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  1. That’s awesome. Where’d you get this? Can’t find details anywhere? Would like to learn more. Joe
  2. I don't know if it's still planned, or if it was just a pipedream. From the same document: "The proposed two-way cycle track for Ionia Downtown will provide a dedicated and safe space for north-south bicycling. North of 196, this facility can become a true linear park with landscaping, seating and bicycle paths offering a direct link from Belknap, Monroe North and Creston straight to Downtown. In this area, Ionia Street serves as a spillover parking and carries extremely limited traffic." I do like the bike path on Ionia with a boulevard on Division. Maybe it'll show up in the budget
  3. The new DDA budget has funds to design the Switchback Park which would connect Belknap to the Monroe North neighborhood. Excited to see what they come up with. Here's a couple of designs they released a few years back:
  4. I sure am glad I quit Facebook. They are seriously detached from reality. Every argument I've seen has been ridiculous. First the fight was about saving the building (it will be restored and put on the National Historic Register), then people complained about too much housing (who would live in these small units?!), then they complained about displacing families (there is no residential at the planned development site). The Studio Park comment just makes me chuckle. I said this from the start, these store owners knew that tens of thousands of square feet in cheap rent wasn't going
  5. This falls in the category of People NOT Talking about Grand Rapids. WSJ did an article about Greenville SC, Provo UT, and Des Moines IO as the darling cities of post-COVID recovery. I wonder how Grand Rapids fared based on their metrics. They talked about a mix of "affordable (but steeply increasing)" housing, manufacturing bouncing back early, diversification, proximity to nature (not Des Moines). I was actually surprised to NOT see Grand Rapids in this article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-breakout-cities-on-the-forefront-of-americas-economic-recovery-11620584178?mod=searchresults_
  6. This would be 1910-1930s. I'd like to see what a commercial property (for sale) looked like before it had been altered many times over the years. Joe
  7. Figured this was as good a place to ask a question as any. I used to go to GR Public Library and look up specific addresses to get property cards (usually real estate listings). With the pandemic, the GRPL is pretty locked down. Does anyone know if there's a resource out there for looking up photos of Grand Rapids property online? There's a particular property that I want to see what it looked like originally. It used to be as easy as taking a quick trip to the main library branch. Hoping there's a resource online to do the same (I looked all over the library site). Joe
  8. When you drive by at night, you can definitely tell that the renovation makes the rooms much more open. At first I thought it was just the transparency of glass, but I heard most of the glass facade still had drywall over it, where the new rooms will have a lot more glass / better views. Joe
  9. This project is going before the Planning Commission of Thursday. I could see a lot of neighborhood opposition (960 Bristol NW) to this development:
  10. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Hindsight is 20/20, but it would have been ideal if they could have worked on this last summer when the city was basically mothballed. Joe
  11. This is a bit of a fluff piece, but the article touches the surface on some of the upgrades to Rosa Parks Circle. Sounds like some of the materials Maya Lin proposed initially, that got value engineered out (granite seats instead of concrete), etc. are being added to the project. Also looks like the bathroom area is being re-cladded, upgraded stage, etc. there’s also a conservancy set up to preserving/ maintaining it in the future. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/05/popular-downtown-gathering-spot-rosa-parks-circle-closed-until-fall-for-renovations-improvements.html
  12. Drove by yesterday and they're putting up pre-cast concrete walls along the parking ramp (kind of makes you wonder why they even built window openings on the ramp). These concrete panels make it look like once their in, the building will go up quickly (like legos).
  13. Holy crap! I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so passionate about gas stations. LOL
  14. It'd be interesting to see if they are lower across the board (States, cities, etc). This census was a little unusual (to say the least). They kind of moved the goal post, and I think a lot of people were disenfranchised with the whole process. I wonder if the US really grew at it's slowest pace since the depression, or if there was a pretty significant undercount. Joe
  15. I agree. Neither are ideal, but I definitely think the GVSU building is a big swing and a miss. Especially in context with the building it was added on to (the window placement is totally bizarre. It looks like they tried to do the asymmetrical window look but were just REALLY bad at it). It's unfortunate, since I think GVSU typically does a pretty good job with their buildings. Joe
  16. I thought this was interesting. With Gun Lake Casino rebuilding the onramp/offramp, a group of 13 property owners are trying to get their land annexed into Wayland (for water and sewer). If it happens, it'll be interesting to see that area grow in the next 10 years. https://grbj.com/news/real-estate/developers-eye-u-s-131-commerce-center/ Joe
  17. Once the Perrigo building is up, I-196 will be a lit shrine to the Spartans. So much signage. Wonder how many out of state people driving through will think they must be in E. Lansing. Joe
  18. It seems to be a company called Oak Flint. They are also on the Planning Commission agenda to renovate the one story building right next to the Sligh building (this one called Oak Flint). Wonder if the planning commission gets sick of 95% Cannabis discussions at all meetings. Joe
  19. Looks like "Bloomfields" (Cannabis) is looking to build a 3 story building at Fulton and Lexington (currently an empty lot). Looks like they'll rent office space on the 2nd and 3rd level. Definitely adds infill to that area. My only gripe is it'd be nice if they had less parking (which probably isn't feasible) and the facade went was contiguous with the building to the west.
  20. In the MIBiz article about this development, they said that it was sold on April 15th to Monarch Investments out of Ann Arbor. They don't mention what they have planned. ICCF has always done an impressive job when renovating buildings. It sounds like an awesome development all around. Joe
  21. What these stores (and most antique store) do is offer booth space that they rent out (maybe a 8x10' or 10'x10' area). So the "micro businesses" consist of the people that rent booth space. The issue with that is that many of these people have booths at multiple antique stores. It still grinds me that they're shouting about the fairness and "gentrification" going on, when it really comes down to losing below market rate space that they don't have a long-term lease on. And they've known for years that this building was in the crosshairs of redevelopment. They knew how this story would end
  22. Photos from today. I like that they used a different colored brick to break up the facade:
  23. Agreed. They also knew redevelopment was coming (hence, the premature announcement a few years back that they were moving to Godfrey). I also think there are a few big warehouses that might be convinced to offer flexible, short term leases on space. But if they treat developers poorly (one of the main people involved in the FB group called the developer a "NYC trust fund baby who doesn't give a crap about GR"), I don't think they'll get anyone to offer up space. I think of spaces like this as transitional, somewhat like artist or band space. You know it isn't going to last forever, but it
  24. I quit Facebook a while back, but heard about this group from reading an article on WOODTV: https://www.facebook.com/savethesligh/ It's interesting to read, as it's obviously organized by current tenants. Does anyone know what the current tenants pay per square foot? It seems like their battle cry is based on a ton of inaccurate, or convenient information. A few things that really annoy me about this: 1. They're scared that the building will be torn down, yet the developer is looking to restore it and get the building designated on the National Register. 2. They say 200 "m
  25. Sorry i misread your observations. I do think Perrigo is a little slimy in their corporate setup (based in Ireland, my ass). I DO think that this will be an advantageous move for them, strictly from a recruiting perspective. Allegan is a bit of a hard sell, and it's hard to recruit top talent from around the country to move to Allegan. I also wonder what the appeal of moving to the MSU research park is when they are selling their generic pharmaceutical division to double down on "self-care" (although there could be a lot of R&D in this space, so maybe it still makes sense?). I'm curio
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