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  1. Sometime this year? Wasn't it supposed to be finished this month? Well, after they missed their two deadlines last year? No one holds these contractors responsible.
  2. There are so many people in America that just don't agree with this attitude about cars though. They would have to be the majority because even many who live in cities are very car oriented. If this is a cost that the majority of people are willing to bare, then it's a legitimate cost. For the record, I'm very pro-transit as an option, but I can't imagine not owning and driving a car. Still, if I had transit options to get to work and a majority of the places I need to go, I would use it very often. I guess I should also clarify, when I say transit, I mean trains. I know this site attracts many who would wholeheartedly disagree with me, but this site really doesn't represent the mainstream attitudes of Americans. In some ways, that's a shame.
  3. YES. Just like non-transit riders subsidize those who do and those without children pay for schools, and the list goes on. Of course they should. My house has never caught on fire. I'm still happy to pay for firemen for others and for my "just in case". I would certainly support a raise in the gas tax, just as soon as we padlock those tax coffers. Part of the reason we're being asked to double pay is because politicians keep dipping into the gas tax revenue.
  4. Agree. I think reality is, no matter how much hand-wringing we do, the economy will do what it's going to do. The last time this happened, based on posts here, it was like the world was going to end. I can only speak from my own experience, but 2008 wasn't really much of a big deal for me. I survived and thrived as I expect everyone here did also. If, on the other hand something terrible happened to someone personally on this board because of 2008, none of the negative prognostication made a difference then did it? If something horrible happened, and you were warned, then the warning didn't really help. That's about as much of a realist as I can be. I still do not understand your reaction to my initial post. Could you explain?
  5. My reality was I was frozen for a few pay raise and that's about it. No real effect other than that. I take that back...NC elected a Republican majority NCGA. I'm still suffering those effects (I am a R, but that stupid super majority has almost ruined us all). But, by all means if you want to run and cry under your bed because of what a2 has said then have at it. I'll just stay the course.
  6. Glad you aren't mad. I wasn't mad when I posted either. No reason for either of us to be mad. I just am an optimist for the most part and I didn't do anything to shore up my assets in 2007. Everything took a hit, sure. But, I rode out the storm and everything came back stronger than ever. Just like the market has ALWAYS done. No one needs to be warned and in a way, some of the bad expectations are self fulfilling. The more people read doom and gloom, the more they react and negatively affect the economy. I simply wanted to point out you do have a track record of pessimistic prognostication. How in the heck that made me a MAGA guy to mpretori I have no idea, not do I understand why it would matter if I were.
  7. I'm all for that. Maybe then everyone will be angry about this double taxation as much as those in North Meck. Maybe they'll even vote for people who will change the whole deal. I'm not usually an anarchist, but I really want Rome to burn over all this. I'll continue to use it for free.
  8. I have no idea what this hissy fit is about. Sorry
  9. I've been here long enough to remember the original A2. It was all doom, gloom and melodrama then too.
  10. You can use the free sticker and go on the website 15 min before you plan to travel to signal you are doing HOV3 I believe. I would think the app would be more handy for this honestly.
  11. I've started carpooling to work. We get on the "express" lanes and ride for free the entire commute. We're also taking three cars off the free lanes hopefully freeing up some space to convince other drivers to stay in those free lanes. Cintra doesn't get a dime from us ever and if one of us can't make it one day, we just all drive separately in those free lanes rather than pay anything. I love doing my part to bankrupt Cintra.
  12. Ouch. Yeah, that would discourage me from going back.
  13. No idea about the answer to your question, but I'm looking forward to the food hall that will be included in this project. I really love what they've done with the building at Optimist Hall, but the food choices are lacking as far as I'm concerned. Regardless of what else opens, it's a bit small.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. And, if not these, then just the general idea of moving homes that will be demoed because of new development. Move them to a vacant lot, refurbish, and solve the affordable housing problem one house at a time. Of course I know it wouldn't solve the whole problem, but if 10 families/year were given a home wouldn't that be a win?
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