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  1. The posts I read were not solely by people in Atlanta. It appears that some people were upset because they felt the comments racist. Maybe because Atlanta is seen by many as a black city? I don't know. I'm only telling you what I read. The fact remains though that while Felix was speaking for himself, people assumed he spoke for Charlotte and Charlotteans. I think a lot of black people in particular took those comments to heart about Charlotte. However, his comments weren't true. The cime rate at both the proposed Atlanta site and Charlotte's winning site have roughly the same crime rate. It's kind of a myth that Uptown is family friendly. It is to a degree, but the vast majority of Uptown's non-working visitors are young and single. That's pretty true about DT Atlanta, too. Charlotte is family friendly, but not as much so Uptown as in the surrounding neighborhoods.
  2. Actually, there are two Ws being built. One downtown and one in Buckhead. I've been reading various online forums to get a sense of the reaction to Charlotte's win. Most people are happy to see Charlotte as the selected site. What shocked me was the attention paid to Felix Sabattes (sp?) comments. Unfortunately, many people have tied his comments to Charlotte.
  3. Congratulations to Charlotte. I don't actually have to go there, do I?
  4. I hope this comes true. I would love to see something similar to Copley Place. Of course, I think Charlotte has a similar mall, but it's underused. I'm still not fond of the HOF... I can't lie about that. I'm happy Atlanta won't get it. Sorry. I'll save my congratulations until after the announcement. I don't want to jinx it for the supporters. (I'm cursed that way....)
  5. I wasn't living here when the Bobcats deal was made. How much did the city give them? Here's the section that angered me: That, to me, sounds like asking for more money. Atlanta scrambling to come up with even more money for the HOF is another indication that NASCAR wants more.
  6. Am I the only one horrified by that article? They want more? All that Charlotte, Atlanta and Daytona have promised them and yet they still want more. I. Am. Outraged.
  7. No, I'm not speaking of major stories. It's always something small and sometimes very obscure. I once posted about something I heard read and 2 days later, it was a source in The Observer. I've seen small comments posted on this board end up in columns in The Observer. And yes, there are sometimes smaller stories that they miss, which are posted about here. 2 days later, there's a story in The Observer. It's small things, but they do cull these boards for info and ideas. This thread provided a lot of info for Observer staff as to what was going on in other cities regarding the HOF. Check some of the older NASCAR HOF articles against this thread. It doesn't happen all the time, but you can see a bit of a pattern.
  8. Metro, that's fantastic! Congratulations on the media mentions. I suspect The Observer doesn't mention UP is because they'd have to reveal one of their best sources of info. Lady_Celeste, perspective is everything. The perecption that Uptown is dangerous is actually a local issue. I've run into more than a few people who avoid going to Uptown at night due to that (unfair) belief. As for the HOF, there are some people who would rather see the HOF built in Concord or nearby instead of Uptown. It's like DT Atlanta. There are a lot of people who just work there and would never eat, shop or play in the area after work. Sad... Crispin, if you read UP regularly and you read The Observer regularly, you will see a connection between what is posted here and what is printed there. It's obvious (at least to me) that they use posts here for the articles. UP is a better source of info than what I've read in the local paper. That isn't true 100% of the time (The Observer gets a scoop every now and then), but Observer staff should give UP more credit than they have.
  9. Please tell me you're kidding. You cannot possibly take Fox 5 seriously. You just can't. Atlanta's media is mostly responding to Charlotte media comments about Atlanta over the last year or so. The Observer has been particularly bad. Of course, obsession with Atlanta is nothing new at the Observer offices. (I know they read this forum...) I guess you haven't been keeping up with Charlotte news lately... Haven't you heard? Uptown is dangerous. No one who values their safety and their property would dare go Uptown. Especially at night. [/sarcasm]
  10. I did. Thanks for your help. Cantnot, it's the poster formerly known as "girly".
  11. I'm not sure if any city is truly desperate for the HOF. I meant there are some crazy people in Charlotte who are taking the HOF issue too seriously. Like the people threatening to boycott NASCAR if Charlotte doesn't get the HOF. Or the people who are personally offended that NASCAR didn't immediately choose Charlotte over the other cities.
