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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, a look into the future, as I have developed via the humble SketchUp: In the first image, Midtown as it looks today. In the second, Midtown when all currently under construction buildings are completed. Continued in the post immediately below this one. Next we have Midtown as it will look if all currently proposed buildings come to pass, and the last image shows what I call "informed speculation" on things like the 17th Street Selig development, the MARTA Arts Center redevelopment, and 12th and Midtown's last phase.
  2. Couldn't grab any good pictures, but based on the new rendering, I can say this thing is easily taller than One Atlantic Center. It's a simple but elegant blue square. Overall it should be a stunning addition, and the developer mentioned groundbreaking is planned for as soon as October!
  3. If 920 feet is the highest occupied floor (or thereabouts), then that will give this tower the distinction of highest occupied floor in the city. A good chunk of BoA is just ornamental height. I'll be going to this afternoon's DRC meeting, and I'm incredibly excited to see the new concept. It's been over a year since we've had fresh renderings. I'll try to post pics if I can get some decent ones.
  4. To the list of skyline changers, I would add Post Millenium. It's fairly tall (looks to be 300 feet or more from the renderings) and will be right on top of a hill, plus it's in a location that is currently populated by shorter structures. It'll have some visibility from the east, particularly out on Ponce, but the impact when viewed from the west will be quite substantial in terms of adding visual depth.
  5. I thought "Terminus III" the moment I saw the rendering as well. "Landmark" was a pretty egregious statement in light of the fact that, given that it isn't very tall, it isn't very original looking. Something along the lines of 1180 Peachtree was more what I personally was hoping for: narrow, understated, but with a bit of flair at the top. I guess I can't be too disappointed though, for all the reasons Lady Celeste outlined above. Between this and the Tech Tower (whatever its proper name is), the whole Tech Square sub-skyline will be a lot more light-blue and glassy in a couple of years hence. And a whole lot more vibrant to boot!
  6. I think you're exactly right about the Novare tower being pushed back for the sake of views. And yeah that seems like a missed opportunity for a more enclosed, urban corridor along 14th. That seems to be an unfotunate pattern around Midtown, with the exception of Peachtree, that most towers don't align to any common street front along blocks where there actually are contiguous structures. In any case the added density and height will be nice. Now to take bets on how much of this insane bumper-crop of towers actually goes vertical!
  7. ^ This 782 Peachtree being the roughly ten story apartment development on 5th? I'd assumed this one was practically dead. We've heard barely a peep about it this year. I would really love to see this one come to fruition though. It's no skyline changer, but it would definitely bring more vitality to the less on-fire southern part of Midtown.
  8. I've wondered this for some time and never seen it brought up, so hopefully someone can enlighten us. What's going on with the base of the office building on the Northeast corner of Peachtree and 3rd across from Solace? There have been screened fences up for, say, six or more months now? From the glimpses I'm able to get, all they've apparently done is install new windows. The entire building seems unoccupied as well. What's the deal here?
  9. From someone in the ATL to someone in the ATX, I have to say, I really enjoy following all of the developments going on in your city. The scale of what is going on in Austin is nearly unprecedented. It would be literally impossible to keep up all that's going on without something like what you do here. Keep up the good work!
  10. Looks pretty clear to me that the elevation is showing the silhouette of One Atlantic Center off to the left (and what looks like the pedestal of 1180 Peachtree to the right), and if that's to scale, we can assume the roof of Tower C will probably be almost exactly up to the golden tip of One Atlantic. So that's hopefully closer to 800'. Of course, regardless of exact height, this would be fantastic!
  11. Or themepark/waterpark! That really would be a perfect place without too much residential nearby to generate noise complaints, several hotels within a mile, great interstate access. Ooh if only I was an eccentric millionaire...
  12. Interesting and sad news. I wonder what kind of time table they are talking about for this. Also, did anyone bother scrolling down to read the cryptic comments made about the Northwood Mall? Apparently the zoning densities permitted there are very high and something like a six story mixed-use development is in the works. They went on to say that the whole area (whatever that means) will probably look quite different in five years. Can anyone shed further light upon these claims? They are very intriuging to say the least.
  13. Well *cough* maybe TLH 30 years from now *cough*.
  14. Yeah TD has it right. Downstairs they had what I guess was a tint on the windows. Now can you guess (or remember from past conversations) where this was?
  15. A shot of our downtown was shown on CNN tonight as they were reporting on the Democratic Primary do-over. They showed a shot of Monroe Street at College Avenue facing the Regions Bank and Suntrust. Kinda makes us look small....maybe they showed somwthing else before I tuned in but nonetheless, I've never seen a shot of our DT aside from the phallus on national TV.
  16. Nice....I like the urban feel this one presents with the reflection of the Highpoint and a building behind a building.
  17. That building is in Tally? I totally do not recognize it at all....
  18. Care to shed some light on that for the uncultured among us (me)?
  19. I really like that pic of the Highpoint. The building almost appears as if its glowing, more like a chapel than an office building. Nice work.
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