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  1. All those changes would cost a LOT more than $462 million. I guess I fail to see the big problem with the current locations for the proposed bridge. It looks to be a large suspension type bridge that will have only a few bridge pylons in the ship yard areas. I personally think they are just whining. I'm sure there will be some loss of money and inconvenience, but a couple of bridge pylons isn't going to cause a 50% ($250M) decrease in shipyard revenues.
  2. I agree with the "usage tax", but only if it's country wide..... not just one bridge in L.A. I think the interstate system is one of the best ideas the US has ever stolen, but it has had a lot of unwanted side effects...... like the nationwide sprawl trend. The sprawl is leading to defacto segregation (inner city schools mostly minorities and the schools in the sprawl and county mostly white) which has it's own set of problems.
  3. I oppose it being a toll bridge. I agree there needs to be more money spent on surface streets in the city, but this is part of the interstate system.... it doesn't need a toll.
  4. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but I think billions of dollars in residential, retail, entertainment, and tourism is worth discussion on a development forum. Many of the newer developements are residence condos. There are a lot of people retiring and relocating to the Gulf Coast. Some people are buying vacation condos or investment condos but that area is growing fast population wise as well. Baldwin county is only behind Shelby county in terms of growth over the last 15 years. Growth on the coast means more jobs. More jobs means population growth. There are around 10K jobs available now and speculation of close the 30K within 5 years. About a Cat 3-5 hurricane..... I think Ivan fell into that category and you'd be hard pressed finding evidence that it made landfall in Gulf Shores now. Ivan destroyed a lot of cheaply built developments but the big condos were fine. Also, the vast majority of the new development isn't on the gulf side, it's on the back bays and the intercoastal waterway.
  5. I'm surprised that there aren't more topics on Orange Beach and Gulf Shores developement. That is by far the biggest developement area in the state with 50-100 big projects going on right now. I grew up in that area and I'm really interested in what's going on down that way..... If you know of any projects that I didn't list, post them in this thread. Thanks. Orange Beach Retail, condo, entertainment complex http://www.thewharfal.com/ Retail, condo, entertainment complex http://www.riverwalkorangebeach.com/ 2 - 34 story towers http://www.verandasresort.com/ 2- 370 foot towers http://www.turquoiseplace.com/ 25 story Bella Rio http://www.2dimes.com/client_area/bellario...larioFrontB.jpg 2 - 26 story towers The Marqueza http://www.2dimes.com/gallery/images/zclie...a1-v07-0006.jpg Bel Air towers http://www.gulf-shores-alabama.net/condo-s...ower-condos.htm Portage Crossing 5 towers http://www.buy-the-beach.com/pre_construct...ge_Crossing.htm Others without a link Palmetto Condominiums at Adventure Island - 26 story tower Caribe East and Caribe West - both 22 story towers Romar Towers - 20 stories Coral Reef II Condominiums - 30 story tower Spire Condominiums - 22 story tower Pinnacle Tides Condominiums - 24 story tower Caymus Resort Condominiums - 26 story tower Saphire Beach Condominiums - 26 story tower Royal Romar Dunes - 26 story tower Gulf Shores Bon Secour Village http://www.bonsecourvillage.com/Home.aspx
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