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  1. Wow. I hope they end up finding a more permanent facility. Sounds like is sorely needed. Joe
  2. I Would love a see a statue of Lyon and Campau getting ready to go fist to cuffs near what was grabs corner. Joe
  3. If you were driving south on Monroe at the intersection of Pearl, you'd have run right into the buildings next to Woolworths in the JFK photo. It perplexed me for a while as well. Joe
  4. From everything I've read about these two organizations (not just Gun Lake), they're trying to diversify investments outside of casinos. I don't think is at all indicative of plans to plop a casino on Monroe Center. It'll be interesting if this opens Steadfast (Borisch) up to invest in other properties downtown?
  5. Welcome, and thanks for the insight. Got any good stories to tell? Joe
  6. I had read that story a while back. Super creepy story even if nothing was really going on. Joe
  7. Expect that death is imminent. Everything else is a welcome surprise! LOL. Joe
  8. Sounds like Compass Insurance has been in there and is the owner / main tenant doing the expansion. Joe
  9. Didn't know exactly where to put this? It's on the west side of the river. A third story additional (Class A Office space) being built south of the hotel on Ann Street. This building has some good modern-ish bones. I'm excited to see what Lott3Metz does with it! https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/developer-proposes-expanding-class-a-office-building-along-grand-rapids-riverfront Joe
  10. Three good destinations. And finally a direct to west coast route. Very nice. I’m headed to LOs Angeles in a couple of weeks. Wish I could fly direct then.
  11. I think it's great he's taking another shot. Seems to me he had a lot of good ideas, but the pure scale of projects he was doing may have gotten the best of him. I still think you have to give credit for a couple of really good projects (and he'll always get extra credit for wrangling the Kendall building from Azzar and doing a nice job on a property most deemed impossible). Joe
  12. Here’s what the new Bazzani building will look like. Interesting that Dixon Architects designed it. https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/bazzani-building-constructing-sustainable-housing-in-belknap-neighborhood
  13. Someone mentioned this earlier, but is Modern Hardware staying in the neighborhood? Wonder if they’ll move into one of the new buildings? Joe
  14. Yep! I saw the corner of the Weston apartments and Weston got stuck in my head. great pics. Thanks for sharing! Joe
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