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  1. Ugh!!! I'm so hoping the increase in interest rates would hault new developments for the next 10 to 15 years. Give the city time to catch the infrastructure up with all the growth. This city is a complete disaster.
  2. I HATE football, but please tell me this new stadium football thingy is going to be built over that junk yard eye sore.
  3. Century Farms need restaurants where the chefs graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, instead of cooks in high school.
  4. Interesting... so this is where our tax dollars are going while my car is being spreaded by potholes and trash piled up on every street looking like a 3rd world country. Alright Ms Nashville. I see you.
  5. But I left New York to get away from people.
  6. I'll never understand why anybody would want more people around. That only means more crime, higher prices, and a lower standard of living. You'll see. One day you'll be saying to yourself, that beautiful intelligence sofisticated classy and extremely sexy FromParkAve was right.
  7. I was at Proof Saturday night. Great drinks and great food. I looked spectacular in there. My outfit was poppin, my mug was snatched, shoes and walk fit for a Paris runway, and my accessories were stamped.
  8. Nice plan. Hope none of our tax dollars are used for this. I've been asking for a traffic light close to my neighborhood for almost two years and absolutely no response from my representative or Pubics Works. I guess I need to move downtown to reap so of the benefits of paying taxes.
  9. OMG!!! I HATE the windows. Gives my OCD the heebee jeebees. I want to run into the building and fix it. Ugh!!!!
  10. OMG!!! Why did they remove the spires from the AT&T building? Looks terrible now.
  11. I heard there will be shopping in here. Do we know if it's going to be a Bergdorf Goodman and Hermès?
  12. I'm trying to understand how any of these developments have improved my quality of life. If anything, my taxes are higher, crime is horrible, traffic is horrible, etc. Maybe I'm missing something. Am I being left out of the benefits?
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