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  1. As a major carrier of NHLS and not being quarantined, I have to disagree this was too big. This was just what this city needs. Richmond needs bold investments to keep us ahead and moving forward.
  2. Rewards of investments go way beyond than just collecting taxes. We all know that investments take risks. When you go to work you take a risk of not being killed to and from. The reward is you get payed for showing up and working that day. However if Richmond wants more, it needs take risk and to invest more attracting businesses. Businesses bring in much more tax revenue than residential property taxes hence why the City needs to be more business friendly. Again this will equate to much more funds for schools and infrastructure. The DC area is still bringing in businesses regardless of cost of living. In the last ten years, Northrop Grumman, Nestle (US Division), Hilton International, Bechtel to name a few have move their HQ's the the DMV. Even Amazon is bringing thousands of jobs to NOVA. Since this is going off-topic from this thread. I will not say anymore here.
  3. So if were socialist then we would all benefit ...S-L-O-W-L-Y but surely. But we are not. This so called "race" to "give away" is called an investment. Investments can yield much larger dividends. Those who look beyond the surface (i.e. *poo poo face* "oh the schools") and look at it for a long term perspective will see the benefits city investments in venues have done to neighborhoods throughout U.S. communities. Great example is Washington DC: Capital One Arena, DC Convention Center and Nationals Park have turned neighborhoods from dangerous dead zones to thriving neighborhoods. Return of these investments have paid off plus much more.
  4. Convention hotels should have direct foot access to the Convention Center. It's a integral part of the convention center. A great convention hotel helps bring in more conventions thus more tax dollars for our roads, schools and landscaping.
  5. This debacle has really soured my mood for Richmond.  My eagerness to visit has been shot down.  Every time I log-in, I have to make smart ass remark.

  6. The Council's @#$%* up has really soured my mood. As a former Richmond resident but still home in my heart, I am very sad and upset on the continual missed opportunities due to overly cautious and uneducated decision makers. Let's continue to enjoy Richmond being a "bedroom" community to Charlotte.
  7. Let's not forget about potential sales tax revenue lost from hockey games at the arena since there was an announcement of a team if this deal went through. Are there any clinical psychologist who will provide group discounts for those of us traumatized by this City Council debacle?
  8. The footprint of the tower will not be the whole block. Though I agree; an office and hotel tower.
  9. Now that's what I call a waste of money. After this post, I may get fired for destroying my company issued computer. I'll just send the invoice for the replacement to the Richmond City Council.
  10. Not sure if I want to read it. I may throw the work computer out the office window. It's a long way down.
  11. And hire consultants to audit our study.
  12. In order to my part, I better start donating my sperm to a Richmond sperm bank. Just be forewarned, Richmond may have an explosion in population of witty, smart ass kids.
  13. I like the height of the Opus development but don't like the design.
  14. I wanted to give a down vote but that option has been removed. Due to politically correct reasons?
  15. Trying to get an idea of the exact location of this surf park.
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