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  1. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    Its just not Tallahassee where cut backs are being felt, but it is worldwide. The airlines still haven't figured how to make a profit with high oil prices and a weak economic environment. All major carriers worldwide will be cutting capacity by sixty million seats by Christmas. The USA has the biggest piece with over 20 million seats cut back. The article is here: Actually these are some very troubled times for the airlines as we move from an oil based transportation economy to alternative fuels of the future.
  2. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    blue, that is awesome info. Do you know what the top ten destinations are out of TLH???
  3. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    This is actually great news for Miami and Tallahassee. This could assure us that we will survive the next round of cuts from American. It is also good that demand from Miami is driving this. Hopefully, American will step in and get us our Western route through Dallas/Fort Worth once Northwest and Continental cease their flights to Memphis and Houston.
  4. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    The reason HSR is as extensive as it is in Europe and Japan is because these areas are densely populated like our Northeast. I will say I'm surprised we have hardly any HSR in place. IMHO, HSR should be on the agenda for the new American infrastructure improvements. All the presidential candidates are talking about the need to improve infrastructure but they often fail to mention the need to develop economical rail travel as a viable alternative to air travel. A case could be made that HSR is also less polluting and it helps the environment.
  5. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    I believe once the reorganization is complete we will gain additional flights to ATL and possibly more flights to Houston on Continental for westward travelers. If the proposed United/Continental merger goes through we could be in great shape to pick up a direct flight to Chicago. What we really need is a "Manhattan Project" for rail travel. It is incredible that the Japanese and Europeans continue to lead the way in passenger rail travel. With airline consolidation, we are looking at higher prices for the bigger markets and a loss of air travel for small to medium markets. If you want to fly you will have to travel to nearest large metro. That's not good. The American people need choices. 21st century rail travel is what is needed IMHO. What do you all think????
  6. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    Montgomery Regional Airport taking steps to Market their airport and boost usage.
  7. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    I agree with poonther, I would add that an independent board be charged with recruiting cargo and freight or transportation related businesses to help make it an international jetport gateway. I believe a business case can be made for developing Tallahassee as Florida's number one transportation hub. We are Florida's closest gateway to all of Mid and Eastern America. No other Florida city can boast of our unique location in combination of railway and air and trucking potentials.
  8. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    Currently our Airport leaders are running a "glorious" ad campaign about who needs to be on the Aviation Hall of Fame. What waste of money!!!! That same ad campaign money could have been used to spur interest in filling up seats to capacity or just raising awareness on the convenience of fights out of Tallahassee or informing the flying public which flights save you the most money like they do at other regional airports that don't have a discount carrier. Nevertheless, We welcome AA back to Tallahassee. Hopefully, this will be a permanent marriage and will cause costs to be lowered on flights to and from South Fla.
  9. SkyDave


    I believe in the heading of the report it states it is representing only 77.9% of the Trade Area. I do not know what the reasoning is for only concentrating on this portion. The Area demographics maybe only for the population within 30 miles of the malls.
  10. SkyDave


    I don't think we've been sluggish. Personally, I try to check (peek) in twice a day from work. I lurk during the day and if I post something it is usually at night at home. Fall, winter and spring are the busiest times of the year for me. I think you are doing a fantastic job keeping things going. BTW, our forum is SUPER busy compared to some of the other Florida forums and other UP forums.
  11. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    I BELIEVE THIS MAY BE WHAT WE ARE LOOKING AT: Project Name: Classic Motor Storage General Type: Commercial Total Acres: 2.21 Lots/Units: Type: Lots/Units: Type: SF: 25,000 Type: Warehouse SF: Type: Status: Approved Location/Address: West side of Aviation Ave., approx. 700 feet north of Capital Circle SW Jurisdiction: City Review: Type A Additional IDs: Comments: Site Plan (TSP070031) signed 07/09/2007, environmental and building permit under review; Climate controlled automobile storage facility.
  12. SkyDave

    Tallahassee Regional Airport

    I wonder if this is a spec building designed to spur activity at the Park????????
  13. SkyDave

    Welcome to UrbanPlanet Tallahassee

    Awwwwwwwww....Man! We sure will miss your valued input. You are moving just in time to return to THE SNOW BELT! Time to break out all the cold weather gear and the all weather boots. I used to live in Rome, NY. We had winter from October to Late April nothing but SNOW, SNOW, SNOW. Since being in Florida I haven't looked backed. Anyway, Congratulations and keep on making the big bucks!!!!
  14. SkyDave

    ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    Okay who won??????????? The gator or the turtles???????????????
  15. SkyDave


    I was able to review the website also. They do pretty impressive work!!!