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  1. I like the post tower here - looks original enough - not so much the novare copy & paste architecture. I went apt hunting in midtown this weekend since I'm moving back to Atlanta next week - my goal was to find anything decent for less than $1300/month. Apparently that is new bottom-rung figure for decent rentals in Midtown. My how rents have skyrocketed in the mere 7 months I have been gone. The unit I was leasing for $1200 in October now $1400!! Apparently Skyhouse South is full except for a 3-bedroom unit on the 2nd floor facing southeast (panoramic views of takorea and the boarded up ludacris diner). I am so discouraged
  2. Phase III cant come soon enough - I really want to see the 10th streetcar happen. Connecting Home Park/Gatech to Piedmont Park would be great. Depending on the time of day (or not) it can be impossible to cross the connector at tenth from the west side. I would love to hop on a streetcar to Rocky Mountain Pizza, then stroll down to Piedmont Park. Or as a techie living in Home Park it would have been so convenient to ride over to Trader Joe's for groceries. My aging Aunt Betty visited me one weekend and pointed out the old brick building on the ne corner of 14th and Piedmont recalling living there when she first moved to Atlanta and rode street cars everywhere throughout the city. It sounded like pure heaven! oooh and the Phase IV Boulevard streetcar - that would be a potentially beautiful ride.
  3. I LOVE the Coca-cola sign atop the adaptive reuse a few posts up... I like to see remnants of Atlanta-past in the urban core!
  4. Well - thats good. A 35-floor building would not add much to that area of midtown. I could not find a citation to the 51-floor count other than this website. The building in the photo is clearly not 51-stories if you zoom in and count them... I wonder what features of the rendering above will be 'taller' or if it will look anything like that. Yay for 50+ floors.
  5. I don't think 1138 Peachtree is going to be 51 floors unfortunately - I cant find any recent article naming the floor count. I know the original proposal in 2007 was 51 stories, but the rendering shown in the brochure shows something much smaller than the surrounding buildings, and from zooming in and attempting to count the floors in the rendering, it doesnt look like it could be taller than 35-floors. Resolution makes it hard to count the floors though, but I do like the design shown. http://flyers.cushmanwakefield.com/flyers/1138%20Peachtree%20Marketing%20Brochure.pdf
  6. ^^ to your point, I think it will be Atlanta's high line... in that it is bringing renewal for many forgotten neighborhoods and appreciation for the city with views of the city which have never been seen before by the vast majority of Atlantans. I can only imagine what it will do to the historically shunned neighborhoods near the West and Southwest segments.
  7. I am so excited that Atlanta is booming again. So sad that I had to move for work --- too many tech grads in Atlanta competing for the same handful of jobs. I'll definitely be back though. Talk about a culture shock from Piedmont/10th area to Albany, Georgia. I will try to keep the Georgia thread updated on Albany stuff and some Statesboro stuff too. I don't even recognize Statesboro it has grown so much in the 4.5 years that I have been gone - I wanna go take pictures maybe on Christmas day when no one is around. Albany actually has some interesting projects coming down the pipeline (no pun intended), but too early to report. I am thrilled that the Symphony Center site is being considered for two 50-story towers and one 58-story but really want to see rendering soon - the top-view photo looks a bit skinny for 50-floor towers in my opinion. Skinnier than the much shorter surrounding towers, including the "IBM" tower. I know the developer is Manhattan-based, and they have many extremely tall-skinny (scary in my opinion) looking towers in NYC, but I really dont know how that would be received in Atlanta, or compare to the skyline as we have known it for so long. If its a good design, I do hope that it tops out One Atlantic Center - we need something from the modern era in Midtown to complement the batman building (1180). I love the Lenox Square Apartments design!! We need more of that and less of boring McSkyhouse. The Cox building looks nice, and I am super excited to find out what State Farm has in store for Perimeter.... if its going to be a landmark - will it be a landmark for PC? or a game-changer for the entire Atlanta skyline? I am anxious to know!! And I know I am all over the place here, but the townhomes being built at Piedmont and 10th next to Blake's are freaking amazing!!!!!!! Maybe if I win the lottery someday, I can have one.
  8. I worked on one of the "Second Airport" site-selection sustainability impact analyses - and our project aimed at finding the best site for the addition... from Chattanooga, Dawson County, Paulding County, I think there was one in DeKalb and/or Gwinnett and then we looked at expanding Hartsfield... of course we couldnt find anything positive about adding another airport to these areas since we were measuring environmental, economic, equity implications. So we started looking at which site would have the least negative impact. Expanding Hartsfield won that competition mostly because it has already been developed as the pollution/noise hub and what's adding a little more compared to bringing it to the Appalachian Mountains. I'm sure other studies were done - but I'm thrilled to see they are choosing to expand the current airport than razing Dawson County. I will note that a large part of the "Second Airport" focus was to concentrate more on freight travel than passenger - so Im not 100% sure if the 6th runway is responding to that need or just expanding for future passenger growth. I did think putting it in Chattanooga was interesting though since that might help rehabilitate the Atlanta-Chattanooga maglev project.
