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  1. East Beltline Developments

    I think Lowell would rank pretty high as well.
  2. East Beltline Developments

    True, I passed Thousand Oaks the other day and the houses are quite insane in that area. Also, I may have come off as disparaging towards Northview (not intended, my niece and nephew go to Northview). I guess my thoughts were around developments like Stone Falls of Ada, which seem to be transplants that move in to Forest Hills schools while searching for a house. I hope they go residential in this area instead of continuing retail / office sprawl up the Beltline. Joe
  3. East Beltline Developments

    No. They stopped using them last year after the church sale fell through. They tried to buy the soccer fields but it was too much $$ for a non-profit. Joe However, this property is in Northview schools, which is a little less desirable than the Forest Hills District down the road (3 mile). I think that alone will temper plans, unless they’re planning on building for dinks or empty nesters. Joe
  4. East Beltline Developments

    It’s even bigger than the map shows. Both of the parcels (SE side of five mile and the Beltline) and the small church building in front of the main church are part of the property. For some reason, it shows them split but it’s all part of the sunshine complex. Joe
  5. And it’s attached to a hotel. Joe
  6. Interesting. The earlier rendering showed windows all the way across and down the north side, so I was a bit confused on what happened. Hopefully they'll do something interesting/nice with it (and not just a giant blank wall). Joe
  7. I don’t quite understand the big blank wall on the northeast side of the building. Looks nice (other than that). Joe
  8. 42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    I heard the bids were due last week. We’ll see! Joe
  9. New projects in Monroe North

    This one always surprised me (Franklin purchasing it) . I think redevelopment of this building is a bit premature. Maybe another 5 years? Joe
  10. New projects in Monroe North

    Totally agree. I’ve visited plenty of cities with more height than Grand Rapids, but absolutely not a vibrant downtown. I’m happy with all of the infill. Joe
  11. 601 Bond

    “Borrowed” this from Concept Design’s Facebook page. 8 stories to go, right?
  12. Grandville Castle Apartments

    They just put the finishing touches on some large and small spires throughout the complex. Also, if you drive by early morning or late at night, there are a lot of lights on. I think they're still pretty active on this building. Joe
  13. 42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    My thought on this is that while I was REALLY excited to get a 40 story building downtown, I still think 14 stories on this particular site is still great infill. I think it will help connect South of Fulton with the rest of downtown, and it's building on a surface lot that was sort of an odd-shaped, ugly duckling. So while I'm disappointed that we won't be altering our skyline, I'm still happy to hear this project is alive and well. Joe
  14. 42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    I think it was somewhere around 10 rooms per floor. So depending on the configuration of lobby, meeting rooms, restaurant, etc. It seems like it would be somewhere in the 90-120 range? As GRDad mentioned, at the reduced height, I'd love to see them do something interesting with the roof. Joe
  15. Beer

    I grew up close to the location. Seems like a really odd spot. Kind of surprised zoning allows it. It’s slightly industrial, with a Church and light residential. Pretty odd placement. Joe