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  1. I wish some of these new townhomes would have better outdoor living space. Is it to much to have a nice, huge rooftop deck? Or even some of the condos could have bigger decks off of them instead of a 1 or 2 person deck.
  2. A new office building has a sign up to be built on Hawkins St. and the corner of Doggett St. across from the Design Center. I work in this area and there seems to be a lot of vacant office space for lease. How is it possible to build even more in this area?
  3. Went to Common Market in southend last night. Really dug the outside patio, beer and good vibe. I was talking to a friend and he pointed out that with all the new luxury apartments going up it may change the vibe of Southend. I hope it won't but at the same time I'm glad things are moving in the area. I think it'll be a good change to have even more people in the area. What do you guys think?
  4. I like the South End idea. There is alot of land avaliable and the design could be expanded to a pro park. Plus there are thousand of apts. going up around the light rail.
  5. Totally agree. I rented in South End for a few years then bought a house here. My wife and I love it over here.
  6. I haven't been in the new trolley museum yet but from the pics doesn
  7. Does anyone know what point the trolleys were removed from the streets of Charlottes and why? Wilmore, Dilworth, Wesley Heights, Belmont and NoDa area all grew around this right? Seems like if NoDa area could get a trolley system back it would really benefit since everyone lives to one side of the strip of shops.
  8. Atl Raver please run for Mayor of this city! You got my vote.
  9. I feel ya. I don't want to pass judgment and be an old fart. Sanctuary is a really nice place to play pool and I do have alot of peeps that live in North Davidson area. Sometimes I miss the vibe of the old days. I just get mad that people that made the place what it is sometimes get forced out with the cost of prices rising: artist, beat niks, and shop owners. Hopefully "NoDa" can keep the vibe of the past alive and moving forward.
  10. Fat City was the heart of North Davidson. Now that it's gone there is no sole there anymore. KC is the mayor and the inventors of the NoDa realiestate boom need to get him back to make it real again. Without KC and Fat City it seems so depressing and lifeless to me. Although I do enjoy a good show at Smelly Cat but that is about the only reason I go there anymore.
  11. Totally agree. They should call it the 20?? Transit Plan. Then they could do it forever and everyone would be cool with it.
  12. Ashton is bringing down there big crane. Before you know it the light rail will look like were in Asia craming people in to get Uptown.
  13. Plus Picasso's and EBBG next door to each other.. weird? now we can bar hop on East Blvd!!!!!
  14. 1301 E. Morehead has been vacant ever since I can remeber. It has got to cost a fortune to renovate that place/add on. I always herd the place was full of asbestos thats why it sat for years. That has to cost some $$$$ to get rid of all of it. The new design is alright guess it looks like something you would see further down on W. Morehead near the Panthers Stadium.
  15. This building looks much better at night when it's all lit up. I'll try and put some pics of it up sometime.
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