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  1. Who paid who? *shrug* There are many different types of organizations who have their parameters which equate to their rankings. Parameters used by this particular organization ranked Richmond 12. Though I agree. This should be used for Richmond's marketing purposes.
  2. Agree I Miss RVA. I have been thinking the same for the garage on 8th and Franklin.
  3. Don't forget Three James Center can support additional floors. Full build out will be double the current height. What I Miss RVA posted has incorrectly labeled Three James Center as One James Center.
  4. Excellent. Now design better buildings in Richmond.
  5. Interesting. Though the cooling tower on top of the Children's Pavilion is horrible. A glass wall covering the cooling tower and the elevator shaft would be nice.
  6. It's developments like this that crowd our schools, bring traffic, increase crime and will bring a new variant of COVID.
  7. Shakman

    Monroe Tower

    I actually like the drive on I-95 through that stretch of Richmond. Especially like the approach across the James from the south with the skyline in view. Monroe Tower is quite prominent on that approach.
  8. Shakman

    Monroe Tower

    It's a blessing that the backbone of the East Coast comes through Richmond. I say keep I-95 so people can see and stop in Richmond. We need all the exposure we can get. I see plates from states all along the I-95 corridor. We just need to get them to stop and visit.
  9. Would it help we typed in Egyptian Hieroglyphs?
  10. I hope they replace it with a better looking street light. Why does this city have so many street lights on wooden poles with the power cables running on top? This must be another one of those "unique" things about Richmond.
  11. ...but the Good Lord knows what's best. Although the hot air get let out of my head (thank God I'm already home from work), our skyline is growing.
  12. Too many posts to read so forgive me if these questions have already been asked. Is 26-floors counting sublevels? Will this complex have sublevel parking?
  13. Praying that developers take note of the 2,000 additional employees announced and equate that into taller residential towers.
  14. This is best news I have ever read for our lovely city. Hopefully the momentum continues. Can't wait to see those port-a-potties onsite!
  15. Good development just not to thrilled of the wall along the right.
  16. I'm going to say this model is 400ft to 415ft.
  17. As I said before, porta-potties are a good sign.
  18. Your father has the best view; from above.
  19. At least use a recent photo of the skyline. 15-years ago, it would not have mattered.
  20. When someone says "be the best you can be", I take that as complement. I see that person respecting my individuality as A person. This is how I interpret KJHburg's comment. Forumer is respecting Richmond as a city with its own character. Telling me to be or even compare myself to someone else is saying that I'm not good enough to be me; therefore be like this person instead. We RVA folks are doing that to ourselves when we get upset that Charlotte's blankey is warmer than ours. Envy's accomplishment is more envy. Instead, learning from the past is how we gather our strength towards a better future. As I have said before Richmond is Richmond and Charlotte is Charlotte. Why do we want to be like any other city? Let Richmond be unique, grow, prosper and be the best Richmond can be.
  21. Next time bring some Round-Up. Problem solved.
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