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  1. Looks like the Solar panel project is on, again, maybe?... Consumers Energy is involved this time. https://mibiz.com/sections/energy/recent-settlement-could-clear-path-for-long-planned-grand-rapids-landfill-solar-project I'm interested to see how much power modern solar panels can generate at scale in the gloomy winter months of Michigan. Joe
  2. There has been a LOT of free money in the markets for a long time. So it will affect development. But a development with solid numbers should always work. I think in the near future you'll see housing ramp up as the city / region tries to meet the need, and I bet they'll start handing out incentives to help meet the goal. Lumber prices are almost back to pre-pandemic levels, hopefully other building costs come down too and developers can make the numbers work. Joe
  3. Official groundbreaking for the new Spectrum Health Building in the Beltline. Pretty interesting mix of surgical suites, rehab and injury prevention (with a basketball/ training facility and outdoor training/rehab area). https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/09/spectrum-health-breaks-ground-on-orthopedic-health-performance-center.html?outputType=amp
  4. I think McKay Tower would hold that title (at least for buildings still standing). I’m super excited to see this project go vertical Joe
  5. Yeah, not my thing but glad they are doing well. I think they opened well before Covid, but as more of a restaurant with a bar. I remember going there for dinner and it was SO empty, we felt awkward and left. Glad they pivoted and made it work.
  6. Public hearing for the lower reach of the rapids. EGLE had a year to review the application, so earliest they can be in the river is next July (if everything goes well): https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/09/public-hearing-set-for-decade-long-push-to-restore-grand-rivers-rapids.html
  7. Social House is looking to expand their outdoor seating by adding a mezzanine. It looks pretty nice:
  8. Bombay Cuisine (and the brew pub next door) are closing October 2nd. Says another restaurant will take its place. Kind of sad to see them go. Interested to see what's next: https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/eastowns-bombay-cuisine-set-to-close-october-2/ Joe
  9. Co concept from the Black Wall Street group. Looks like the first of many projects (at Eastern and Burton). 11,00 square feet of commercial space and 34 apartments: https://grbj.com/news/economic-development/black-wallstreet-gr-vision-takes-shape/
  10. However, the dollars strength against other currencies helps with cost of imports, which lowers inflation. I always say that macro economics is like playing 5d chess and can’t be boiled down in a single headline (which both sides try to do). I just hope prices stabilize so we can build more stuff. Joe
  11. They’re floating around here somewhere. Imagine a building that looks nothing like the other building stuck to the side of the existing building. It’s about that nice and cohesive. Joe
  12. LOL. Definitely a reach. And maybe not what we’re aiming for? SXSW was a great music event, then a great tech and music event. Now it seems to be a tech event with a bunch of investment bro’s and a bit of music. Either way, we’re not even close to a SXSW, but also don’t know why everything needs to be compared to everything else? Joe
  13. FYI- The river restoration is in the phase of public comment for the lower stage of the rapids. If you are so inclined, you can send a letter of support here (EGLE is one of the last major hurdles to getting the restoration started): https://grandrapidswhitewater.org/time-sensitive-we-need-your-support/ Joe
  14. I think economic growth in Big Rapids is still a win for the Grand Rapids metro area. Especially Cedar Springs, Sand Lake, Howard City, etc.
  15. TLDR- Sounds like MEDC is trying to lure Gotion, a Chinese EV Battery part maker (w/ Volkswagen as a major shareholder) to build a $3.6B plant in Big Rapids. 500 employees to start, 2000 eventually. Consumers Energy is involved, and everyone is being hush-hush about it. I like the idea, but am also sheepish about the big swings and massive subsidies, partly because half of the stuff never pans out, or turns into a full on nightmare like Foxconn in Wisconsin. But I guess you have to swing big and keep swinging at some point. Also, @NoDustBusterNoMore- Use https://archive.ph like someone mentioned. Paste in the URL to the article and voila! Joe
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