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  1. You know there are some people with reservations who still have the pricing from the VERY first time that Park was offered. Just think what kind of profit they will make. For that matter, everyone in the project has pricing from at least 1 yr 6 mths ago. They should at least just be able to sell when it is built and make some money.
  2. Oh my gosh this is going up. I can't believe either that it will be the same project. There are new people involved and I just can't see them having the money. When the park started they were asking for 10% of the sales price as a deposit. This is where they are getting a lot of capital. They already collected 5% and now that they have the permit, they can ask for the other 5%. So I guess they are probably still trying to get enough money for it.
  3. No one can get out of the project now that they have the building permit. Pete is holding everyone to their contracts.
  4. This project is such a joke. They had 18 months to construct and people could cancel without any penalties. I'm sure that a lot of people have already hit this mark and got their money back. Also, I hear that in May the rest of the people will have a right to cancel either in may or before. So by the time it comes, enough people will have a refund to get out of it. Does anyone know anyone still involved in this? I have a friend who is involved and can't get out of it until 18 months. Anyone else?
  5. I guess that I'm really confused. I didn't realize there were two seperate projects: The Avenue vs. the Vue. What are the physical addresses for the two?
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