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  1. 234 Market, former Lady Godiva's

    Probably a rhetorical question but... the Netherlands soccer team is nicknamed “oranje”, the royal family is from the House of Oranje, and it is, indeed a color associated with the Dutch. Probably not the reason this building has Orange accents, but “the more you know”. Haha Joe
  2. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    I’m quite the opposite. While I do wonder “what were they thinking?!”, I’m just glad the buildings are still there, mostly intact, with a developer willing to restore it. Joe
  3. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Noticed they've removed a portion of the facade where the smoke stack took out a substantial chunk of the building during the first rehab. In the WOOD-TV sorry, Sam cummings mentioned leaving some of the scars as it's pet of the history. Wonder if that'll be the case on the sour side of the building. I actually think it would be cool, but tastes vary.
  4. ArtPrize - Grand Rapids

    Site:Lab isn't a real venue this year. They are throwing a couple of parties but will be back as an official venue next year. I saw a lot of setup going on today. With the warm weather forecasted this weekend, I bet it'll be crazy downtown. Joe
  5. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    I walked by today and didn't notice. A lot of red cranes going up downtown!! Joe
  6. Haha. Agreed. It's hard to get a good angle. Luckily, it was early in the morning and I could find some on street parking. Joe
  7. This project doesn't get much love here but it's looking pretty good. Quite a change to that corner and I'm sure it's a sign of things to come along Seward.
  8. 234 Market, former Lady Godiva's

    Latest construction photos. It's actually hard to Capture how big this project is in a photo. Maybe it's the way it sits on the hill (or the sheer size), but it's a massive project!
  9. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Here's a few pics of the east facades, as well as the "ghost signs".
  10. New Embassy Suites - Monroe North

    Embassy Suites is taking shape pretty quickly. You can see balconies as well as the curved facade.
  11. New projects in Monroe North

    601 Bond is about to go vertical.
  12. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Agreed. No way we land Amazon, but if you come up with a kick ass proposal that gets you close, other companies will notice. No lip dub, but a drunken rendition of 99 bottles of beer might be fun. Haha Joe
  13. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Looks like the southeast side of the building has a few, as well as the northeast side: Chic School of Cosmetology, Hughes Engraving, an offset printing company, a wholesale company. I love old signs. I would love it if they kept them (you can see the signs in the WOOD TV video). Joe
  14. Oh, to be clear- I like the painted sections way better than concrete. Just perplexed why they stopped. Being a House of Blues type venue, I was hoping maybe they were holding out for some murals and crazy artwork. Joe