficiencies in construction, no cost to buy the land, etc. Maybe it's a crazy idea... Joe
  14. Wow, that's a fantastic looking development! Who designed it? that is the way to do it! Joe
  15. I'll be interested to see what happens in a few years now that Davenport plays in the same conference. I don't think GVSU is going to like its "scuzzy step brother" (this is how I imagine GVSU thinking of Davenport athletics, not me reflecting on Davenport, or its sports program). Heck, Davenport has only had a sports program for a dozen years (or less w/ some sports). And they are already D2. It's purely speculation, but I see someone pushing/making a big donation to move them to D1 at some point. And everyone says they "like" the division that they're playing in. Until they don't. Hard to say "yeah, we should be D1 but we like winning against smaller schools. Look at our trophy case!". Joe