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    Waterside District

    Do you guys really believe the public (let alone the negative media) would stand for the city spending $76 million in public funds to develop the CN project? I kind of prefer that project over the others too, but it just wasn't going to happen. Nor should it in these days of government distrust. You can hardly blame the city for turning down that option. Shame on CN for thinking they got treated poorly. Really?
  2. VB has NEVER shoved light rail or anything else down its citizens' throats. That's because they're too afraid to make a decision for themeselves for fear of voter anger. They drag their feet, hire consultants, and put it before a voter referendum. That way, they don't take the blame for anything. So the implication that this is the cause of VB citizen opposition to LRT is completely false. I love the recent commentary in the Pilot attacking the council for this very mode of operation. It actually shocks me that I read it in this newspaper. How did such an opinion actually get through the editors?
  3. Maybe it's been talked about already, but I noticed the 11th St. Taphouse B&G at the beach. 32 taps, with over half dedicated to craft beers. Anyone check it out yet?
  4. This implies that Norfolk can't compete with Baltimore because they CAN accommodate the larger ships. Although I don't have the facts at hand, I'm willing to bet that Norfolk can handle anything Baltimore can. We didn't get to be a larger port than Baltimore for nothing. And with completion of Craney Island, we'll be the biggest on the East Coast. So while your statement that we can't currently handle the world's largest cruise ships most likely is true, it's most likely true Baltimore can't either. So that in itself does not give Baltimore an advantage. Your other comments are valid, however.
  5. Sky06

    Norfolk Development 2

    The "For Sale" sign on the Union Mission now says "Under contract." I assume this may be the SC company that specializes in historic restorations. Hope so anyway.
  6. Congratulate me. This is the 1st post in 5 days.
  7. I don't. Where would the money have come from? If we waited for a private company to invest in this, we'd still be waiting. What so many people continue to forget is what made this project happen is the government stepped up. This project is funded primarily through the federal govenment, with a lot of it kicked in by the state. Amd if they are going to invest in it, they'd never give oversight to someone else. Nor should they. Keep in mind that the companies doing the work are still private firms. Doesn't matter who oversees it or pays for it, if the subcontractors still screw up.
  8. Sweet. Love their burgers and spicy fries.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought this thread was about light rail.
  10. Sky06

    ODU Development

    Why do they need to be? Who is "graduateshotline.com"? How about the authoritative ranking source for US colleges? US News lists ODU as 121 on its list of best engineering schools, which is relatively high.
  11. Oh, it will be a big event because the Pilot will have it in the headlines. But expect to see either of the following adjectives used to describe the system: "maligned" or "controversial." Any other suggestions for what the term will be?
  12. OK, it's a little early but SI has ODU ranked 14th in its early pre-season BB poll. SI
  13. OK, now we have a significant difference of opinion. I don't know what your idea of "quality" is, but let's hope it's not all about chain restaurants. I prefer an independent steakhouse like Byrd and Baldwin myself. Or places like Big Easy, Empire, Bodegas, Todd Jurich's, Sirena's, Vintage Kitchen, 456 Fish, Monastery, Freeason Abbey, Omar's Carriage House. I'm not mentioning everything downtown, just the ones I believe are consistently good. And there are many others. The problem is that people around here apparently have such an inferiority complex that they need to criticize everything while it's here and then lament and complain when they are gone. I have a real problem with that kind of attitude. Please don't take your frustrations out on the many fine businesses we have DT: the places that deserve our support. Life isn't that black or white.
  14. OK, then fix the problem. If people feel the way your family does (and they do), then Waterside can have the coolest restaurants in the world and give away the best steaks you ever had and people still wouldn't go there. You gotta fix the problems. Safer? I doubt it. But the perception's there. So provide better lighting and do like NY did: start cracking down on the little things first, like J-walking. Cleaner? Sure, you're talking about a 375-year old DT vs. a what . . . 5 YO? Even so, clean it up. Paying for parking? Yeah, just like most DTs. But that's not going to change until more people show up and make it more profitable. But there's one other simple problem that we all tend to foget about. IMO, it's the single biggest reason why places fail around here (especially after they get that great start). Too many people go out of town and spend their money somewhere else. It's not because we don't have money (it takes cash to drive, spend the night, shop, and eat somewhere else). It's not because we don't any places to go. Hell, why go to a Macaroni Grill in DC when you can go to one in HR? Are they really any different? No. People just want to get out of dodge. How do I know this is the problem? Look at traffic patterns: No rush hour on Friday mornings. Empty parking spaces and driveways on weekends. Few people around on Saturdays and Sundays. So why do they have to get out of here? Tell me the paper isn't a big part of making people hate this area. So we have crime. They don't in DC? The economy's tough. Gee, tell that to the developers who used to build in OBX and now are leaving there in droves because nobody's buying. We don't have an ESPNzone? Who cares?
  15. None of those places are unique to this area. So why go to Cheesecake Factory or Chang's at Waterside when you can go to Town Center? Why go to Five Guys downtown when you can go to one down the street? It's not just about what goes in there. Or even what the place looks like. It's about the larger picture. Remember, Baltimore's DT is much more than the Inner Harbor. They have ballparks, an acqaurium, and other stuff. In fact, there isn't much in Baltimore that I know of that competes with their DT. Thus, it's an easier sell. So, in order to draw people away from the VB oceanfront, Shore Drive, Town Center, Greenbrier, even Ghent or DT Portsmouth, you have to do something more than bring in a few chain resturaunts. You have to create an environment that makes the place a valued destination for consumers. We've been talking about some of those things on this site: "connecting" Waterside with the rest of DT, making it more welcoming from the street, more easily accessible, etc. LRT will help but that's just a start. No, I'm not downplaying your call for more popular chains. Like those already in there, Joe's Crabshack, Outback, Hooters, even the ones that were there and left because . . . they weren't good enough? Jillian's, Blackfinn's, etc. They were there, but they weren't being supported--for some reason. But without doing anything else, you end up with a building full of great chains that people love to ignore. If the people don't come, the businesses won't build it. There's never been a lack of places to go. The problem is bigger than that. And the sooner people understand that, the faster we can get it fixed.
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