  9. As for 867, I figured it would be a slightly taller 905 Juniper... which is fine... I am so glad we are seeing more condo's in Atlanta, and I'm pleased they are so much larger - I feel sorry for the units on the east/south side staring at a slab parking deck and surface pay lots. I do not know why on earth Jamestown has decided to switch to luxury rentals when the type of development they are creating in PCM will be a live-work-play area unlike any in the region (I don't think Atlantic Station counts because it feels too much like a theme park than anything organically urban). I really do not think that Atlanta has the numbers to sustain all these luxury apartments once the banks begin lending again. Most of the high end rentals are being utilized by film crews for living and productions space. Someone is going to have to start offering median income units at some point, God forbid affordable housing for us commoners who want a piece of the American dream. The intown housing marking for buyers is so slim now... sure there are plenty to choose from but quality units in convenient locations are difficult finds right now. Even the less desirable or "up & coming" areas like "SoNo" (lol) are evaporating. They keep announcing that 12 Centennial is out, but then another "new unit" pops up - who knows what's up with that. I am ready to see some mixed-income or affordable housing around Midtown, even if its a less convenient location where walking is involved. Jane Jacobs would want that.
  10. I was shocked when I read the above announcement and disappointed that I have one fewer starbucks option in a multi-block radius. First world problems at its best. I will say that I am THRILLED to see that the UP threads for Atlanta are starting to heat up again... I remember in 2006, it seemed like a new tower everyday or several were being announced with pictures galore. Other than Lenox Mall updates, I have not seen much action on this site for some time... but glad to see that has changed now. I will try to help be "eyes on the ground" in Midtown since LC is in NYC now it seems. these emoticons are so cute btw.
  11. While I am definitely not for the new stadium getting built, I really like this design the best. I think it helps add some pizazz to the Atlanta skyline (even though its not a highrise). I am disappointed that my graduation hall will be demolished though. The other design looks too "college"-ey to me. It is also boring and conservative in my opinion.
  12. While not earth-shattering I think the Hyatt looks pretty nice for Perimeter area. They just finished a pretty uninteresting Hyatt House off Interstate North Parkway in Galleria area. This one looks much sexier.
  13. Not to fact-check ya but I wonder who is billing this as even a large film studio? Medient Studios just inked a $>300-million development deal for a 1,500 acre megastudio halfway between Savannah and Statesboro in Effingham County - to be the largest movie studio in the United States. The first phases will employ 400-1200 initially. Perhaps the Gwinnett studio at 400k sq ft is why its being billed as largest since Medient's sound stages will only have 250k sq ft. http://savannahnow.com/effingham-now/2013-03-19/90-million-movie-studio-slated-effingham#.UcJWmflOOCg "Medient bills the complex as “the largest movie production facility” in America. The first phase of the project will include 16 soundstages in various buildings totaling about a quarter of a million square feet." and "Architect Shaleen Sharma, from Delhi, India, said he was told to “dream big” when designing the complex, which includes tall “trees” with solar panels on the top. The trees will light up at night and have waterfalls inside them. The entrance to the complex will be a tall bridge over the wetlands, which will end on the sixth floor of the main building. A feature called the “leaf” will be a glass covering a more than 300,000-square-foot area where large concerts, for 25,000 people, can be held. Sharma said the leaf will be visible from I-16. It will include an auditorium that will seat about 9,000 people." I think this project is great news for Georgia and even Atlanta as this studio will provide more opportunities for SCAD-Atlanta students perhaps via summer internships in Savannah or whatnot. With the mean salary of studio workers at $39,000 (which is very significant in Southeast, Georgia where $50k-household income is considered good). A two-employee household could easily bring in six figures given they are not cafeteria workers. If SE Georgia grows enough maybe we'll get a Atlanta-Savannah train. lol. As for the above studio in Gwinnett... I would prefer it be somewhere intown, but I suppose it'll be something for Peachtree Corners teenagers to stay out of trouble with auditioning for extra roles. Anything to bring down the unemployment numbers too - so we can vie for our intown jobs locally.
  14. Thats correct - I keep forgetting about the highrises near west peachtree. I usually access Arts Center from Peachtree which is the opposite vibe. I guess that to me, Atlanta may not have the ability to develop a true TOD since so many residents are single occupancy drivers. Lindbergh is probably as close as we have right now, but there is so much surface parking in the vicinity and with congested Piedmont right there it doesnt feel to transity lol.
  15. This is very exciting! After all these months of nothing on the up forum except new lenox store rumors. Im excited for a variety of reasons. 1). More apartment units in Midtown - which has been a huge criticism of the MA Blueprint plan lacking significant residential planning. Also, this may help keep my rent where it is since there is more competition. Also, part of the new economy that is to develop from the recession we are currently in (and this is not just an aspect of being in the recession, but actually part of the new era coming after) is a growth in the appeal of renting rather than buying. In today's 21st Century economy, the Baby Boomers are settling into their American dream, but the Millennials are going to be more rent-focused due to the fact that lifetime-careers seem to becoming something of the past. Millennials are expected to change careers every 3-5 years, including relocating as well. Owning a home, as great and stable as it may be, is going to be somewhat of a liability to this new generation of workers whose vertical mobility keeps them on the move. Its great to see that developers are now catching on (of course more are just doing so due to our current lending climate) but investing an entire mid-highrise building for rentals from the initial planning stages rather than as a mitigation strategy is very telling of what the future of housing and migration patterns will emerge. Very exciting. 2). It will be great to see cranes in midtown again! 3). Im also excited that these buildings are creeping closer and closer to the Arts Center MARTA station. Its about time that Atlanta starts focusing on increasing density at its train stations. Why on earth is there a station in Midtown with nothing except a few boutique midrises lining peachtree near it? Arts Center needs more density and if within two blocks is all we get right now, then Ill take it! Also, these developments will make West Peachtree a little less creepy which is good. Someday Atlanta will have a real TOD. Dont know when thatll be, but Im crossing my fingers. The hotel thing though - while its going to be great for that current eyesore intersection, makes me think of a Taco Bell Pizza Hut KFC - and makes me laugh a little. I think its a bit corny and awkward, but again, itll add to the interstate view.
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