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  1. As far as the sales tax increase, this is not going to fly in North Meck... “It’s offensive to so many people who live in my district who believed they would have a light rail more than 20 years ago,” she said Tuesday night. “It is offensive to the majority of the population to ask for an additional tax for us to pay for the rest of Mecklenburg County.” (District 1 Commissioner) People here just aren't interested in paying more for broken promises.
  2. I just stopped by to ask if anyone knew anything about the second tower. Thanks for the post. It was exactly the info I was looking for. I haven't checked this since 3/22/20, so I'm a little out of touch.
  3. Just the opposite here. I've barely looked at the site in 2 weeks. Nothing here except some bozo posting every five minutes the next round of layoffs. Who needs that? I have work to do.
  4. Send it to the Triangle. What a rivalry that would create!
  5. It is a discussion board. Are you saying I shouldn't comment because you don't care what I think?
  6. I'm a little surprised at Atlanta's density to be honest. I know their MSA and CSA are almost all of North Georgia, so I assumed that there wasn't much density at the core.
  7. I'm not a Stones fan per se, but this would be a big deal for Charlotte.
  8. I am. I just don't have to be drunk to have fun or be fun. There's something missing if one does. I was content to let me original comment stand. There was nothing in it directed toward anyone on here, it was me simply sharing my opinion of Tepper. I stand by that.
  9. I really hope we find success under his ownership. As a PSL owner, I'm committed to going to the games, but I do want a quality product on the field.
  10. This is great news. I wonder if the industry will continue to grow and it won't matter that incentives have been cut? Would be great to attract a high level of projects without having to pay for them to come here. I realize it's a long shot, but it would be nice to have our cake and eat it too.
  11. This is what's wrong with so many people. You seem to think that as long as you can find something worse, it makes something wrong ok. I can dislike whomever I choose based on whatever standards I have. Mine are clearly higher than yours. That's ok from this end....sorta sucks from the other I expect. He seemed drunk to me, but I know that passes as ok for most.
  12. Based on what I've seen, he probably did. In all seriousness, I didn't like what Jerry did and was disappointed in him. Money seems to make people think the rules don't apply to them.
  13. He pinched his wife's ass at a press conference. He mocked a reporter because he thought he shouldn't have to repeat something in a press release. He's made several rude/questionable remarks at press conferences/photo opps that make him sound like a d*ck. As I said in my post, most of my issues started long before anything you've mentioned. The "trophy" wife doesn't help me like him either.
  14. Don't count me in the camp that "likes" him. I want to. I've tried to. There have been too many red flags with Tepper for me to like him. It started long before anything you mentioned in your post, although those things have moved the needle even further down for me.
  15. Someone told me today that Charlotte pipe and foundry had been sold to Tepper. They are a reliable source, I just don't know about their source.
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