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  1. I still don't understand the whole thought process for Sovengard. They're in a very vibrant area (maybe they don't own the building/are being forced out), yet want to build a new building in an area that is not vibrant, very odd footprint, and the neighborhood doesn't want them. Seems weird to me. I love Sovengard where it is (the outdoor area is fantastic). Seems like a lot of hassle instead of potentially doubling down on the location they are already at (or staying near the action even if they need to move). Joe
  2. You tease. Can't wait to see what they have planned!
  3. It's definitely ambitious. Plainfield is so bizarre to me. It's a very highly traveled road, yet businesses come and go all the time and there's a very high vacancy rate among commercial buildings. I think the shallow lots are part of the problem (only allowing for small, outdated strip malls). The sea of parking at Lowe's ("North Kent Mall") and Big Lots/Harbor Freight seem like prime spots for development. I hope they're able to come up with and execute a cohesive plan. It has way too much potential to be as under utilized as it is now. Joe
  4. At some point, someone on UP had suggested moving one of the houses along Lafayette (?) to make a larger lot and more infill. I always liked that plan and thought it made a lot of sense. I'm just glad St. Mary's didn't buy this lot for more parking... Joe
  5. I'm afraid if it's anything like the tunnels near the river, it'll be dank, ominous and reek of urine. We were at the river a few weeks back and it was amusing to watch people taking prom pictures; people commenting on the smell of urine in the tunnel, and then trying to hold their breath while looking fancy. Joe
  6. There was an article back in 2021. I think it’s a dispensary and growing operation. Can’t remember if the two are in separate buildings, or all in one. If you google the address and look for news articles, there’s a few articles floating around.
  7. When in doubt about new development, assume it's a related to weed... It's weed. Joe
  8. They must still be working on the concept. The renderings of the hotel are quite detailed (and looks really nice). Here’s the one rendering I could find inside the aquadome:
  9. Agreed. Lines to bars restaurants > ghost town vibes.
  10. Follow up to the kum and go story: https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/05/proposal-to-demolish-grand-rapids-big-boy-build-gas-station-draws-opposition.html I think it’s funny that congestion, alcohol and “saving big boy” were the main objections and not the fact that it’s a poor use for a valuable piece of real estate that could help connect the west side to the rest of downtown. It is interesting that the planning commission “doesn’t have a position” until it reaches their desk. I’m sure it would receive strong opposition from the PC, but surprised they don’t have a public position on that part of town being developed properly. Joe
  11. I bet they’ll release more details at the groundbreaking today. I’m excited to see the renderings as well. Joe
  12. I bet most visitors are from the surrounding area. I think the approach is pretty smart. Upscale hotel with 3 swimming pools (including cabanas and DJs) would make for a pretty enticing “staycation”. One of the pools will be a family pool, but I think they went the right way focusing on adults instead of building a great wolf lodge type attraction. The rendering is really nice too. We’ll played, Gun Lake!
  13. Looking at the plans, the Starbucks won't have a drive-thru (kind of surprising), but the other location is a bit of a parking nightmare. Also looks like it'll have mobile pickup order parking spots, etc. It also looks like the building would have a retail space between Starbucks and the med center. Joe
  14. There’s details in the planning commission packet. I would post, but the file is being a bit wonky on my phone. It’s a 4 story, 119 room Home 2 hotel. If someone hasn’t posted them by tomorrow, I’ll grab screenshots. There’s also new renderings of the new Sovengard building in the packet. Joe
  15. You have to imagine during normal times, they have a lot of business travelers, consultants etc that call on Amway. I bet it’ll be a busy hotel. Joe
  16. Thought it was interesting that CWD sold this property to a Chicago company. Wonder if they’ll put some money into reconfiguring the old UICA space. It was an odd space, very specific to UICA. Would love to see them get this space active again (and it was never fully active even when UICA had the whole space. I remember during art prize seeing a lot of interesting but unionists spaces on the 3rd or 4th floor). https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/after-recent-acquisitions-chicago-property-management-firm-sees-lot-of-opportunities-in-grand-rapids
  17. That’s brilliant. activates the street, money for the church (and I’m sure it’s a very unique setting). Joe
  18. I don’t think they did. I liked some of his ideas though. speaking of taco joints, the sign is up at Barrio. It’s a very cool day of the dead inspired skull. I like it.
  19. I was in Ada yesterday and was surprised how quickly the hotel has gone vertical (once they fenced it off)
  20. Good opportunity for Grand Rapids to figure out what they want the future of that area to look like.
  21. Plus, anyone see the property value on Solver Lake these days?! They will be JUST fine. Joe
  22. I’m surprised GVSU didn’t acquire the property when it was first available. If we get a Kum & Go in a prime gateway to downtown, I don’t know what I’ll think about the long term strategy of the city. It sure seems like a massively wasted opportunity. The city should purchase it and bundle it with a portion of the DASH lot. I hope they’re thinking bigger than a gas station/convenience store. Joe
  23. Engineering, right of way acquisition, etc. definitely not the full cost but gives it a good head start.
  24. Student housing would be a great fit. Or a mix of student and market rate. My dream scenario would still be for the soccer stadium to go over there. I just hope the city is considering what it wants for that area, instead of whatever it can take. A bit of a master plan would be nice. Once it’s a gas station, there’s no turning back and I feel like a gas station further entrenches the divide between the east and west side of the expressway. Joe
  25. The Kum & Go is getting some pushback from the police department because of liquor sales. I hope the city commission pushes back more because that lot could be so much more ... https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/developer-pitches-razing-gr-big-boy-for-gas-station-store/
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