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  1. When Navy Hill is approved.
  2. Philly and their Wendy's sign. Richmond and their Phillip Morris sign. Love it!
  3. I'm sure there are rehabs for this addiction. It will be tough but just hang in there.
  4. eands - If we took the wish of 38 floors for the second and used the same average floor to floor height of the first tower: Take the entire building height of tower 1 and divide by the number its floors. Then take that number and multiply by 38 floors to get the wishful height of tower 2.
  5. If we use the same floor to floor ratio as the first tower, the second tower would be 785 ft tall.
  6. Great chart. Thanks for posting. It just takes one major snow storm to bring these totals above the norm.
  7. Expanded service can also mean equipment upgrades.
  8. My favorite is the opening of 600 Canal in 2019 and my anticipation of 2020 is Navy Hill.
  9. Once Navy Hill, gets started, we will go from corners to continuous blocks of construction.
  10. It looks like the Camera #1 has been moved to the Allied Health Building.
  11. This is a growing trend across the Country. Even in areas where there is plenty of wealth. Great opportunity for a tear down and redevelopment with mixed uses.
  12. Now we will need skyline pics with both Children's Hospital cranes.
  13. Turn the schools to private or home school your friggin kids. Problem solved.
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