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  1. I get that (unless they start digging around them. Haha). My thought was is is Flaherty and Collins even interested anymore, or should is it really more “someday, maybe, the city will put this site up for sale. And if they do, there will be a bidding process all over again). I’d honestly rather see more development in the core, west side and north Monroe before this, so I’m not anxiously awaiting for them to move on it. Seems like a 10-15 years down the road project. Joe
  2. Still kicking the idea around. Flaherty and Collins has been really active over the midwest over the last couple of years. I wonder if they still have any interest in this project? https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/grand-rapids-hires-firm-to-study-feasibility-of-relocating-from-201-market Joe
  3. I think we should see what the final product looks like. I was pissed at the fact that it was buried as well (why not have the entrance face Michigan where people can see it? Or why not extend it so it spans the whole west side of the building). But I’m hoping the third building, along with nice landscaping will make it more welcoming? I actually like the way the JW Mariott entrance is tucked back, and am hoping this has a similar vibe (trying to stay optimistic). Joe
  4. This is pretty cool. It's an augmented reality app you can use on your phone to see what the building will look like when finished. http://msuhealthgr.com/ Joe
  5. New photo. There’s an interesting pattern “etched” into the big windows.
  6. Closer look at the skywalk. And the paint job is looking good!
  7. A few photos sneaking down the alleyway.
  8. Though the same thing. I’m hoping the top was the tricky part, and the rest will go much quicker. Otherwise, they’re on pace for about 2026. Joe
  9. Never knew that! Was this the first Steelcase plant? I worked in the office building on Hall/Century and that was considered plant #2. Looks like they’re going for the original look. Joe
  10. You can keep it here. This seems to be the main Lakeshore thread. Joe
  11. The sign in the photo says it’s still the Salvation Army. Joe
  12. Welcome deja vu. Love the nod to history with the retirement home building. Does look like things are “hoppin” in Holland. Joe
  13. Drove by this project the other day and the parking ramp is already 3 stories. It think they’re using precast panels and it’s going up extremely fast! Joe
  14. They’re starting to seal/paint the concrete. It looks really nice. Don’t think you’ll notice a difference between the first few floors and the rest when they’re done. Joe
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