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  1. Another tower crane in the near future????
  2. two lanes shouldn't be an issue. There's a two-laner in Winston Salem near Old Salem and while it doesn't handle the volume this one does, it does pretty well.
  3. I know that some state government agencies have moved out of the houses along Peace Street. We all know that the motor pool closed down, and I understand agencies in later phases of the project are beginning to tell employees to get ready for a move. We all know govt projects move slower than a snail on crutches.
  4. When should we expect any renderings on this one?
  5. They're the same. I expect chief will combine the two threads today.
  6. Old Time is on Hillsborough, which is not 54 at that point. It's still considered inside Raleigh. The bride over I-40 is the break between Cary (Chatham Street) and Raleigh (Hillsborough Street). Old Time is the best in West Raleigh. Pam's Farmhouse also serves BBQ, but it's TERRIBLE!
  7. I was just kidding.. At least F-street is open and they have a decent backdrop for their reporting. Even though it's a sensational trial, it's giving people around the world a glimpse at our downtown. All the junk that happened with that was in Durham. But, we should expect this from time to time. Botht he court of appeals and the state supreme court along witht he Captiol building are located on the northern corners of F-street.
  8. You been under a rock???? Nifong, the Duke LAX DA is on "trial" by the state Bar in good ol' downtown Raleigh.
  9. The crabtree developers could pull a Hanes Mall (Winston-Salem) and leave Belks as is and continue the mall as two stories right on past. At Hanes Mall, the J.C. Penney is square in the middle of the mall with two equal halves on either side. To get from half-A to half-B you half to walk right through the center of J.C. Penney. No doubt a great thing for them as you have to claw your way through numeroius sales tables, etc. and walk around the escalator hub just to get where you want to go in the mall. I don't know if this would work so well at Crabtree, unless the convenience center "ala Barnes and Nobles" was torn down and a secton rebuilt. However, that would one seriously LONG walk from Sears to whatever other anchor held the other end.
  10. They're digging up the parking lot between Jared and Wachovia... any idea what's going on there? I don't think that tearing this mall down would be good, but it's getting dated quickly, despite the recent (seemingly endless" attempts at renovation. I'm not quite sure what the solution is. The mall would require major retrofit to be converted to 2 stories and it is a bear to walk. However, i always can find what i need fairly quickly and i've never had a problem parking. This coming from someone who remembers the mall pre '89 expansion, when the mall consisted of the Belk-Dillards wing and the food court was sunken in at the location of the "triangle" of shops in front of Belk.
  11. Thinking about it, a BBQ festival may be just the thing to introduce F-street to a whole new group of folks who wouldn't want to come downtown anyways. Folks from the outlying areas may come to this and see what all has taken place in the past few years and find that downtown isn't so sleepy and dead afterall. Case in point, we took my father (who lives in downtown cary and is older) and my mother to 518 for mother's day. Before dinner, we drove them around to see what all has been going on. He remarked that the last time he went downtown was in 1999! except for a day of jury duty in 2004. After seeing everything coming up, he told me he wanted to come back and have more time to visit F-street and see the WTVD studio and check out some of the restaurants. I think the city would be very wise to have different types of festivals that appeal to different folks to keep the stream of people coming downtown. By brining in that variety, you're exposing people of all interests to what the dt core has to offer. I can't wait to see what else comes about as a result of the city plaza and as interest continues to grow.
  12. Ouch.. do i sense a yankee in the house? Anyways, I think festivals like this are great, but I do agree that more street activity is needed. Is there any update on potentially new stores, etc. I haven't heard any news on the Mint, F-street Tavern expansion or other restaurants, retail lately. I saw a sign for the eye care center in the space next to Crema..
  13. bring on the demo! the sooner the better for that area.
  14. As Chief elluded to, likely they'll eliminate elements than can be added rather easliy at a later date.
  15. don't tell me.. soon this will be midtown Cary, right?
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