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  1. Gun Lake is adding a 250 room hotel and $300M expansion to the complex: https://www.woodtv.com/news/allegan-county/gun-lake-casino-announces-300m-expansion-into-hotel-resort/ I drove by the other day and the new interchange is well underway. Joe
  2. I was reading through the planning commission agenda packet and saw this 4 story apartment building proposal just off the Beltline (South of Burton, behind the "Salespad" building). Looks like it would replace a gigantic, oversized parking lot:
  3. Moved this into its own thread as I think we'll be discussing it a lot in the future (and don't want to overwhelm the Wealthy Street thread). Looks like a site plan review is on the planning commission agenda for April 22nd. Hopefully we see more details! Joe
  4. I agree with GRDad, I think the lot next to the Ford Museum on Bridge/Michigan would be a perfect spot. Maybe push the building close to the river (encroaching on Ah-Nab-Awen park a bit so it sits on the river) with some sort of "pass-through" or walkway around the building (similar to the GR Public Museum). It'd be a pretty easy tram ride from the zoo to the aquarium (straight down Bridge, To Valley street). Joe
  5. That is the most random comment I've seen in a while. And I have to say, I like it. But maybe eating the grass from a superfund site wouldn't be a great idea (and they'd need some sort of shelter / buildings, which are not encouraged). Joe
  6. Looks like the official groundbreaking ceremony is today at 1pm: https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/perrigo-breaking-ground-on-grand-rapids-hq-wednesday/
  7. I agree. It’s not like what’s currently there is spectacular. My only concern is they’ve locked up so much of the area. There’s not a ton of space available for other developments to feed off the growth in the area. I’d love to see Spectrum partner with (or sell to) a developer for the liner buildings. Would be great to see some residential/mixed use space In this development. Joe
  8. There was. I don't remember it zigzagging exactly, but a pedestrian walkway from where the Belknap park sign is, wrapping around and heading north down the hill. Wonder what happened to that plan? Joe
  9. The planning commission approved the 990 parking spots for the new building. Sounds like demolition on the Gill building has started. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/spectrum-health-parking-plan-for-new-office-complex-okd/ Joe
  10. I peaked in the window about a year ago and it's quite a mess. Looks like a lot of mold forming, and water getting in from the roof. You'd think the township could flex some muscle and really start hammering them with fees. You'd also think he could have just made it a viable building, not sold it (if pettiness is his thing) and started collecting rent. I hate people like this... Joe
  11. LOL, I think there are silhouettes of buildings on US131 as well. They probably don't expect renderings to be scrutinized by a bunch of armchair quarterbacks. Joe
  12. Plainfield Township is trying to “reimagine Plainfield”: https://www.woodtv.com/news/kent-county/reimagine-plainfield-reveals-plans-to-transform-corridor/ Plainfield seems like air could be a very viable commercial corridor, but I’m always shocked at how poorly its developed / hasn’t kept up with times (the fact that there is still an empty Witmark building (closed 20 years ago?) on a busy intersection seems amazing). I don’t know if the town center concept is a great way to go about giving it a jumpstart, but I’m glad they’re trying something. Joe
  13. I tried to find a good thread for this, but couldn’t find anything. The Cooley Building is for sale. $19.8M. Cooley will move out in September. Will be interesting to see what happens to this building: https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/wmu-cooley-law-school-building-in-downtown-gr-listed-for-19-8m
  14. I see your point, but I also think if the city has set a mandate to add more density, citizens being pissed about vacant land going away only goes so far. I can see why someone in the neighborhood would be annoyed by it, but in the end, they do live in the city and don’t own the land. I’m a little split on this one. It sounds like they made several changes to the building and site plan to accommodate some of the objections. So I think they did have an impact on the project (maybe not what they wanted, but still better than what was first proposed) . In my mind, they got a say in it, even if the outcome isn’t what they wanted Joe
  15. I like the overall concept of the development. Nothing overly inspiring about the building design, but it’ll fit well and I really like the free space they added. Hoping the future liner building includes some mixed use opportunities. Joe
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