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    Not sure if anyone here is on myspace or not, but here is Tallahassee's page. Tallahassee
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    Does King Love's brother drive it?
  3. BHCav


    ^I don't know but I want to slash his tires and slap his boyfriend.
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    Soooooo.........are we pushing for a coffee shop or what?
  5. Dale Mabry Airfield 1937 1949 1960 1973 (12 years after abandonment) 1999 This plaque is wrong, as the airfield opened in 1929 not 1940. Originally 530 acres, the airfield grew to 1,720 acres & 133 buildings during the course of the war. Training activity peaked in mid-1944 with base complement averaging 1,300 officers, 3,000 enlisted men & women, and 800 civilian employees. More than 8,000 pilots trained at Dale Mabry during WW2, and, tragically, more than a dozen pilots died in training accidents. A branch Prisoner of War compound at Mabry held 150 POWs who worked on the base. 1936 map: One of numerous Tallahassee abandoned airfields.
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