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  1. That's interesting news and all, but could you provide us with some sort of tree update? That's why I read the SouthEnd Highrise thread...for its tree news.
  2. This is a huge disappointment without a food hall.
  3. That's funny. I see now why he thought your name was Ron, but I never questioned that it wasn't Theron. I had a cousin named Theron, so it looked right to me.
  4. And there are many places in downtown Nashville that smell like urine. No thanks.
  5. yup, sounds like the message was understood loud and clear...

  6. If it was merely tangential, then why include it at all? I'm southern, so I welcome newcomers from other areas because it's the hospitable thing to do. But, people who take unnecessary jabs at the south can hopefully find I-77 or I-85 north on their own.
  7. That would certainly make me not want to ride again. Cats has got to do better.
  8. I rode tonight for the first time. I didn't have time to go from end to end so I started at Tryon and rode to Sunnyside. Had to get off of the train of course at the end. Not sure we waited even 15 minutes. If it was a full 15, it certainly didn't seem like it. The return trip to Tryon seemed to go faster. I think we hit a few more red lights on the way out than on the way back. Overall a good experience.
  9. Yup. That's why I read Urban Planet. The breaking news.
  10. I believe, as you stated, that Tender's will be torn down to build the hospital. Several years ago, when it looked like they would close because of other development, I asked an employee what they would do and was told they owned some of the land directly across the street and they would rebuild there. My guess is it will become a PDQ when that happens.
  11. Gotcha. I had no idea how easy it was too convert to be honest. Interesting info.
  12. YouTube TV is great. Have had it since it came to Charlotte. No reason for them to offer redundant services.
  13. I read it as having two pools, one being saltwater and one being not, as the high end part to the amenity.
  14. Maybe this has been posted elsewhere, but I didn't see it. It looks like a new invitational basketball tournament is coming to Charlotte for at least 3 years starting in 2022. https://twitter.com/CLTSports/status/1413135791790780426?s=19
  15. As far as the sales tax increase, this is not going to fly in North Meck... “It’s offensive to so many people who live in my district who believed they would have a light rail more than 20 years ago,” she said Tuesday night. “It is offensive to the majority of the population to ask for an additional tax for us to pay for the rest of Mecklenburg County.” (District 1 Commissioner) People here just aren't interested in paying more for broken promises.
  16. I just stopped by to ask if anyone knew anything about the second tower. Thanks for the post. It was exactly the info I was looking for. I haven't checked this since 3/22/20, so I'm a little out of touch.
  17. Just the opposite here. I've barely looked at the site in 2 weeks. Nothing here except some bozo posting every five minutes the next round of layoffs. Who needs that? I have work to do.
  18. Send it to the Triangle. What a rivalry that would create!
  19. It is a discussion board. Are you saying I shouldn't comment because you don't care what I think?
  20. I'm a little surprised at Atlanta's density to be honest. I know their MSA and CSA are almost all of North Georgia, so I assumed that there wasn't much density at the core.
  21. I'm not a Stones fan per se, but this would be a big deal for Charlotte.
  22. I am. I just don't have to be drunk to have fun or be fun. There's something missing if one does. I was content to let me original comment stand. There was nothing in it directed toward anyone on here, it was me simply sharing my opinion of Tepper. I stand by that.
  23. I really hope we find success under his ownership. As a PSL owner, I'm committed to going to the games, but I do want a quality product on the field.
  24. This is great news. I wonder if the industry will continue to grow and it won't matter that incentives have been cut? Would be great to attract a high level of projects without having to pay for them to come here. I realize it's a long shot, but it would be nice to have our cake and eat it too.
  25. This is what's wrong with so many people. You seem to think that as long as you can find something worse, it makes something wrong ok. I can dislike whomever I choose based on whatever standards I have. Mine are clearly higher than yours. That's ok from this end....sorta sucks from the other I expect. He seemed drunk to me, but I know that passes as ok for most.
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