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  1. Northlake messed up back in 2008-2009 when they signed leases with anyone who had a pen. Most of the stores in that mall are places to avoid, certainly not an actual draw to the mall. They should have been patient. Recessions end, and they could have been more choosy back then. Now they'd be lucky to sign anything. What a shame to ruin the place.
  2. Google hired something like 35,000 people this past year, so even with laying off 12,000, there is still a net positive of 23,000 new jobs there. Sometimes those details get left out of these doom and gloom stories.
  3. Shut your damn mouth! (seriously joking)
  4. Gaston, Cleveland, Rutherford, Stanley, Burke are all on the list and are all in our region. They are at least all in the Charlotte TV market.
  5. I'm trying to photograph as many of these as I can before they all disappear.
  6. I've had Tepper's number since the day he bought the team. He's a db.
  7. I wasn't sure where to put this... Brown Bag Seafood is opening in Uptown and Southend, but they recently opened their first local store in Birkdale Village. I assume they will all look about the same, so here is a sneak peak at what's coming...
  8. And Texas and Florida and Virginia and Georgia. Are you willfully stupid or just an a-hole? I'm guessing it's the dreaded combo of both. Oh gosh, I forgot to make this blue...
  9. I'm not really arguing against anything you've said here. I just want to add something. Prior to the influx of people from out of state, North Carolina was already a leader in the Southeast in many areas. Areas. This was a great place to live long before anyone came here to change it.
  10. Honestly, I was just trying to be funny. That debate didn't really bother me. I actually found it somewhat interesting.
  11. I swear to God if we start debating whether the tree or some art installation is better on this block, I'm going to chop that tree down and replace it with this...
  12. Totally agree. There used to be an enforced rule against this on UP and also against just posting a link with no commentary. I see both practices now pretty regularly.
  13. Many interstates followed the routes of old US highways that were built prior to the interstate system. Those US highways, in turn, follow even older roads that were prominent well before cars. In many cases, I suspect, those roads follow old trading paths extending as far back as Native Americans. Interstate 81 through Virginia is a good example of this.
  14. I think if someone stepped forward and pursued MLB like Tepper did MLS, Charlotte's odds would greatly improve.
  15. Charlotte (along with others) gets a mention in this latest MLB expansion article. CBS Sports: MLB expansion? MLBPA chief Tony Clark hopeful league can get to 'a world of 32 teams'. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-expansion-mlbpa-chief-tony-clark-hopeful-league-can-get-to-a-world-of-32-teams/
  16. I don't have a good answer to the question about potential owners. At one time I thought Tepper might at least be a possibility. I guess he still is, I'm just not sure he would be viewed as an asset to the other MLB owners. He has fumbled in his ownership of the Panthers and it seemed like maybe Charlotte FC too (with the front office changes). I'm not sure if any of that would matter to other MLB owners. I do agree that an owner from outside Charlotte is certainly a possibility. I'm mostly posting to suggest that out of Portland, Nashville, Las Vegas, San Antonio and Charlotte, that Charlotte makes the most sense to me. It combines a large population with filling a geographic hole in MLB's footprint. Other cities might also fill holes, but Charlotte's population pushes it to the front of that pack. For the purpose of this argument, I'm using the 75mi and 100mi radial populations of the potential cities. I'm also making some assumptions about who would attend games. I know many MLB games are played through the week and therefore not a large percentage of people will travel far for a game. However, you don't need a large percentage of people to travel far for a game when you are dealing with a very large population base. We are also not talking about the same size crowds as the NFL. The smallest MLB park seats just over 30,000 I believe. The largest seats just over 51,000. If Charlotte built something in between (around 40,000 seats), I think we'd be able to comfortably support that if our team was competitive. For the first few years we wouldn't need to be competitive because people would be caught up in the newness of the team. I think Charlotte is ready for MLB. Here are the numbers calculated using the site https://www.statsamerica.org/radius/big.aspx. According to the site, these are 2021 numbers. City 75 Mile 100 Mile Las Vegas 2,346,000 2,564,000 Nashville 3,191,000 4,210,000 Portland 3,495,000 3,619,000 San Antonio 4,355,000 5,311,000 Charlotte 4,826,000 8,071,000 Atlanta (for comparison) 7,407,000 9,076,000
  17. Present company included it seems.
  18. MLB seems to be in the earliest stages of planning their next expansion. Who would be the most likely owner or leader of an ownership group for a Charlotte team? At what point do they need to begin a campaign to coax MLB to Charlotte? BTW, if you don't think Charlotte is ready for MLB, then this question is obviously not for you.
  19. Does anyone know a place in Charlotte to get good Chicago style pizza? I recently visited and was reminded how much I love that style of pizza. I'm talking deep dish and charred/caramelized edges,
  20. In an effort to compete, I've heard the Charlotte Beer Garden over on Tryon is going to park a 1978 Chevy (that's had it's catalytic converter removed) out on the patio and attach a hose to the tail pipe to pump in the parking garage ambiance to their place.
  21. My cousin and his wife are in state visiting from Nashville. She is a big NASCAR fan, so we were talking about the race today. I told her they should move to Charlotte because so many race teams are based here or nearby. She said she'd never get my cousin to move to a big city like Charlotte.
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