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  1. The glass definitely shows off the interest angles that always existed, but did get a little lost depending on the day, light or angle. One thing I noticed recently is that they seems to be opening up the balconies that are along the lower levels on the northeast side. We stayed at Amway Grand (a long time ago), I was super excited when we got to the room and had a river view with a balcony, but the doors were permanently shut. Don’t know if they opened them up in recent years, but I did see them working on the balconies the other day and would think that’d be an excellent amenity with a
  2. I’ve always dreamed of someone moving one of the diners downtown. Also that that little nook by the parking ramp of the Boardwalk Condos/apartments would be a great spot. Just read an article about the auto dealer that owns the property on 14 mile wanting them gone (but also wanting them saved). Joe
  3. I would say it’s a bit harsh. Especially what may amount to a couple of early stage renderings. Joe
  4. Totally. It fits a very Scandinavian barn house style (which I'm personally obsessed with). I bet it'll look great. Parking, and hoping that the building doesn't get slammed into by a car seem to be two of the biggest obstacles. Joe
  5. Sovengard is looking to move to Bridge street and Valley street (I’d seen the proposal but didn’t realize it was sovengard). Interesting note: we tried to eat there on Friday but they didn’t have enough staff to serve us. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/grand-rapids-sovengard-plans-to-move-build-new-bridge-street-restaurant/ Joe
  6. That is so cool and will add to the area. Was dining on Bridge Street this evening. By far the best vibes in town. also, the Gutkowski family spent $50,000 to restore the sign (porcelain finish with “real” neon glass tubes. Looks like it’ll be installed in the next week or two. Love when people save some of the original character from the neighborhood. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/09/historic-red-lion-sign-returning-to-bridge-street-in-grand-rapids-in-time-for-artprize.html Joe
  7. Yeah, Perrigo is only taking the top 3 floors (which have a much wider footprint). The other floors will be open to other tenants (but they haven’t said much another the other levels/ground floor). Joe
  8. I like the idea of temporary closures (like weekends, etc). I’d just hate to close it down for good, realize it did more harm than good, and put a road in 15 years later. Joe
  9. Sorry, but I dislike this idea so much, I think I'd protest if the city presented it. LOL. I've seen VERY FEW pedestrian / "mall" conversions succeed, and most of them ultimately make the street worse. Maybe it's PTSD from Monroe Mall, but I hope they never, ever, ever try it again. .. Joe
  10. I would imagine they'd have some sort of plaque that explains what it is. And it isn't like they'd starve to death on that section of Bridge if they couldn't find a Red Lion...
  11. The Planning commission agenda packet has a lot more information on the Red Hot sign. Looks like they want to fully restore the sign and place it in the parking lot next to Swift print. Total height of the sign would be 24 feet. I really hope this goes through as I think it's a great nod to the past, and I'm a vintage neon sign nerd. I'd love to see other businesses ad some neon to the area. It just fits in this area (Anchor Bar has a fantastic neon sign).
  12. I heard the agreement with Houseman was pretty terrible, didn't help the team much. If I'm not mistaken, GRPS got 100% of concession sales, and part of the ticket price (?). I loved watching games at Houseman (and didn't make it to any of the games this year - either bad weather or a conflict on my schedule). I wonder if GRFC will continue, or if the ownership group they're trying to form for USL2 will steamroll the other group. Joe
  13. Yep - When I read Discgrabs comment, I thought "what ISN'T messed up right now". COVID basically took a world manufacturing process with VERY short lead times from component to component and pulled the emergency brake. It's going to take 16-18 months for things to catch up, and certain industries will be messed up for much longer. Joe
  14. On the other hand, people that work downtown do actually eat. And there are few options in that area, even though there’s going to be a decent concentration of workers down there. Seems like a coffee shop might do well on the ground floor of the petrified building (once the the whole Covid thing shakes itself out). Joe
  15. Yeah, the granite got delayed (the same supply chain issues everyone has been having). So I think It's supposed to finish up in Late October? Joe
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