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  1. jednc

    Traffic Congestion and Highway Construction

    I couldn't agree more with your three main points. Neighborhoods should be connected. In some cases neighborhoods have requested barricades be installed to prevent cut-through traffic and the city sometimes installs them. This shouldn't be allowed. There absolutely should be an Interstate running from Asheville to Charlotte to Wilmington. The route already exists of course and much of it is already to Interstate standards. The rest of the route needs to be upgraded and officially routed. Someone, years ago, had the idea of this being an I-30 extension. Great idea I think. I was surprised years ago when the work on Independence started to upgrade the road, but NOT to Interstate standards. I know we lament the damage to east side neighborhoods this road has caused, but that damage is done. The road itself should be upgraded to an Interstate out to I-485.
  2. jednc

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    The location of the soon-to-be Common Market in Southend would be good. Too soon?
  3. jednc

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I went ahead and liked your post before going to the CO comments because I KNOW you are going to be correct.
  4. jednc

    Carolina Panthers

    I'd also assume that they are thankful for the money and have no desire to change the name.
  5. jednc

    Carolina Panthers

    Way too much side-stepping for me in the press conference. I didn't really see the point of having a press conference if you have nothing to announce (I do get it was just a "meet the new owner" kind of thing, but maybe something to announce or elaborate on?). At the end of the press conference, here's what we know... Plans for the team moving forward? WIN How will you win? WIN Any personnel changes? WIN Keeping the statue of Jerry? Have to New Stadium? Who knows New Practice Field? Probably Where will new Practice Field be? WIN
  6. The thing that frustrates me (at the moment) is the idea that now some on the city council are talking about backing out. If we are awarded the convention and the city council rejects it, it will be a mighty LONG time before we'd ever be considered for the RNC again. If they didn't want to host in 2020, then why not wait and bid in 2024?
  7. jednc

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    I think I agree with you there. I wasted too much time trying to get the list in columns and I didn't have time to add any commentary (my original intent). Some of them would be pretty funny to imagine in reality with merchandise tie-ins, slogans, etc.
  8. Does anyone else think it's possible that the reason there have been no announcements of new development at LU is because Johno Harris was waiting for the new owner of the Panthers to complete the purchase of the team and will work with him now to bring some sort of entertainment/retail area to LU across the street from BoA Stadium? I don't really think so...but would be nice.
  9. jednc

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    I just love how this has activated Stonewall Street.
  10. jednc

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Here's a list of ideas...some serious, some not-so-much. Crown Barons Dynasty Reign Fortress Crest Kings Monarchs (Monarchy) Noblemen (Nobles, Nobility) Dukes Imperials Emperors (Empire) Aristocrats (Aristocracy) Lode Vein Miners Prospectors Claim Shaft Penetration Hammer Fissure Fracture (Frackers) Flytraps Shads Shaggers Treefrogs Emerald Salamanders Granite Mustangs Plott Hounds Summit Apps - Appalachian Mtns Humidity Sweat Craft Brewers Drafters Groove Fuel Navigators Overdrive Dash Racers Sprinters Flyers Rebels (will never happen) Yellow is Royalty related Blue is mining related Beige is NC Symbols related Green is Racing related Sorry for the LONG list...I tried to create columns but couldn't figure it out.
  11. jednc

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    Yes, I was being totally sarcastic. I was hoping no one would think I was serious as I have thought we have been ready for years.
  12. jednc

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    We're about 10 years away from being able to support an MLB Team.
  13. jednc

    Charlotte area population statistics

    It's funny you mentioned travel to Fayetteville. I had to travel just beyond Fayetteville back in April and it was awful from an efficiency sake. For the first couple of hours, I was glad to be traveling through the small towns and more rural areas of the state (especially those far from where I grew up). By the end of the trip (it was round trip in one day), everyone in the group was exhausted. I realized in the same time we drove round-trip, we could have been well into Florida or somewhere north of Baltimore. I completely agree Charlotte needs an Interstate (or expressway) heading east.
  14. jednc

    Charlotte MLB Team Speculation

    How about the Queens as a big FU to Raleigh (NCGA)?
  15. jednc

    Charlotte area population statistics

    I was playing around on a website today and found this interesting...