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  1. Metro, I think that may be the updated version of the site. Like I said, I last saw it in 2002. It was on a .gov site, but all they had was the map of proposed lines and about a thousand PDFs of meeting notes. Someone else told me the plan was discontinued, so I'm happy to see it's still on track. Thanks!
  2. Bloomingdale's will come! It just won't be in that crappy Hecht's space.
  3. I believe air fares in Charlotte are the seventh highest in the nation. That's not great, but prices are improving. I admit I was shocked when I moved here and had to fly out of Charlotte for the first time. It was actually cheaper for me to drive (or even fly) to Atlanta and take another flight from there. Memphis was cheaper, too. Re: the rail line from Charlotte to Macon. I asked about this in the Atlanta forum several months ago. IIRC, it's a part of a multi-state rail that would connect major cities in the SE. NC, SC, GA and TN were the most interested in the rail line. I love the idea of it. A 1-2 hour trip from Charlotte to Atlanta? That would completely change the south and its economy. Anyway, they've been discussing it since the 90s. I think the first proposed map was released in 2002. I haven't really heard much since then. They do have an official site. I'll try to find it. Oh, my point about the rail is that it would have a HUGE impact on airlines prices and the viability of the companies involved.
  4. I love the idea. However, I suspect it's really just a big ad. Good for Taubman. Get Disney to pay for your Christmas decorations. I still haven't made it to Northlake yet. I was waiting until The Grape opens, but I'll go up sooner to see the decorations.
  5. We're not talking about Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom. Federated does business their own way. I'm sure they are interested in opening a store in Charlotte. It's just not logical that they will do that in the immediate future. With no idea who Charlotte's customer is, it's too big a risk for them to open Bloomingdale's right from the start. If they had bought out Belk in the past, then I could see it happening. But with only one anchor spot right now, they'll open Macy's. Branding Macy's is more important to Federated right now than anything else. Plus, they'll have that other anchor spot when they buy out Belk. They can open Bloomingdale's there.
  6. More than likely it will become Macy's. It really doesn't make sense for Federated to open Bloomingdale's here yet. Every Bloomingdale's store is slightly different. The merchandise and marketing are tailored to its specific market. For example, some Bloomingdale's have more edgy lines. Others carry more conservative lines. The decision of what to carry is made based on the buying habits of that market. Opening a store with no idea of who Charlotte's consumers are or which consumers to target here is a huge risk for Federated. It's less of a financial risk to open Macy's, learn more about the customers and market then bring Bloomingdale's to Charlotte. I think eventually, it will happen. But it's going to take Federated some time to get to know us. I think in the future, Federated will find a spot for Bloomingdale's at both SP and NL malls. (Look out, Belk!)
  7. Thank you, Dubone. I always thought that was First Ward. It doesn't look that bad. I did hear crime around the hotels there has been increasing so maybe this new development will help. Honestly, the only ward I really know is Fourth Ward, but that's because I'm trying to buy a house there. It's perfect! Within walking distance to Uptown. Charlotte needs more neighborhoods like that to go with the condos.
  8. Bear with me. I'm still trying to understand which ward is which. But is 2nd Ward a depressed area?
  9. That was much nicer than anything I've ever seen written about Atlanta in The Observer. OT, but Pat McCrory is so cute! He needs to stop being mayor and become President. America needs a cute president. He's just way too cute to be limited to Charlotte. This is such an excellent point. I think this is what so many people are feeling in the NASCAR HOF cities. The turnout was small for Charlotte. I think that's very telling. If the HOF actually had as much support as we're being led to believe, there would've been thousands there. I'm not at all surprised at the low turnout in Atlanta. Unlike Lady_Celeste I don't remember the Four Seasons opening (we're the same age, but she has a much better memory than me), but aside from the Atlanta Child Murders I can't remember anything getting much buzz aside from the Olympics. The Olympics are the only time in my life that I've seen the city really pull together to bring an event to town. Even though I'm not a NASCAR fan, that does make me kind of sad. (OTOH, they did fall all over themselves when Ikea opened. Maybe it just takes more retail...) I know this is OT, but I am not at all fond of what is happening at Centennial Park. If Atlanta successfully establishes taht area as a tourist triangle, I worry what will happen to the poor neighborhoods adjacent to DT. And if Charlotte gets the bid, the same thing will happen here. Our cities have so much potential, but it's ideas like this, the HOF and increasing family friendly tourism, that is killing them.
  10. The Observer has an article today about the mall: http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/liv...le/12364019.htm Aside from the retailers, this mall seems a lot like International Plaza in Tampa. At one point, they even had something very similar to the sports court, but closed it down due to lack of use.
  11. A new development in Atlanta. The bid for the NASCAR HOF has to be open to the public. Well, it might become open to the public. Here's the story: http://www.ajc.com/news/content/business/0...4biznascar.html Now, back to work. *sigh* Oh, yeah. Don't forget to use bugmenot.com if you don't want to register to read the article.
  12. Yes, it has been discussed. I can't remember if it was this thread or another one. It's in my posting history if that helps. (I really overabuse smilies around here.)
