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  1. And don't forget, ParkAve is absolutely gorgeous.
  2. I voted for Cooper for this reason. Our tax dollars should stay in our own communities and not used for downtown projects.
  3. Enjoy... Google and YouTube will work for me. I'm not going on Broadway. Besides, I've been to the African American muesums in D.C., Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, Savannah, etc. So, I don't think I'll be missing out. Unfortunately, most of my friends, family, and acquaintances feel the same way.
  4. I'm really disappointed the city would elect to put the African American muesum in this particular development. In the most segregated part of the city. Really!!! Most African Americans don't even go downtown on Broadway. It's too bad that I'll never get to see it because of its location. Perhaps the decision to put it here was purposefully intended for us not to see it. I guess Google will have to do on this muesum, because I won't be going down there.
  5. LOVE this idea. I agree 1 billion percent.
  6. I LOVE the Temptations. One of my favorite music groups.
  7. I think there should be a weight maximum set on scooters. If you are over 150lbs, then you need to be walking anyway to lose weight. #[email protected]$$es
  8. I don't like these new buildings. Thy could have added windows or something. Ugh!!!!
  9. This is why cities in the United States have gotten so boring to me. These same tired chain restaurants popping up everywhere. #GiveMeParisRomeSydney&HongKong
  10. I've been wanting to hike a trail around Radnor Lake, but afraid I'll be attacked and mauled by a grizzly bear.
  11. I read an article that said 500 million attended the NFL draft in Nashville over the weekend.
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