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  1. Your friend seems very familiar... He's terrific and knows more about retail than anyone I've known. Smart, smart guy. To get back on topic, maybe Mr. Friend could move some of his historical SP pics over here? Do you have any pictures from the period just before "the change"? SCAD is the top art school in the country and has been a major supporter of the fashion design industry.
  2. That doesn't make sense. Every city has unique retail offerings, but they are necessarily chains. Of course, chain stores will be in multiple locations. So that doesn't make sense. The Atlanta malls are dominated by corporate chains, but outside the mall there are many terrific and unique stores.Blue Genes, for example, is considered one of the best stores in the country to buy denim. Then there are stores like Jeffrey Kalinsky's (a unique enough retail concept for Nordstrom to buy it) and Bill Hallman. There's "affordable chic" places like Luxe (recent vintage) and fab'rik as well. Atlanta has long since had homegrown luxury even when the chain stores weren't interested. Most places have similar local shops. Like the shops in Atlanta, they reflect the attitude and tastes of the area which makes them unique. More so than any large retailer. ETA: Thanks to fashion forums and Lucky Magazine, those smaller boutiques have a much greater presence in national retail. The same is true of Charlotte.
  3. Sorry for the delayed reply, M. I've been out of town. To answer your question I was born in Paris, but raised mainly in Atlanta and L.A. thanks to my parents divorce. Right now, I mainly split my time between Charlotte and L.A. But I consider myself more of a "citizen of the world". As for the second part, don't get me started on "me too" fashion. L.A. is great for making money, but not so much for truly changing the face of fashion. The corporitization of fashion is one of my biggest pet peeves. It stifles creativity and produces something slightly better looking than the other mass produced merchandise. I'm not anti-mass merchandise, but I don't pretend it's more than it is either. This is terribly OT. If you'd like, we can move the discussion over to TFS or a similar (and more appropriate) forum. Lush has been confirmed for a couple of years now. The American partner was looking for the perfect location.
  4. I will be a very old woman before we see Bloomingdales or any other major dept. store Uptown. I don't see it happening even with the development. Still, we do need to look outside SP for other dept. stores. There really isn't much space and I doubt we'll see any more construction after the village. *shrugs*
  5. OT: L.A. lacks influence within the industry. It's still considered an up and coming fashion city even by those in L.A. Despite their efforts, when the world thinks "fashion" they don't think "L.A." Retail rankings are done by a number of different firms. The rankings are based on varying criteria. Available retail space tends to be the most common criteria. Seattle tends to be a top choice for that reason. Retail rankings are based not on what IS there, but on actual potential. You can research this yourself. Google helps. Paris receives the honor of fashion center/capital because of tradition and Frabce's ability to certify couture. Now I'll stop before a mod slaps my hand. Thanks for the updates on Lenox. Maybe one day I'll go there again.
  6. Lenox and SouthPark are two malls that I know have survied "gang" shootings in the mall. People don't scare that easily. I'm not sure about this, but I think I read here it was the decline of the area surrounding the mall that largely contributed to Eastland's decline.
  7. I can't speak to Upstate NY, but the high street store was quite busy recently. Anyway, this way OT for the SP thread. OBSouthPark: I've often wondered if Dick's will stay much longer. The times I've been in there I've never seen more than 5 customers (including myself). That could be a possible location for H&M not that they (or anyone!) would need that much space.
  8. Years ago, the quality and style was better than it today. Unfortunately, competition is getting the best of them and has hurt the product. It's still a very popular store. I've been out of town traveling to various places and any place I've seen an H&M it was packed. I'm sure Gap wishes they could get those customers.
  9. Atlanta made no. 9 in 2006/2005. The city is consistently in the top 20 and breaks the top 10 every few years or so. The cities that round out the top 10 are generally places lie Miami, Houston, etc. That data is specifically for retail markets. For "fashion center" it's NYC and NYC only. Despite claims from other cities to be "fashion centers" innovation and influence in fashion is more important than what kind of shops are there. Paris is the fashion capital of the world. There are many upscale boutiques that do not have a store in Paris.
  10. AFAIK, Valentino has an agreement with Simon. I didn't get that info from WWD. I posted about Missoni in the Charlotte forum several months ago. I cannot recall, but they might be the first retailer for the planned Lenox expansion. Or maybe that was another store... As I said, Dior closed in the late 90's. I think we've discussed it on this forum previously. There was once an YSL as well. Closed in the late 80's or early 90s. My apologies for such a vague response. I'm pregnant and my brain is very cloudy right now.
