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  1. yes, it was meant to be sarcasm...with the exception of that last sentence. I think this might be a good idea for areas where they have no farmland. But I can't stand all the sprawl moving into the country and then complaining about the smell of the cows, or needing to build every convenience right away. Just like I never understood the need to own an Hummer or an H2 when living in the city.

    Some of the designs did look pretty cool though.

  2. Aackk! I checked out the slideshow, and well, that is just waaaaayyyy too Sci-Fi/Matrixy for me. The plus side is that finally we can get rid of those yucky farms that are really smelly near my McMansion, and instead put in brand new Condos and maybe even a corner shopping center with a Whole Foods store.

    Although this might be a great idea for highly over-populated areas. :good:

  3. My three big priorities in these types of homes are:

    1. Beautiful library, lots of dark wood and room for my ever expanding collection.

    2. Just as beautiful landscaping (or the opportunity for me to go and create such item).

    3. A room big enough to hold a regulation size pocket billards table.

    Thats it. If those three don't exist, I'm not interested in buying. :D

  4. Yeah, there are a few of those scattered throughout EGR, especially down Plymouth and Robinson, built by the Waters, Foote's, Blodgetts, etc....

    I've always liked that one Torgo. Again, theres a simple elegance to it, although I'd prefer better landscaping. Still, it has a dignity to it, compared to the extravagence one finds out in Forest Hills.

    Of course we don't have any Biltmore's around here (at a modest 175,000 sq. ft.), but another favorite of mine is Holmdene, which once was a private estate, now at Aquinas. And I think the original Dudley Waters Estate (over on College) was rather eye catching as well back in the day, before all those apartments and buildings were built upon the land.

    Ahhh, to walk back in time.... :D

  5. No, I know which one you're talking about by the gravel pit lake near Burton and Kraft. I don't know who owns that mansion, but it's pretty large.

    The Tassell estate is on Burton where it becomes a dirt road East of Cascade Rd. Tassell used to own that horse ranch right across 32nd Street from the main Lescoa Plant (near 32nd and Schafer). Lescoa is called Meridian Automotive now. You know the large horse ranch with the 12' cyclone fence around it. :huh:

    I know right where you're talking, but I've never been down that dirt road portion. I'll have to check it out. If I recall correctly, I think it was the younger DeVos who owned the shack that I'm recalling. Either way, its big, but I can't say its the most wonderful landscaping...at least from my vantage. It's kinda just there in the open. His brother made a better choice I think. :thumbsup:

  6. I think one of the Gantos family members built this one. For those of you who don't know Gantos was a huge woman's clothing retailer based here in GR. At one point they were one of the fastest growing woman's retail clothing operations in the US. Had over a thousand stores across the country. They basically went bankrupt. Simths Aerospace took over their headquarters/distribution on Patterson.

    Yeah, the Gantos estate has been on the block for a few years now. Although big, I never like the look of it...its not symmetrical like Brookby. I know the people who sold the property to them, they actually owned all of that land for years before many of those homes were built.

    Brookby, the Blodgett Estate, is 11,000 sq. ft. on 8.5 acres in EGR, with a lovely view of Fisk Lake. Although it was the grandest estate in its day (I think it still is up there) there are bigger ones out in the Forest Hills area. Personally, I don't think bigger is roughly better in many cases.

    Has anyone ever seen the monster that sits between Cascade Rd and Burton St? You can view it from Burton as you are heading West, right before it hits Kraft. It sits next to the old Fryling property where that infamous murder occurred. It has an orange roof. That looks like a hotel from the distance.

    Now that I double check, this might be the same home GRDad was talking about...Tassell?

  7. I do love seeing our blue bridge lit up at night, especially when flying down I-196. And it is a good idea to have "trendy" stores on the river, or something where people can head towards the river area and be entertained (like all the new proposals I suppose).

    In reflection, I had a good time a few weeks ago just sitting on the grass in front of the Ford, down near the river. There were 3 of us, and we were all shocked that, apart from the carriage rides, we were the only one's down there, just sitting there, at about 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon, just relaxing. Now Festival was going on, but we thought that more people would have been there b/c of that. It was rather surprising how many people won't leave their air-conditioning anymore to travel outside.

    Plus side - we saw quite a few families checking out the statues, so that was cool. :thumbsup:

  8. I concur that I don't think it's that bad. It could use some cleaning, and it is very frustrating to see some of the boardwalks always closed off (at least when I head down there), and yet GRDad hit it on the head early on when he mentioned how high this river rises at times. I live in Grandville right now, and have quite often seen, not only the natural banks, but good old Butterworth Road covered up as well. And how often have we been downtown in the spring, only to see our beloved Boardwalk underwater? It can be tough to place parks right near the river (Riverside Park) knowing they will be flooded each spring.

    I personally would like to see more living/condos on the river, and less industry or vacant lots (Front). It is a shame that once we hit near Market or Wealthy, any visibililty to the river comes via a Cessna, until we hit our wonderful wastewater treatment plant.

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