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  1. Park maintenance has unfortunately been a problem and not just in Richmond. Does the City perform park maintenance themselves or via contractors?
  2. It's the organic approach. Let the weeds grow.
  3. Shakman

    Shockoe Bottom

    I hope they don't continue the metal panels up the residential portion and replace the existing panels. It would be fine if this building were a continuous latrine.
  4. The article clearly states "The remaining 15 stories..." Ding ding! I say leave curtainwall in place but get rid of the white brick walls. Perhaps wrap it with metal panels and incorporate that into a crown. That way the crown looks like it extends down the building.
  5. So existing 17-story building being converted to 15-story mixed use. We losing height or height stays the same with less floors?
  6. I think I miss RVA is too excited with adrenaline to type.
  7. Post-tension slab. Should shoot up quickly unless a judge halts the project since the dirt its being build on is somehow historic.
  8. Yup the COMMODES won. Yup the COMMODES won.
  9. Be sure to include a box of Kleenex.
  10. Operation cost could be a factor. Airports charge airlines fees. Does ORF have lower airline fees than RIC?
  11. Too bad OSHA would not allowing me to be hoisted by a crane.
  12. About friggin time! Petersburg is that gem that keeps falling to the bottom of the pile. When it gets uncovered it falls back down to the bottom. Love for Petersburg be similar to what's been happening in Lynchburg.
  13. I'll go onsite with a garden shovel and help them start. Also borrow a port-o-pottie from another site. By the time they decide to start, excavation will be complete; one scoop at a time.
  14. Great report! As an aviation enthusiast, love the takeoff and landing!
  15. Wow! What a great transformation since I had to leave Richmond. When the weather starts to cool and be less humid, I want to spend the day walking around Manchester.
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