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  1. The name Meijer has been mentioned.
  2. Different buildings: photographer at 920; womens consignment boutique and condos at 623/626. Contractor is looking towards fall completion for the four condos and storefronts at 632/636 (corner of James; west of The Winchester).
  3. Good news for Wealthy Street: "Todd Ponstein is planning a Groundbreaking Ceremony for 632-636 Wealthy SE on July 9 at 11:30 a.m." Past home of John Seven's Paint, Ainslie Upholstery, and the Cherry Hill Antique Mall,among others, this four storefront double building has been vacant for too long. Come by and encourage Mr. Ponstein as he begins renovations. As we understand it, there will be four retail spaces and four apartments, a welcome addition to a rapidly progressing Wealthy Street. (Cherry Hill Historic District & Renaissance Zone).
  4. It's in the Cherry Hill Historic District; same historic quidelines, which do not include paint color choices. Some change is slow in coming but worth the wait. How many of you remember when the Wealthy Bakery Building facade was cement blocks instead of glass, and The Art of the Table building was a boarded and barred ghetto liquor store? It was just a few years ago. Maybe the current owners will accept the next purchase offer......they've rejected numerous overtures in the past. Some one just needs to sing them the right song.
  5. I'm sure they are. But wouldn't before & after tours of The Winchester on Wealthy be great??
  6. Currently offices of Project Rehab's parent corporation. Built as a single family home, it was a private school for a while I think in the 20s & 30s, then a Funeral Home for a very long time. Triple G has an old press ad/photo from the school days, before the central tower was removed. Now protected by the Fairmount Square Historic District.
  7. Oh, just guessing. Up, up, and away? Maybe it is Davenport - more likely.
  8. Seems to me there's a sixties era two story apartment building on the south side of Fulton, across from Davenport, with new Condo's For Sale signs. It's set back from Fulton so an addition would be possible.
  9. The People's Republic of Cherry Hill (Autonomous Historic District) welcomes with great pleasure From the Heart Yoga and it's owners. May they enjoy great success, growth, and harmony in our community. A fond farewell to Acanthus Antiques. As Vera Lyn would say: We'll meet again Don't know where, don't know when But I know we'll meet again Some sunny day.
  10. He's open today - maybe you went by when he was closed?? Seems like he was open Saturday. He did turn down an offer buy the building last year and has been courted more recently by a prospective buyer. Things do change.........
  11. Like I said before, Patience. Things change.
  12. Positive changes; new owners. You may even hear from the new owners through this forum. Patience.
  13. Gone but not forgotten. That little building made more sense when the auto service garage it was built up against was still there. Look next door to the Somerdyke Plumbing building for some positive changes soon.
  14. McKay Tower without the tower; now that's history!
  15. Architect's website, in Post 116. Pretty pictures.
  16. Blank walls usually say: parking behind here.
  17. As TripleG pointed out, Union, and College, will be two way temporarily while construction is happening. Some would like to see Union, at least, be made two-way permanently (used to be). Watch for neighborhood informational meetings (you and/or your lanlord should get postcards from the City)
  18. Who you gonna believe, TV or me? Union to Prospect has been bumped to '08. (Can I get a witness,Triple G?).
  19. The map is a little wrong. Wealthy from Union east to Prospect won't be closed (until next year if I heard right) so Paris, College, Morris and Prospect won't be as affected. I would have to guess you live in the red brick apartment building on the nortwest corner, College and Wealthy. Or the building with big columns on the southeast corner (could have bought that builing for $17,000 in 1977).
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