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  1. Cool! I hope it's a 13-story parking garage with no facade. Then dedicate as a historical structure so it fits in with the neighborhood.
  2. Unless a number is being skipped for some witch-craft, superstitious reason, I'm also counting 7 floors. Perhaps the sub-level is being included.
  3. Interesting. I read Oracle's is moving their HQ to Austin, TX.
  4. If I moved back to Richmond, I would go back to the Museum District. I would still pick that neighborhood over the others.
  5. In the first pic, is the tower crane for the construction of City Hall?
  6. Forgot that a few weeks ago I did mention about relocating the aquarium on this plot of land. An aquarium could draw people to this under utilized area of town which can help spur future developments. Relating to my previous post, there will still be plenty of open space available.
  7. I think this property could have been both developed and still have ample amount of open space along the water. Some ground floor restaurants and residential above with views of the water would have been nice. Just my opinion.
  8. Looks nice. It's great there's interest for this property but it would have been better if the surrounding property(ies) could have been bought and have one larger development. Something this small here may hinder density of future developments that surround this property since there are those who may not want to live next to larger structure. Even the property owner may be against something larger adjacent to their property. I also like structures that have architectural emphasis on corners of the block. Either on the structure itself or a landscape feature.
  9. Two Liberty Place, the tower in the background, had a number of it's top floors converted to condos.
  10. Downtown Petersburg has so much potential for higher density and at the same time maintain its architectural charm. Sixteen years ago I gave a tour to some investors throughout Downtown however no one had interest.
  11. If James Monroe is to be replaced, I look forward to seeing multiple towers. At least one being taller than the existing structure. If nothing taller gets built, hopefully a developer can re-clad and convert James Monroe into mixed use which includes residential and perhaps a rooftop restaurant. The views from the upper floors would be spectacular. Definitely include a crown. Results of Hooked on Phonics still pending.
  12. They should relocate the aquarium /series of fish tanks from Maymont Park to a larger facility on this land.
  13. WOW! Thanks for sharing RVA. I didn't know the work at the Historical Society is this extensive. The last time I was there, it reminded of an attic filled with dusty artifacts. Looking forward to see the Great Hall.
  14. I thought the reduced commercial was from the smaller 9-story structure on the same block?
  15. Toronto-Pearson is handful of Canadian airports which are pre-cleared hence arriving passengers do not need to go through customers when arriving into the United States. Customs information is confirmed at the departing facility. There are other facilities around the world which are pre-cleared to the U.S. as well.
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