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  1. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Calls to UP Development indicate the REI / Whole Foods were mistakenly included with Fashion Square --- instead they are part of a proposed new development in WP - that makes more sense - but where in WP I would love to know... Also Target owns the Colonial and Maguire site -- they make a lot of profit that way and that makes me think they won't be moving across the street. But overall great changes for good old Fashion Square ;-)
  2. scottggilbertREALTOR


    I found dirt moving / site work being done when I drove down Mills today - Fresh Market time finally! ;-)
  3. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Florida Mall/Mall at Millenia

    I always heard the original plans called for an entertainment / restaurant area as described - in the same format as Bay Street at International Plaza in Tampa--- the hill was to be excavated like Bay Street with parking below... Heck I would just love some covered parking there - even Fashion Square has a parking structure ;-)
  4. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Used the new lanes on 95 in Miami last week to get from downtown to the turnpike at rush hour - a great option that really saved me some time - absolutely no reason to be afraid or negative ;-)
  5. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Good on the positive - but on the negative, the Sentinel reported the purchase and expansion plans are off for the Dixie Stampede property - anyone want a dinner theater?
  6. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Does anyone have to 411 on the former Midnight Blue space on Washington in Thornton Park? I heard a rumor of a sign indicating a burger place was going in --- with the small kitchen - but great outdoor space - we might have a winner this time?
  7. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Hmmm - my guess is if the gas prices continue rise to crisis levels - some are saying 10-15 a gallon - the state / feds will have to step in and "take" the line during commuter times for "the public good".... that and our "green" governor better step in soon or he will loose all credibility! Any word of public rallys in favor of getting the rail deal done now?
  8. scottggilbertREALTOR


    And yet imagine a new hip addition to downtown in that area --- where else is there somewhat affordable and basically undeveloped land within the core of downtown. Picture mid rise loft apartment buildings and more hip restaurants / bars - kinda like the current Orlando Brewery...
  9. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Luma on Park Avenue in Winter Park is a "sister" restaurant to One Midtown Kitchen and Two Urban Licks out of Atlanta - same owner / invetors - the food is trendy and the atmoshere is incredible - check out the wine celler and then make sure you go to the bathroom - you will see what I mean ;-)
  10. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    Not that everyone agrees that downtown encompasses more than the central business core --- but don't forget the age old dream to close down Executive Airport and make it the "central park" of Orlando --- this would be a nod to the higher building proponents as well ;-)
  11. scottggilbertREALTOR

    The Plaza

    I was in St Pete a few months ago on a Saturday night and the whole movie / dinner complex was over-run by teens hanging out - otherwise looked sad and empty -- my vote is definitely for more of an art-house + a few blockbuster movie company like Landmark or Rave.
  12. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Not much of a choice - Rollins bought the building and is kicking them out - wonder what are the "ultimate" footprint plans for Rollins???
  13. scottggilbertREALTOR

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Not 100% sure - but my understanding is that the Disney family donated for the PAC in LA --- not the corporation - anyone know for sure???
  14. scottggilbertREALTOR

    The Plaza

    I took a walk around the building last night - one question - one concern!!! Where are the restaurants going besides the Italian restaurant - Bola? - on the NW corner and Urban Flats on the SW corner --- are the rest of the restaurants promised going to be on the second floor??? Also, saw a sign at the entrance to the parking garage - "Parking - $10 Dollars - All Night" - I am not sure any of us are ready to pay $10 to park there - I sure hope the restaurants and movie theater will be validating - otherwise Urban Flats in Winter Park works and so does the theater at Fashion Square - both with free parking
  15. scottggilbertREALTOR

    The Plaza

    Sorry to report - I was with a relator yesterday - he got his third call since the announcement - people trying to decide if they should close or if they should just walk away from their deposit --- thinking there may be more builder units available soon...