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  1. The name Meijer has been mentioned.
  2. I'm sure they are. But wouldn't before & after tours of The Winchester on Wealthy be great??
  3. Currently offices of Project Rehab's parent corporation. Built as a single family home, it was a private school for a while I think in the 20s & 30s, then a Funeral Home for a very long time. Triple G has an old press ad/photo from the school days, before the central tower was removed. Now protected by the Fairmount Square Historic District.
  4. Oh, just guessing. Up, up, and away? Maybe it is Davenport - more likely.
  5. Seems to me there's a sixties era two story apartment building on the south side of Fulton, across from Davenport, with new Condo's For Sale signs. It's set back from Fulton so an addition would be possible.
  6. McKay Tower without the tower; now that's history!
  7. Architect's website, in Post 116. Pretty pictures.
  8. Blank walls usually say: parking behind here.
  9. Menu is short, classic American; ribeyes, pork tenderloin, shrimp, pasta, etc.. I had a stunning scallop appetizer. Appetizers are $6 or $7, entrees about $16 to $20. Breads by Nantucket. They are open for lunch with an even shorter menu....check it out.....
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