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  1. joeDowntown

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    I heard from a construction PM around town that the rumor is this thing is 10s of millions of dollars over budget anyone else here this? Anyone want to bet against me that this will be a casino in 5 years? i still want it to succeed no matter what I think of the look, but dang... Joe
  2. joeDowntown

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    As I said, it’s almost uncanny the resemblence. Accept at the Starbucks on the Beltline, you have to double back down a small road next to the residence inn (or whatever it is now), and pray that you can turn left... which usually means turning right and taking an extra 20 minutes to go through the busy intersection, turn around, and come back through). I’m not saying either is a great scenario, but the Starbucks on the Beltline is always busy.
  3. joeDowntown

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I agree. Although I think that people are more willing to make a difficult trek to get their coffee. This reminds me of another horrible location on 28th Street and east Beltline. It’s impossible to get into unless you are going south, and you almost always have to turn right due to traffic, hitting the nasty long light there. But business is booming. Now that I type this, I think these locations are mirror images of each other. Hard to get to, long narrow lot, hard to get out of. Joe
  4. joeDowntown

    Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    So my question for the Starbucks / old Butger Kig lot. Are people suggesting they shouldn’t be allowed to develop it? I guess I don’t understand the big deal. It’s been a crappy site for years, used as a sketchy rental property office and then totally vacant. What else should go in it’s place? Personally, I’m glad to see that lot get some TLC. And I can’t think of a “better” use other than a drive-thru restaurant. Joe
  5. joeDowntown

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    131 going North to Rockford is about as bad ass it gets. Add that one to the list! I know they are working on it, but I doubt it'll be anything more than a short-term fix with the northern suburbs. Joe
  6. New pics from today. Lots of activity. parking Ramps give good vantage points.
  7. joeDowntown

    Highway and Road Construction Updates

    Thanks for the document. I’ve been confused on what was going where. The 196 to east Beltline exit looks like it’s 2 miles long! Joe
  8. joeDowntown

    MSU Biomedical Research Campus

    I don’t know anything about mergers (that definitely wasn’t what I interpreted from this article). I found it interesting that they were forming MSU Health Care to change the way they work with private businesses/startups (there were ownership IP issues before). It also seems like GR may be the epicenter for their “Innovation Hub”/new philosophy. I think that definitely could be a big boost to our economy, the type of talent we attract. Plus, more buildings. Joe
  9. joeDowntown

    Frederik Meijer Gardens - Expansions/Enhancements

    I think fans (and artists) love the vibe of the FMG amphitheater and doubt they’d ever expand it to be much larger than it already is (imagine how much space that would take up. They had talked a while back about possibly adding a DTE style amphitheater to Millenium Park to offset some of the shows that Van Andre loses out to in the summer. But it never seemed to get much traction. Joe P.S. You need to visit the Gardens.
  10. joeDowntown

    MSU Biomedical Research Campus

    I missed this the last time I was on the MIBiz website, but there a lot of interesting bits of information in this article: 1. MSU is creating MSU Health Care, which can partner with private companies much easier than it has in the past- a “1000 deeper dive into supporting medical innovation”. 2. The Research building in GR is a key component. 3. They are already reviewing RFPs for building surrounding the research center. 4. It’ll include a business startup incubator that will allow companies to Work alongside university researchers. The dean also uses the words “rocket fuel” and “innovation hub”. I’m speculating that something big may be in the works Joe
  11. joeDowntown

    Frederik Meijer Gardens - Expansions/Enhancements

    Not to derail this thread with my obsession with KAWS sculptures, but the photo I showed is made out of wood (he works in bronze as well- Dan Gilbert just put a KAWS sculpture in Detroit. Here’s an article about one of his 16 ft, 6 ton sculptures that was acquired by the Brooklyn museum: Oh, and if anyone wants a huge piece of art in the river at the next ArtPrize, KAWS would have you covered (I don’t actually think it would fit :)) Joe
  12. That an pretty cool. I was really impressed with Detroit the last 3-4 times I’ve been down there. It’s an amazing change from just ten years ago and quite impressive to see Woodward Avenue with some fairly significant shops and restaurants lining the streets! Joe
  13. joeDowntown

    Suburban Projects

    From what I remember, it ended up becoming quite the political hot potato (and people in power broke the rules). I think the developer filed a lawsuit and they backed down. Always seemed really stupid to me. Downtown Rockford from a retail/commercial perspective, but downtown residential has always lagged (I personally think it never did well because the god awful smell from the tannery / a lot of the houses ended up being rentals). Rockford is so walkable, this may be a step in the right direction for residential close to their downtown. Joe
  14. joeDowntown

    Frederik Meijer Gardens - Expansions/Enhancements

    The gardens definitely has an impressive collection. It’s crazy to think that this all started when a Meijer store at that location was denied, and Fred Meijer had a bunch of sculptures sitting in a pole barn. I remember going to FMG when it first opened and thinking it was nice, but would be really cool as the trees matured (in the atrium). Who would have imagined then that it would become a huge tourist attraction, concert venue, sculpture garden, etc. etc. etc. I also went to the unveiling of Davinci’s horse and remember thinking that they had just built the signature attraction. Now it’s just part of the collection. Pretty amazing! Joe
  15. joeDowntown

    Frederik Meijer Gardens - Expansions/Enhancements

    That’s impressive. I hope they keep adding sculptures to their collection. In case anyone from FMG frequents this forum, I’d like to suggest a KAWS sculpture. Thanks!