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  1. Disney World in 3D for Google Earth http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/cu...story?track=rss
  2. Good article about dynetech and the growing art scene in Orlando. Link
  3. OSentinel 5.2.08 The Houston-based company, which is developing ChampionsGate in Osceola County and a Hilton hotel near the Orange County Convention Center, snapped up a prime but long-vacant block of land in the middle of downtown this week, with plans for a multimillion-dollar, mixed-use complex. Rida bought the 5.62 acres on Orange Avenue between Amelia and Livingston streets -- long known as the Pizzuti block -- from a South Florida partnership for $15.1 million, the company's senior vice president in Florida said Thursday. "We're going to start work immediately" on various desi
  4. Hey look, Orlando really does have culture and arts after all! It's good to see the news spreading outside of our local papers and media. The light has been cast, time to shine! Miami Herald
  5. New SeaWorld coaster MANTA OSentinel Article
  6. fyi Google Earth just released v4.3 & It looks like all of downtown's building have been drawn up in 3D. http://earth.google.com/
  7. Orlando International Airport reached nearly 3.1 million in February, or 10.5 percent more than for the same period last year.
  8. 10-Lender Syndicate Loans $405M to Peabody Orlando Capmark Finance Inc. has assembled a syndicate of 10 lenders, including a Capmark affiliate, to provide a $405 million financing package for The Peabody Orlando hotel in Orlando, Fla. The floating-rate loan refinanced existing debt originated by Capmark Finance in 2005 and provides construction financing for an expansion that will nearly double the size of the hotel. The loan has a four-year term with a one-year extension option. More
  9. The design team for the Orlando arts center is modeling the largest theater after Disney’s New Amsterdam Theatre, built in 1903. I hope they can preserve the old world feel. This place is going to be quite the venue if it pans out.
  10. Multi-media seat for Universal's new rockit coaster "An integrated sound system and a video camera
  11. MaXxlife

    The Plaza

    I have thought this for some time and never really allowed any of the negative news that the local guys like to report about bother me. It seems that each time I walk downtown the pedestrian activity seems to get better. In my opinion, we have to give a lot of credit to Mr. Dyer and crew for having the vision to deliver us the active downtown that we see today.
  12. Nice shot from the Endeavour night launch 3/11/08. I didn't take this..
  13. MaXxlife

    55 West

    55w going purple or just for the rendering?
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