  13. Shawn&Zae, I have no idea how to spell his name. But it was him. That was the reason she left the show -- A Current Affair or Inside Edition, whichever it was. It was mentioned again recently after that producer or writer sued him. I meant Islamic since that's what they said in the broadcast. It was something weird like "Islamics could be at Southpark mall shopping for shoes blah, blah, blah... " I wanted to watch their report warning me about the danger of Scientologists, but I think I missed that one.
  14. I only counted the stores within Charlotte's city limits. With the exception of the Super Target in Mooresville, I tend to do my Target shopping in Charlotte proper. I usually got to the Rea Rd. store. It's the nicest one I've seen here plus it's next door to Harris Teeter and Borders. I love that shopping center. It's the best strip mall in town.
  15. OMG. The last one was truly classic. Please tell me you made these up! Anyway, I don't believe racism in the media is a problem unique to WBTV or even Charlotte. It's pretty common everywhere, even places with high black populations like D.C and Atlanta.
  16. I agree. There are 3 Target stores here. They're all on the relative outskirts of town. I know som of you despise big box stores, but for many people it's what they can afford. I think it does help cut down on traffic and pollution somewhat when people can shop these stores nearby. I do hope Target and Home Depot build multiple floor stores since that will save a little space.
  17. Lenox was built as an upscale mall, unlike Lenox. Saks has been in that location since 1968, before Phipps even opened. (The mall was built around Saks.) The new and improved SPM was patterned after Phipps by Simon. In fact, some of the woodworking inside the mall was inspired by the decor at Phipps. Simon will continue to be more like Phipps simply because Simon will keep pushing in that direction. If another mall opens, it'll just be another mall to visit. SPM, like Phipps, will continue to be unique to the area for the most part. Especially considering some stores have exclusive contracts with Simon. From what I've seen and read here, SPM was more like the old Lenox. But when Simon bought it, all that flew out the window. To be honest, I don't remember the old Lenox or old SPM. Lenox "transformed" around the time I was born when Neiman Marcus opened. The new and improved SPM is the only one I know. To me, it's always been that way.
  18. I don't know about KC, but Atlanta's numbers are based in part on the area (touristy area near CNN, Olympic Park, GA World Congress Center, Philips Arena and several hotels) and two other attractions opening in the same area. The GA Aquarium and the new World of Coke will be located across the park from the proposed HOF location. In its present location at Underground, the World of Coke draws roughly 800,000 visitors per year. The GA Aquarium is expected to draw figures close to that after its inaugural year. I don't know how accurate the projections for the HOF are, but I know that's what they're basing attendance on. Not sure how much sense it makes that people would attend all 3 attractions.
  19. My apologies. I need to act like an adult not a child.
  20. Well, they did lie about the weather. The real scandal involved Coke. At the time, Coca-Cola was the Olympics biggest sponsor. Apparently, Coke told the IOC that they were considering pulling sponsorship of the games. That gentle pressure pushed Atlanta over the top. With the NASCAR HOF, Atlanta has already lined up a number of NASCAR sponsors to support Atlanta's bid. If they did something similar, I wouldn't be surprised. I found out when Atlanta is doing their tour. It's supposed to happen in August. I can't find any info on Charlotte, but I assume it will be around the same time, maybe July.
  21. I have seen it. We're hoping to buy a house in that neighborhood. You know, the little "urban enclave" with the fountain? I fell in love with that area when I first saw it. Very pedestrian friendly. I would be within walking distance of the NC Music Factory. I'm really excited about this project.
  22. Where exactly is this? And what's the history behind the NC Music Factory? I'm not sure I've seen this site before. Thanks. The rebdering is very nice. That's a place I'll definitely go when it opens. P.S. It'll be like Ybor City? Will the Music factory come with roving bands of boob groping frat boys as well??? I'm only kidding. My husband is from Tampa, so I'm allowed to bash it being in the family and all.
  23. I don't know what Atlanta is up to. But considering how secretive they've been, it can't be good. Perhaps they'll pull the old '96 Olympics trick again? So far, Atlanta has not released anything substantive about their bid. No rendering. No concrete info on the cost. Everything about their bid is purely speculation. So it's either very good. Or it's very bad and they need to hide it. I read Dennis Rogers' column. He does make some good points. However, I think he fancies himself as somewhat of a curmudgeon, so I took it with a grain of salt. Thanks for explaining why Charlotte wants the HOF. I appreciate it. I do have one more question: When the tour of the bid cities starts, in what order will they go? Alphabetical, random or what? ETA: Tomorrow's AJC has an article describing the economic impact the HOF could make.Economic impact on Atlanta pegged at $1 billion over decade The AJC got a copy of a study done by Deloitte Consulting that lays out what the HOF would mean in GA. According to the study, Atlanta (Or any city that gets the HOF?) could expect 1 million visitors the first year with a 5% drop after that decreasing attendance to 987,000. So, now we know where Atlanta got those numbers. It's entirely possibly Charlotte could pull similar numbers. It's interesting reading if anyone cares.
  24. I'm really having difficulty seeing how this is a good thing. I understand NASCAR is a very popular sport, but is a sports hall of fame the image any of these emerging cities really want to have? I swear I'm not being a snob. I just can't see how a hall of fame dedicated to any sport is great for a city that wants to be world class. Someone please explain this to me.
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