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  1. Would be a shame though if this was built and we still had the Cina Mini and Adult video store across the street.
  2. Darn, they didn’t leave the power meters and phone booth in front. LOL.
  3. Interesting. I never knew it was a theater. I lived near here from 1988-2003. Although it's sad to see the building go as the original looked cool, maybe this will spur some development since the buildings here are kinda run down.
  4. Wow, this project is huge! Are there any plans for the small triangle plot next to it?
  5. I really like the remodeled look of the Mission. It's a shame it was torn down.
  6. I agree this was much needed. I drive through her every day and can already tell a difference. Traffic flows much more smoothly now. Having two lights only 100 ft apart really hampered traffic flow especially when the lights were timed so you’d have to stop even if there was no other traffic.
  7. Interesting. I work there, in the building butting up to, and they haven’t mentioning anything in the company newsletters about its future use. Although it’s possible I missed it. If anybody is interested I can get pics of the demolition.
  8. I'm I the only one that is getting more angry with every little bit they take off? The more I see, the more I think wtf were they thinking covering up such beautiful architecture, especially the building that has the stonework. On another note, I wonder if they'll be able to put new brick where the cinder blocks are that'll blend into the old building.
  9. Give it some time. We got few updates about Embassy Suites and look how long it took to break ground. And this project is huge compared to that.
  10. Does anybody know if they will be burying the above ground utilities like they did with Icon on Bond?
  11. GRDadof3 is right. Amway has one large food court and at least 3 other ones i'm aware of. They are always packed at lunch. I've been in Saburba once and unfortunately my wife and I were the only ones in there. The food is good and unique. Not sure if it was mentioned here already but Vitale's will be moving to where O'Brien's was. The current building is about 80% demolished. The new Vitale's building will be 2 stories so I'm told.
  12. Yeah, it'd be nice to hit 450'. They'd only have to add 2 more floors.
  13. Wow, only 3 floors and it already has as presence on the street!
  14. Amway did basically shutdown the Spaulding building when they elminated Quixtar. They moved many of the employees to the headquarters and were trying to selling the building. Sometime last year they began making Nutrilite products there though. This will be in addition to what the are already making there.
  15. So what are the "6 proposed projects with major impact?"
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