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  1. Getting rid of the bad 90's sign and neon "statues" is what I'd call essential work! LOL Joe
  2. Drone video footage of Downtown GR on March 26th. Ghost town (reminds me of downtown on a normal day back in the 90's. LOL). I noticed people still working on the glass facade at the Amway Grand. Essential work? Have most of the other projects shut down (other than GVSU, MSU, etc. which are Government and Healthcare projects). Stay safe out there people! Joe
  3. You might be right! Still a great Looking building (and great find). Joe
  4. That’s amazing. What a cool building back in the day. Never realized the Ford backstory, or how cool the building was (love the turret). Joe
  5. Ok, now I think we’re just making things up. Joe
  6. Sorry @ModSquad, I had a meeting that got thrown on my schedule last minute (Covid-19). I’d love to see what your doing over there some time. Joe
  7. Non-gated article about the project: https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2020/03/tax-cut-for-26m-apartment-building-draws-questions-from-grand-rapids-board.html Joe
  8. Glad to hear it. A lot of the "tent posts" of downtowns revitalization happened because Grand Action got (and kept) the ball rolling. Joe
  9. I saw a really cool time lapse video of this project on LinkedIn but couldn’t find a way to capture it and share. After some digging I found this: https://app.oxblue.com/open/wolverine/10ionia click on the time lapse. Also, can’t believe We didn’t find it early on. It’s also a cool angle that is harder to photograph. Joe
  10. Interesting. Kind of disappointed to not see condos listed. Seems like it would be a good fit for empty-nesters who wants to downsize from a single-family home but stay in EGR. Joe
  11. I'm not saying they are new or exotic, but what is the price of a tunnel? $20M? $50M? $100M? I think getting better traffic flow from 36th to Patterson (I think the Patterson light needs some tweaking and more turn lanes). Maybe widen Patterson a bit (add an express lane from the airport to 36th?), change the lighting or radically change the intersection at the airport so you don't get stuck at the light. My thought is that a bunch of improvements could be made before tunneling under the runways (which I thought someone said was a non-starter at this point). Maybe tunnels are less expensive than I thought? Joe
  12. Sorry, I should have clarified. As they expand Concourse A, I hope they can continue that height to the old portions. From the renderings, it looks like they aren't doing much to the existing section of Concourse A. I'm sure it won't happen in the near future, but hope eventually Concourse A and B will be redone to increase the heights all around. Joe
  13. I’ve never understood the need for a tunnel. Even if the airport doubled in size, I don’t see the entrance off Patterson as being a hindrance. I can’t imagine how much a tunnel project would cost, but i don’t see the cost/benefit matching up. Joe
  14. Yeah, I hope they don’t ward off all private development by snapping up all of the land (and even worse, add a bunch of surface lots). I was really hoping that the area would become a dense neighborhood full of infill. It’s concerning. Joe
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