  11. In case it wasn't clear, I wasn't treated badly at SP NM. It was another store. The incident occured years ago. The SAs at SP have been nice to me for the most part. Every now and then I get an SA that talks to me like I'm a child, like I'm using my father's credit card. Ugh.
  12. I've been treated badly at NM. I don't really care when it happens to me. I move on to someone who can help me without annoying me. I will not tolerate an SA treating other people badly, especially if they treat me better. If any of you were treated badly in front of me, I would be LIVID. I think some SAs at SP think they're supposed to be snooty. They don't seem to know any better.
  13. There is only so much retail space in Atlanta. There's even less at the mall, which where retailers almost always want to locate. Expanding costs money. Money which some of those companies either do not have or should not spend. There was a Dior boutique in Atlanta years ago. It closed in the late 90's. IIRC, the woman who owned the boutique still retains the rights to Dior Atlanta. ETA: Valentino is opening a store in Atlanta as are a few other retailers. I can't remember any of them at the moment.
  14. The good news is there's less competition for the few size 10 shoes NM carries. Yes, I have huge feet. Hey, have you been to Cusp yet? I could definitely see one of those in Charlotte. More openings are scheduled for 2007, but no word where yet. I remember one of Billy Reid's earlier collections. I remember loving him, because he was the very opposite of Sean Jean, which IMO is awful. Menswear is so difficult to create. Fashionable menswear even more so. I'm impressed that he manages to make "pretty" clothes.
  15. AMEX cards are issued by some banks. Lots of foreigners don't have AMEX cards. That is the reason the Las Vegas NM takes Visa. Or some people simply don't want an AMEX card. Really, who cares how people make their purchases? SP NM -- nice yet small. Not terribly impressed with the selection, but it will defnitely do.
  16. Add M Missoni to the list of future SP stores although I'm not sure if they're looking at the Neiman's wing for a location.
  17. Because they've traditionally been very different types of malls. Although Phipps has seen a decline hear and there over the years, it was designed to be primarily a luxury shopping destination. I think the original owners called it a "Mini 5th Avenue" or something similar. The two malls drive traffic to one another. When Simon bought both malls, they more or less created one big mall from the pair. Honestly, Belk has maintained that they were only interested in some of the Parisian stores. I don't think Phipps was one of those stores. I do not know if Belk actually got the bid. Former CEO George Jones was/is also interested. However, he wants the entire chain unlike Belk. If he and Saks came to an agreement, he more than likely got the bid. Since Saks has announced more Parisian store openings after they announced they had a buyer, I suspect it wasn't Belk who got the bid. I could be wrong, but it doesn't make sense to continue with store openings that will no longer have a use. Either way, I see Parisian giving up that space in the future. While the SP Belk is nice, it's not the best shopping experience I've ever had. The store is outfitted pretty badly. It's cluttered with merchandise sitting too close together and the sales associates are less than knowledgeable. The merchandise itself is nice, but the experience does need to be improved. Honestly, I choose Nordstrom or one of the brand specific stores over Belk about 99% of the time. I do try to supprt Belk because it is local, but it's difficult.
  18. Without giving too much away, someone from Simon says they've had a plan for the Parisian location since the announcement that Saks was looking to sell. Even if George Jones and Spigoli Freeman won the bid for Parisian. It doesn't look like Parisian will stay. They might change their minds. Who knows?
  19. Details on the Hermes store from WWD: "Herm
  20. Some of that was space issues, retailers trading one space for a bigger or smaller store. IIRC, Hugo Boss* left due to corporate issues, a possible bankruptcy? Or that could be another retailer I'm recalling. *Way OT trivia: Hugo Boss designed uniforms for the Nazis...
  21. I think that was more a response to a series of comments not just one.
  22. That would be correct. Many of us had assumed there would only be a total of 4-5 additional stores. I don't think we imagined there would be six stores in the NM wing.
  23. A bit of SP news this morning. According to today's WWD, there will be six fashion retailers added to the NM wing. They only mentioned Hermes as one of the stores. It was mentioned as part of an article about mall developers creating mixed use properties. Village at SP was mentioned.
  24. But that is just another sterotype. Everyone is different. There is no one way to be.
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