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  1. I use to live within that zone over 20 years ago.
  2. Didn't #1 happen due to a merge between VB and the surrounding county?
  3. When Bush 43 was President, he was in Richmond campaigning for the GOP candidate during the Gubernatorial Election. I wanted to see Air Force One takeoff, so after work I hurried to RIC before the motorcade arrived. I took up position in a field with a dirt road right next to the airport. I got a great view of Air Force One as it sat on the tarmac. The motorcade arrived, but no one exited any of the vehicles. I was wondering what was going on. Then saw flashing lights racing through the field towards me. I then realized I was about to have an "oh crap" moment and was greeted by the Secret Service and Henrico Police. After being searched, including my vehicle, got see Air Force One take off. However, Air Force One took off from a different runway then I had guessed.
  4. I usually hangout at WaWa's to plane spot.
  5. After watching that video, would we want to see RIC as a fortress hub? True the per annum passenger numbers could be very high, but lack of competition could keep prices elevated. Fortress hubs could also mean more international flights and foreign carriers, especially those in the same alliance. Interesting question to think about.
  6. Does CoStar own the grass area to the left?
  7. Did Delta fly the L-1011 out of RIC?
  8. It's only tragic if a port-a-potty gets struck. Other than that, keep digging!
  9. I hope VCU does NOT plaster more of that stupid pattern on these metal panels. Grrrr!
  10. Hilarious! I clicked on the link. It shows a Richmond address for this project but a map of Charlotte, NC! Anyone else see this?
  11. I love it that jobs are coming to Richmond, but I want to see more white-collar jobs coming the area.
  12. I would think reducing cost for tourist would boost the tourist industry rather than increasing cost.
  13. Oh HELLLLLLS no! These warehouses need to be raised and replaced with structures in an urban setting.
  14. Didn't know Robin Inn was gone. In 2000 I had the best pasta and meat sauce dish ever, which still holds today. The next time I'm in Richmond, I'll try this new hoagie establishment.
  15. I will be available on May 6th. Though can the time be later in the afternoon?
  16. Well if an insurance company is involved then who knows, right?
  17. If that were the case, Richmond would have a 900 ft tower and three 800 footers!
  18. May I join your elite club? (Dec. 1974)
  19. I take claim to the toilet seat if I ever win this prestiges award.
  20. Looks like a college kid's weekend.
  21. Sorry to burst your bubble but today is not Friday; its Friday Eve. Great find nonetheless.
  22. Oh wow! Me like very much. Both the lighting scheme and the facade. Richmond needs more standout buildings such as this.
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