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  1. Lynx Silver Line

    Drunk or stupid? Look, either you're being willfully stupid or you just want to be a troll. I didn't come up with the plan or the order. I simply want what was promised. This has nothing to do with South Charlotte, or the population of North Meck or anything else you've said. The facts are pretty simple. I'm sorry you can't understand them. But, either way, let it go.
  2. Lynx Silver Line

    I certainly don't want them to screw it up either. I want a fully built out network (and impatiently want it ASAP). I just don't want the part that will benefit me the most to keep getting pushed down the list because they can't figure out how to solve the problems they've run up against. Oh, and apology accepted. =)
  3. Lynx Silver Line

    I'm going to let this stand as the proof that was requested. (Hat tip to Kermit) To anyone else who can't seem to understand why anyone from North Meck would resent supporting a plan by voting for it AND paying into the tax while receiving none of the promised benefits...I can't help you.
  4. Lynx Silver Line

    I'm acting like a child? Well at least I don't smell bad.
  5. The Good News Report

    Missmylab liked this so I'm going to read that as an endorsement of the idea that something is about to be announced.
  6. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I'm going to agree here. If you lack the where-with-all to understand the significance of this man's life and now death, just keep your mouth shut so you don't let everyone know how clueless you are.
  7. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    That's what I figured. The only reason I was asking (aside from being anxious like everyone else for this to open) was a friend of mine said he had been told it would be operational by the CIAA Tournament. I told him that's not what CATS had announced but he could only repeat what he'd been told. I don't think his source was what you'd call reliable (due to the fact that they were passing along info that had been shared with this is info is 3rd or 4th hand). I just figured if there was any possibility of it opening a bit early, they might have mentioned it at this preview ride.
  8. Crescent Stonewall Station

    I meant to post this the other day. I walked around uptown on Sunday and went by Stonewall Station. I was able to walk up the steps to the terrace. While I was nosing around I saw them giving apt. tours to two different groups (one a couple and one a single person). The finished result up above Whole Foods isn't's just nothing spectacular. Overall, this will improve some as it becomes occupied and people bring their own personality to some of the spaces.
  9. Lynx Silver Line

    Of course it was PROMISED. Vote for this transit tax and we will build the Blue Line first and THEN the Red Line. How the hell do you not get the promise there? I think what you meant to say is your small town doesn't exist in its own bubble. You need all Meck County to pay the transit tax just to tread water with the current build out. Without the rest of us...prepare for no new lines and a service cut to what already exists. Don't be so presbyopic.
  10. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    Did they confirm the March 16th date during the preview or is there any chance of a "soft" opening before that?
  11. Lynx Silver Line

    But BRT is not what was promised. Why do people find it so easy to break promises or not hold agencies to their promises? I'm sure we'd all like to play the shell game of what we promised vs. what we're willing to do now. It doesn't work that way. So, my final word on the subject is this: this transit supporter will do everything in his power to stop any other line from skipping to the front of the line ahead of the RED LINE RAIL. It's pretty simple really. I will make a deal with the devil (the NCGA) and play on all their worst aspects to stop anything else because I will no longer have any confidence in CATS if they try to weasel out of their promise (a promise made before many on this board even lived here I might add). People can kid themselves all they want, but deep down you know that the NCGA would love to have some excuse to punish Charlotte and to strike a blow to mass transit (as they already have). I do not live in Charlotte, so ultimately my allegiance is to my own town. I'll throw Charlotte under that metaphorical BRT if and when I lose confidence in CATS. Well, I can understand what you are saying, but it wasn't me who said the Red Line should be next. It was CATS. We were supposed to be BEFORE the BLE, but at the time they said that circumstances had evolved so that they had an opportunity to get funding for the BLE and they were having no luck negotiating with Norfolk Southern anyway. So, the BLE jumped ahead. Now it's the Red Line's turn. That's not me inserting my own wishes; that has been the plan for 20 plus years. All I'm saying is, I won't sit by and let CATS change the plan yet again when I pay that 1/2 transit tax and only expect what was promised to my town and region. I didn't dream up this plan...I'm simply saying I plan to do my best to hold CATS accountable for what they promised.
  12. Lynx Silver Line

    We ARE talking about the Silver Line and its place in line. A plurality of County residents think the Red Line should be next. As CATS used the promise of the Red Line in order to gain support for the 1/2 transit tax, a plurality of North Meck citizens and taxpayers expect that promise to be kept. This seems hard for some to understand for some reason. Weird.
  13. Lynx Silver Line

    Which City of Charlotte services am I benefiting from exactly?
  14. Lynx Silver Line

    I wouldn't hold my breath on those toll lanes remaining as is either. We'll see. As far as cutting service in North Meck - I know a couple of people who would be thrilled with that. They constantly rail against the service because there seems to be no one riding. So, go ahead and push for those services to be cut...and cut the North Meck residents out of the money obligations for the rest of the system. I can guarantee strong support from the northern towns for that idea.
  15. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Those Mormons have big families you know.