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  1. Rhode Island Named world-class destination http://www.boston.com/travel/blog/2009/01/...med_worldc.html
  2. Right, so the answer is to keep delaying so people will never be forced to be ready... Is TV a necessity or a luxury? I'm confused... On a side note, Ireland is becoming the first developed country to ban incandescent lightbulbs. The US is following suit - by 2014 (when the rest of the world will probably be 100% LED) we will have 30% efficient incandescent lightbulbs. Go America!
  3. I have a question about Exise Taxes. (Not sure if this is the correct forum, so I apologize if it is). Here's the rundown of what's happened to us: - We received no exise tax bills for 2006 and 2007. - In March of 2008, we received a bill with a late fee for the 2007 year. - I called and left messages at the collection office multiple times. No reply. - We paid the taxes for all of 2007, minus the late fee with a letter explaining that we never recieved a prior bill. - In August of 2008, we received a bill for 2008 Q1 taxes with an amount past due for 2007. - In August of 2008, we received a bill from a collection agency for 2006 taxes. I am beside myself about this and want to get a lawyer, and send a letter to the mayor and governor expressing my outrage and how this makes me want to move out of the state. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Any advice? Am I handcuffed? I would really appreciate any input from the group here.
  4. No one really cared when I asked about this spot in the first place but I'm going to post anyway. 747 N. Main St. is going to be... wait for it... "Rhode Island Court" A court filing center or something.. Very boring. Better than a McDonalds I guess...
  5. Any idea if the same goes for the metered spots on Francis across from the train station? I only see a car here and there that has paid on the weekends. I was theorizing that the city doesn't want to deter people from coming downtown on the weekends, so they don't bother ticketing.
  6. Well I guess no one knows about 747 N. Main St. but how about this one: The building being worked on in Wayland Sq. next to CVS on Medway St - A brick 3-4 story building with interior work being done on it now. Anyone know what this is?
  7. Anyone have information on what's going on at the empty storefront on N. Main St. I don't know the exact address (maybe 750) but going north it's after Miko's and N.M.S Market. Looks like two spaces in one small building. Too small for a Trader Joes... but maybe something good?
  8. Yes, this is the best time of the year in New England. No air conditioning or heating needed! Welcome and enjoy Providence.
  9. I've only been reading these forums for a few months now but DevBanker is the first negative person I've come across. Even though they have valid points, it's the way they are posting. It's tough not to reply but I think it's time to ignore them.
  10. Seriously, there's a more intelligent way to "inform" people about the other neighborhoods of Providence.
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