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  1. Cool, you're from Larvik! Yes, there isn't much going on in Larvik, and what they have, have not amazed me yet! T
  2. Levanger Fjordhotell Levanger - Nord Tr
  3. MAD Tower, tallest in Norway Imagine a 36 story/ 120m - 130m tall building next to Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel and Posthuset. MAD (Moderne Arkitektur og Design AS) Architects has just recently proposed to built this building, and it will become the tallest building in Oslo and Norway. It will contain offices, residentials, retail and public areas as a small green park on the roof of the tower. The project is still in a early stage development, and there is no detaild information about the project yet.
  4. Tall, tallest in Haugesund! Haugesund - Rogaland A new high-rise has been proposed in Haugesund. The high-rise will become the tallest in the city, and one of the most unique in Norway! The architect firm Brekke Helgeland Brekke AS has design this 60m/ 20 story tall residential, retail and office building (maybe hotel) which will be situated in downtown Haugesund. Many investors is interested in this project which has recived much positive replies from politics. They say this is a very impressive and exiting proposal. The developers say this tower will be finish in three years if the city council approve the building. By my surprise many of the local inhabitants also agree to built this building. Its a very impressive and spectacular idea which will put Haugesund on the map.
  5. Euroterminalen Kristiansand - Vest Agder The idea of this project was born in the early 90s. The project was near dead for several years before the regulation plann was finally completed in 2001. The city council approved the regulation plan in november that year. Euroterminalen is one of Kristiansands largest development project, and contains a new large terminal for cruice ships and trains, a shopping centre, offices, a 25 story tall hotel and residentials. After the approval the 25 story tall (89m) hotel went through massive opposition. Not much has happend since, but construction start is planned for 2006/2007 with completion 2012/2013, so there will probably be more news from this project soon. Planns giant hotel in Trondheim Trondheim - S
  6. The completion of many of the buildings is closing completion, at least outside. Ill take some pics from the project and present the entire project, first out on SSC (skyscrapercity) though.
  7. 20 floor hotel proposed at Fornebu Oslo - Norway The developers at Fornebu, IT Fornebu Eiendom, has proposed a 20 floor tall hotel next to the old terminal building. And the authorities in the municipality of B
  8. Grefsen Stasjonsby Grefsen - Oslo Status: Approved Construction: 2006 - (2010) Homepage: http://www.stasjonsbyen.no/ Architect: Hille Melbye Arkitekter AS 85 000sqm with 900 apartments and some office is about to start construction. Grefsen Stasjonsby was first approved in 2001, and construction start is expected to take place in the first months of 2006. The first apartments will be out for salesment in january 2006. The project, one of Oslo's largest nowdays contains three 12 story high-rise buildings pluss a unknown number of lower buildings below 10 floors.
  9. Kiss the Frog is a spectacular museum! Shame its only going to stand there this summer. To the autumn they will tore it down again. This plot has long been planned to be rebuilt, but it has never happend, because it has never been any agreement on what to built.
  10. Kristiansand Cultural Center Kristiansand - Vest Agder One of the most attractive and requested architectural competitions this year was the new Kristiansand Cultural Center. 93 proposals from architects around the world was presented. After months of jury work they pronounced the winner in February 2005. The Finnish architect firm ALA Architects won with their proposal, TUTU. TUTU have a cost of 1.1 billion NO. Kroner and is expected to be completed in 2010. If you wish to view all the 93 proposals, please visit this thread. (link to my thread in Skyscrapercity)
  11. Start Stadion Kristiansand - Vest Agder This autumn the construction of the new Start stadion will start. The stadium containing 10 200 seats will be situated in Marvika, a old military area in the eastern part of Kristiansand. Signatur Arkitekter, behind Viking Stadion and Forus Park has made the proposal which was approved in the end of may. The stadium which also caused some opposition in Kristiansand is expected to be completed in april 2007.
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