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  1. OMG!!! Why did they remove the spires from the AT&T building? Looks terrible now.
  2. I heard there will be shopping in here. Do we know if it's going to be a Bergdorf Goodman and Hermès?
  3. I'm trying to understand how any of these developments have improved my quality of life. If anything, my taxes are higher, crime is horrible, traffic is horrible, etc. Maybe I'm missing something. Am I being left out of the benefits?
  4. Awesome!!!! Sad I'll never see this museum because of it's location, but that's great news.
  5. So all the crime is cool with you? That's why I left New York. Big city living is terrible. You never feel safe and that's how it's starting to feel here in Nashville.
  6. Ugh!!! I wish they would stop building so people will stop moving here. Hate it here now with all these people.
  7. I definitely get it. As someone who spent six years in school to get my degree in Architecture, I'm quite aware of what 2nd Ave is. The problem I have is using tax dollars to rebuild it. The owners of those structures should rebuild especially during a time where our property taxes are up, the city is already broke, and we're in a global pandemic. I'm sorry a lunatic destroyed 2nd Ave, but our tax dollars have higher priorities. Maybe if the city invested in mental healthcare centers for the community instead of focusing on the well-being of tourists, then maybe we wouldn't be having this d
  8. I could care less about Nashville's brand. I'm trying to put my money into my retirement, not 2nd Ave, the Gulch, etc. Those areas are not even for a certain demographic in the city, but that seems to be where our tax dollars are focused. Shameful!!!
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