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  1. jednc

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Come on over to Charlotte.
  2. jednc

    The Good News Report

    Yes, you are correct and I completely agree. Which is why I don't include WV as part of the South even though culturally some may argue they are similar.
  3. jednc

    The Good News Report

    I wanted to include all three of you in my response... I do understand that you can define the South culturally, or geographically. I'm just not sure it's wise or necessary to separate the two. Culture in the South has changed over time. To say south Florida or DC can't be part of the south because they are culturally different from Alabama makes no more sense than to say they can't be "Northern" because they aren't like Pennsylvania. We are warped into thinking it's ok for different areas of the North to be diverse and different from each other but the South must fit a narrow definition or it can't be the South. If you don't buy that then... All of Florida, Ga, SC, NC, Va, Tenn, AL, MS, LA, TX, AR were part of the Confederacy. In addition, MD, KY and MO were slave states that were not allowed to secede for strategic reasons. They certainly considered themselves part of the South. Washington, DC was chosen to be the capital of the country through a compromise between Jefferson (who wanted the capital moved from NY to the South) and Hamilton (who wanted Jefferson's support for a national bank). DC was created to be in the South... The only reason I can see that anyone would intentionally fight this historic definition is they have issues with the South and can't come to terms that their ideas about certain places (So. Fla, MD and DC) don't jibe with their ideas about the South. It's not a personal definition after all. I don't want this to come off as a rant toward any of you. I'm just following up with more info regarding my earlier comment. I don't necessarily think any of you are True South Deniers! =)
  4. jednc

    The Good News Report

    Well, contrary to what ignorant people believe, Florida and Texas are part of the South. (Not saying you are one of those, just always blows my mind how many don't grasp this fact)
  5. jednc

    Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Some of us are still hoping this happens.
  6. jednc

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    Opinion Piece on the I-77 tolls
  7. jednc

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    Great reference to Jordan and Smith. Surprised to see that here, but it was appreciated.
  8. Right, and I agree with you. But, some take every utterance as gospel.
  9. jednc

    Charlotte area population statistics

    Davidson and Rowan? They touch, just not sure if Davidson is in the Triad MSA. I know they consider themselves part of the Triad.
  10. jednc

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I can't believe a vine has been discussed since August 15th. The voices in my head are screaming in agony for it to stop...
  11. jednc

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Doesn't seem that way. We still keep getting excuses.
  12. jednc

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I'm so tired of excuses being made for people's ignorance. Name a top 50 city in America and I will show it to you on a map and tell you what state it's in. I can probably tell you what county a lot of them are in. I'm tired of excuses for ignorant people who can't find a city on a map that is the center of a metro area of about 3 million people. I don't give two flips what somebody from New York City has to say in some article... It's just plain ignorance if you don't know where Charlotte is at this point. Rant over.
  13. jednc

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    That's more of an indictment of the Facebook friend than of Charlotte, no?
  14. jednc

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    This paints Charlotte in a nice light .. Apartment Therapy Article