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  1. El Chico closed last night. Signs were taken down first thing this morning.
  2. Didn't see a thread for the strip mall across from the new Malco but it is shaping up very nice. Larry's Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery, and a fairly large IO Metro store to name a few. Have heard they are trying to land a Sports Bar type restaurant for the end cap the fronts Joyce.
  3. Exactly. When tax increases get voted down they look to downsize or cut programs that are popular to entice voters to pass it the next time. Its politics and occurs everywhere. Schools cant get taxes passed for more money, go out and redistrict schools in the high priced neighborhoods. Not saying this is always the case but in the last 2 weeks this is what our local school board and council have been spinning. Hard to believe that there aren't other areas in the budget they can't cut to find this shortfall. Lets be honest though, everyone on that council knows they aren't going to cut the xmas lights, they are just stirring the pot so they can say had no choice when they push that millage increase on everyone.
  4. Wasn't there an old theater behind that gas station at the corner of Rolling Hills and College. I believe Dixie Development had offices there at one point. If I remember correctly that was a 1 or 2 screen theater back in the 80's.
  5. That site will forever be remembered as 'The Dome' for those of us that went to the UofA in the 80's and 90's.
  6. Other than the Kirby's/Shorty Small's location, what other restaurants on the eastside of Joyce have not lasted very long. I can only think of Panera and El Chico and both have been around for a while. Other than those 2 I can't think of any other restaurants in that area.
  7. The Greens in Fayetteville and the Links in Rogers could both be considered low income.
  8. Looks like Larry's Pizza is coming to Fayetteville, over in the new Steele Crossing strip mall off of Joyce. This is a LR based buffet pizza restaurant that is similar to Cici's.
  9. All that pipe work could be due to the extension of Vantage Rd. I had heard the city was going to extend Vantage, crossing Mudd Creek, and connecting it to Millsap. This might be city work or a requirement by the city rather than a P&G decsion.
  10. Don't have the link, but there was an article on the front page of the NWA Times today about all of the new restaurants opening in '07. Was glad to read that a Chick Fil A is going in at the intersection of 6th Street and Razorback Rd.
  11. They have/had been doing a lot of construction on their new patio out front and the sign was just there so that people knew they hadn't closed down while all of that was going on
  12. Bangkok Diner (sp?) is the other Asian restaurant and is right next door to Wasbi. The new restaurant going into the Legacy building will also be an Italian joint.
  13. Had dinner there last Friday, full bar service was available.
  14. Although it is great that Rogers/Bentonvilles has a 'true' mall now, I think the Promenade really lost an opportunity to distinguish itself as "THE MALL" for the NWA area just so the developers could make a quick buck. More than 90% of the stores are also located in the NWA mall and I think the developers had an opportunity to create a unique (Utica Square) mall that would differentiate itself from NWA Mall. As much as everyone likes to think their town (Fay, Spr, Rog, Bent) as better than the other, the fact is we really are 1 large market. NWA mall already has established retail stores for most of the demographics in this area where as the higher income demographic are still under served. If the Promenade hadn't forced their ridiculously high rent prices on everyone then some of the "higher end" stores might have come to NWA. We then might have had 2 unique malls that serviced the entire region rather than two malls the same, now we have more of the same. And although the outdoor atmosphere of the Promenade is great, those stores won't keep anymore of Arkansas tax dollars from going out of state (OK. MO, or TX) when people wamt to shop at Macys, Pottery Barn, J Crew, Williams Sonoma, etc. Don't take this the wrong way. its about time Roger/Bentonville got a nice mall, but if we want to think of ourselves as an emerging market then a 20 min drive between 2 malls that support totally different demographics shouldn
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