  12. There haven't been as many AJC stories about NASCAR HOF as there are Observer stories. The AJC is almost always critical of the HOF, at least very snotty about it, with the exception of the sports section. It was the AJC that sued over details about the HOF. I don't think they support it. I'm sorry, Charlotteans. Some of you do seem a little desperate for the HOF. That isn't a bad thing, really. It's just the impression some of you are giving, whether intentional or not.
  13. Erm, that is spring. I know it's hard to tell with the weather down here, but spring doesn't officially end until mid-June.
  14. Ha! We can start the "StevenRocks Hermes Tie Fund"... We can even have an UP telethon! Or would that be internet-a-thon?
  15. Atlanta does. It's currently in the Neiman Marcus wing at Lenox. Hermes has been in Atlanta since the 60s. Gee, Steven. Now we all know what to buy you for your next brithday! Oh, I have other news. It's not nearly as exciting, but J. Crew will test market their children's concept "store within a store" at the SP store. If you like J. Crew and have kids, I guess that's exciting news for you...
  16. Yes, WWD is subscriber-only. I suppose I could post part of the article... http://www.wwd.com/financial/article/104236
  17. You're welcome, Cantnot. I read the article really quickly, but I'm pretty sure it said Hermes would open this year.
  18. You're welcome, Steven. WWD confirmed Hermes will be opening at SouthPark.
  19. I read in a recent AJC article that quoted one of the Frances saying the aquarium was Atlanta's strongest point. He said that if the aquarium wasn't there, Charlotte would be a definite. Or something to that effect. Atlanta can pull the numbers they say. Especially with tourists, Atlanta is such a confusing place that they'll see something with bright lights and go in. I'd still rather see it in Charlotte. I'm not completely happy with what's happening to that particular area of Atlanta.
  20. The Atlanta store is being expanded. The new store will be just over 200,000 square feet. I came over here to post that Versace will not be opening in the NM wing. At least not when the wing opens. Versace is remodeling existing stores (mainly SE stores) and will start opening in new markest after that. They have their eye on new U.S. markets. I assume Charlotte has to be one of them. But it will be another 2-3 years before anything will happen. Nearly all Sephora's stores are on the small side. There isn't a significant difference in size between them. There are exceptions in the major markets like NYC, but the mega Sephoras are not common. You have to judge Sephora by the lines they carry. You can tell what they think of an area. If it's trendy or more grown-up and classic, for example. (Sephora is my mothership. I love that place.)
  21. Yeah, but living this close to the coast, it's easier to drive to get better seafood. In the time it takes to get a table at M&S, I think the trip to the coast would be faster. Restaurants I like? Mai and iRestaurant. Both Japanese. Mai is more traditional while iResaurant is more Asian fusion. But the latter is run by Hiroyuki Sakai's former sous chef.
  22. Prada intends to expand more in U.S., but their current focus is Asia. They're having some internal issues that forces them only focus on one thing at a time. PPR has kind of neglected Fendi in favor of brands like Gucci. Judging from the size of the expansion, I think Gucci, Hermes, A|X and something like BCBG. It can't be all high end stores. That doesn't suit the retail mix Simon wants at SP. I wouldn't be shocked if there was one high end store and 3 (or 4) mid end stores. I really don't see Chanel opening. At least not at this time. They're not big on mall stores anyway. They also like to be "special". They don't want to open their store when everyone else is. As for the Village -- I really believe there will be far more restaurants than retail. And most of the retail will be centered around everyday needs as opposed to luxury goods.
  23. I hadn't even noticed. I'm not a fan of Fila. Or Lacoste for that matter. (No offense to anyone who does like them. I feel that as a woman, I'm too old for one and too young for the other.) Stevenrocks, I PM'd you.
  24. Well, they did buy Burdines, which for a while was located in some smaller towns. They closed the smaller stores. Federated does operate in some small markets. Macon, GA comes to mind... Federated is determined to be what Sears or JCPenny once were -- America's Dept. Store. Only they want to do so with slightly better merchandise. Are you a WWD archive subscriber? They've done some great articles on Federated over the last year. People don't believe me, but they are THE authority on retail news. They always know what's happening before any other publications. As for Belk, I don't think their intentions are an issue. My point is Federated is a retail predator. ETA: I read a while back that a Fila store is opening at SP. In the new wing? (I haven't seen it. Never shop there.) A Polo store nearby seems like a natural.
  25. The Belk flagship. You didn't think Federated was going to leave a regional department chain untouched did you???
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