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  1. I get what you're saying. I wasn't really very clear with my original post. Part of the reason it's unclear is because it's so unlikely. What I was trying to say is that I would assume the positive news he was referring to would probably be for the Triangle. I was imagining the unlikely scenario that there would only be positive news for the Triangle and not much happening in Charlotte. If that were to be the case, I'd be happy for the Triangle, but not enough to keep me from being massively disappointed that Charlotte wasn't getting our own announcements. In other words, I doubt the good news he mentions will relate to Charlotte and I just wish we had someone at his level saying "good things are in the works for Charlotte" too. I'm not sure that makes my comment any clearer honestly.
  2. Was excited to see this topic was "HOT" only to get here for the Gardeners Corner...
  3. The lanes are here to stay...the tolls don't have to be.
  4. Glad to see most feel as I do...don't use the toll lanes. From your pics (which I'll put more stock in than any anecdotes), it was you and one other car in sight.
  5. Perhaps you already know this, but I think this was a marketing decision made by former AD Judy Rose. The sports teams would be known simply as "Charlotte".
  6. I'm just worried that most of those announcements he mentions will be Triangle-centric considering the source. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy when Raleigh and the Triangle win too, I just have no appetite for the scales to be tilted in Raleigh's direction.
  7. An article appeared in National Geographic in 1962. It paints a picture of NC as a "can-do", progressive state. Long before the transplants arrived telling us "how we do it where I'm from", NC was doing a pretty good job of making this state a great place to live and a place to be proud of. I, for one, am still proud. We've lost some of this luster I think, but NC is still doing great things. Read about how that road was paved here. Also, notice that Charlotte does not figure prominently in the article at all. I think it's mentioned once for it's Fairgrounds Race Track. Back in the '60s and before, the eastern part of NC was the star.
  8. The Wall Street Journal reports on the unpopularity of the I-77 toll lanes. The article doesn't mention what will be done in the future with these lanes, but does quote a state senator who says she doesn't think lanes like these will ever be built in the state again (public/private partnership). https://www.wsj.com/articles/motorists-scorn-north-carolinas-first-public-private-toll-road-11577548802
  9. You mean stinking of urine and vomit? No thanks. Oh, I'm referring to Broadway, not the All Star Game. Although...
  10. I heard this too but then know someone who went to the game and said they waited about 20 min for the next train when one was too crowded to board.
  11. Post a photo of your receipt (more than just a one-off please) or it didn't happen.
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