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  1. Those population numbers seem a bit inflated. I'll wait until official census is out.
  2. Being calm and having common sense is what we should focus on. It's better than worrying.
  3. Place this post in the Richmond Development thread and we can update it there when web cams come and go.
  4. Shakman

    Richmond Sports

    … and Reva and Kim as cheerleaders.
  5. Miss you. Can I give you a big kiss?
  6. May years ago I got a Ford Escort air born. My current vehicle prefers 4-way stops over speed bumps.
  7. At least the City's landscapers will not have to worry about maintaining the chia garage.
  8. Shhhh! Stop giving away my secrets!
  9. I'm one of those "preachers" however I promise not to give the save our schools excuse.
  10. If you look at Forest Hill Ave, there's a pull in parking (yuck) angled the wrong direction.
  11. Going to the north, there is not much significant snowfall coverage until extreme northern PA into Upstate NY.
  12. "Will there be a school in the casino?"
  13. Really? I though she was slow growth and low density.
  14. Hurray! Let's do another study.
  15. NIMBY's march into Richmond led by General Kim Gray.
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