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  1. SkyDave


    I believe in the heading of the report it states it is representing only 77.9% of the Trade Area. I do not know what the reasoning is for only concentrating on this portion. The Area demographics maybe only for the population within 30 miles of the malls.
  2. I don't think we've been sluggish. Personally, I try to check (peek) in twice a day from work. I lurk during the day and if I post something it is usually at night at home. Fall, winter and spring are the busiest times of the year for me. I think you are doing a fantastic job keeping things going. BTW, our forum is SUPER busy compared to some of the other Florida forums and other UP forums.
  3. Awwwwwwwww....Man! We sure will miss your valued input. You are moving just in time to return to THE SNOW BELT! Time to break out all the cold weather gear and the all weather boots. I used to live in Rome, NY. We had winter from October to Late April nothing but SNOW, SNOW, SNOW. Since being in Florida I haven't looked backed. Anyway, Congratulations and keep on making the big bucks!!!!
  4. Okay who won??????????? The gator or the turtles???????????????
  5. SkyDave


    I was able to review the website also. www.feldmanmall.com They do pretty impressive work!!!
  6. SkyDave


    sdarby, Thanks for the prompt responses! What types of infrastructure improvements are you all asking for in the North Monroe Street corridor? With all the road construction going on at 1-10 and North Monroe Street, is Feldman Properties looking at trying to improve access to the interstate? In many communities the malls have direct access to nearby interstate traffic for obvious reasons. What specifically needs to be done to the Tallahassee Mall property to bring it up to date with the rest of your other properties? Lastly, do you have any preliminary renderings of what you want to do in Tallahassee or are there any developments in other communities similar to what you want to do in Tallahassee? (remember the old adage "one picture is worth a thousand words")
  7. SkyDave


    WOW!!! Great News, TJ I wonder if they will go with the popular outdoor town center look like Fallschase and Pinnacle at Cross Creek? I can't wait to see the renderings.
  8. SkyDave


    Tallahassee Metro population is radically different from its Retail Trade Area which includes most of South Georgia and and five other North Florida counties not included in Tallahassee's official metro. The retail trade area is in excess of +500,000. That number is what relocation experts look at when making decisions to relocate, expand, or close locations in our DMA --- Designated Market Area. (term used by Ad agencies and those involved in retail and service industries). 2006 Statistical Digest 3.2 Tallahassee Trade Area According to retail sales data from Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Leon County accounted for 63.2% of retail sales within the Tallahassee trade in the 2004 Survey, up from 62.8% in 2004. Per capita retail sales in Leon County are high since a large percentage of the population in neighboring counties travel to Leon County for shopping opportunities. Figure 3-3 Tallahassee Trade Area-50 mile radius (2005) Retail Sales Per Capita County Major City Population (Millions) Retail Sales Calhoun/Blountstown 13,300 $94.3 Franklin/Apalachicola 10,400 $134.4 Gadsden/Quincy 45,900 $275.8 Jefferson/Monticello 14,100 $81.6 Leon/Tallahassee 253,600 $3,680.4 Liberty/Bristol 7,400 $13.2 Madison/Madison 19,000 $110.5 Taylor/Perry 20,400 $139.5 Wakulla/Crawfordville 26,700 $110.6 Total Florida Counties 410,800 $4,640.3 Brooks/Quitman 16,200 $54.1 Decatur/Bainbridge 28,400 $332.1 Grady/Cairo 24,500 $193.0 Thomas/Thomasville 44,300 $603.3 Total Georgia Counties 113,400 $1,182.5 Total Trade Area 524,200 $5,822.8 Trade Area Exc. Leon County 270,600 $2,142.4 Source: Sales and Marketing Management, 2005 Survey of Buying Power, September 2005 Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department
  9. Congratulations TJ, on your new CONDO and your job promotion. I look forward to hearing more about the updates coming up. Keep up the great WORK!!!!
  10. TJ, We all miss you!!! I look forward to hearing from you.
  11. TJ, What about an updated skyline shot from Apalachee Pkwy. I believe that is Tallahassee's most impressive side and offers more density. Maybe you can get on top of the Flordia Bar Building and get a clear view???(hint, hint.)
  12. Awesome News!!!! Tallahassee makes top 50 hottest cities list for business expansion. This listing is by Business Relocation Magazine "Expansion Management". Another step in the right direction for Tallahassee!!! http://www.expansionmanagement.com/smo/Doc...20Cities(2).pdf Article : http://www.expansionmanagement.com/smo/new...=18375&st=3
  13. Here are some pics I took of Downtown during Lunch Time! I am a novice photographer and I am still breaking in my digital camera. Hopefully I will get better at this! Anyway,
  14. I don't know if any of you folks subscribe to Tallahassee Magazine, but they have an awesome pic of the Tallahassee Skyline at Night taken from a police helicopter. It is very impressive. Here the link: http://www.tallahasseemagazine.com/ This is a great magazine. It shows Tallahassee from the perspective of us residents.
  15. Congratulations on graduating!!! And NOW the real life starts!!!!!
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