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  1. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Jeep Cherokee?
  2. And, the one in Cornelius was their second location, not Matthews.
  3. I fixed that for you...
  4. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Thank you. I didn't see your post earlier. I responded earlier about that link but wanted to acknowledge you taking the time to post it.
  5. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I do understand your point of view. I appreciate you bringing what he had said to my attention. I'm honestly surprised I didn't know about either one.
  6. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Sorry. I didn't see your response until after I posted the above. I know something like this can be hurtful to some (many), but I can't fault a 93 year old conservative Christian for feeling that way about marriage. I do not agree with him, but I understand why he might feel the way he feels. I do feel that is VERY different than saying AIDS is a punishment from God though.
  7. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Thanks. I honestly don't remember this happening. I know I've said things I thought better of later. I'm glad he apologized. I wonder if there are other quotes besides this one? I hope that's it but don't want to just assume this is it. Want to hear back from Mesian...
  8. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    I'll assume this was directed at me (without any signal here it's hard to tell). What I was referring to was not in reference to someone else's comment about millennials so that makes the rest of your post off the mark as a reply to me. I'll still debate your other point anyway... I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to stats about millennials. They aren't very relevant in my life. I'm more concerned with post-millennials at this point. I have no idea what their church habits are. But, if you think that preachers in America are constantly mentioning Billy Graham from their pulpits, then that's a pretty good indicator that you're out of touch with what goes on in churches (the past week or so being perhaps an exception). So, even if I were to agree with your point that millennials don't go to church and that's why they aren't getting their weekly dose of Billy Graham news, that still doesn't change the fact that they would be ignorant to someone that HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people worldwide respected and revered. You do understand that ignorant just means a lack of knowledge right? It's not an insult. As for your last comment...I won't engage. You're not worth the time or effort in that regard. Edit: Just to clarify...if there are any facts or opinions that you want to debate, that's great. I'm happy to explain my point of view. If you just want to argue or be snide, I'll pass by not responding to anything further.
  9. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    That doesn't change anything I said about him. Can you elaborate on his tireless work to put LGBTQ people at the "back of the bus"? Could you give me a link to his quote you are referencing? I don't remember him saying this. I can think of many things Franklin has said along these lines.
  10. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    I posted the same thing on Twitter
  11. Charlotte's Light Rail: Lynx Blue Line

    With no reports of any sexual activity... At all... Zero (In the dark, while the lights were out, at the Monster convention)
  12. Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Just watching the thousands of people who have turned out for nothing more than to catch a glimpse of the motorcade of Billy Graham's body on its way from Asheville to Charlotte and thinking about how out-of-touch and ignorant anyone is who thinks people don't know who Billy Graham was or understand why he was one of the important cultural icons of the 20th and early 21st century worldwide.
  13. Drunk or stupid? Look, either you're being willfully stupid or you just want to be a troll. I didn't come up with the plan or the order. I simply want what was promised. This has nothing to do with South Charlotte, or the population of North Meck or anything else you've said. The facts are pretty simple. I'm sorry you can't understand them. But, either way, let it go.
  14. I certainly don't want them to screw it up either. I want a fully built out network (and impatiently want it ASAP). I just don't want the part that will benefit me the most to keep getting pushed down the list because they can't figure out how to solve the problems they've run up against. Oh, and apology accepted. =)
  15. I'm going to let this stand as the proof that was requested. (Hat tip to Kermit) To anyone else who can't seem to understand why anyone from North Meck would resent supporting a plan by voting for it AND paying into the tax while receiving none of the promised benefits...I can't help you.