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  1. Growing up during the 70's / early 80's in Asheville....Carowinds (I thought it was spelled Carrowinds until I moved here in the 90's - never got that Caro was for Carolina) was always a trip I would look forward to. Church youth group crammed in a van with no AC, school weekend trip on a big yellow school bus driving 30 mph down the interstate and then eventually driving with friends when I was a teenager - I always remember hitting 2-lane I-77 south and knew it wasn't much longer until I could ride White Lightening, Thunder Road, the Eastern Airlines Skytower and jump over the line from NC to SC at the main entrance. I went the first year it opened and every year throughout childhood. After moving here, spent another 20 or so years taking my kids all summer including the water park. Jimmy Buffett concerts were the greatest - would camp out in my car at the main entrance waiting for the gates to open to get a shot at great seats. What a wonderful attraction to have so close and for so many generations to take advantage of. Its never going to be a Disneyworld - and don't want it to be - but it is exactly what this region and the Carolinas need. The OP may be trolling, but this thread brought back some great memories!
  2. I agree with you 100% - its about common sense. Regardless of one's view on masks at the time, if early in the crisis you as a business owner deemed that as a requirement of doing business, you had every right to do so and people should either respect it or choose to do business elsewhere. While much of the reaction in the beginning (closures, stay at home orders) was due to the unknown, it is unfortunate that that we could not come together as a country and find common ground, agreement and compliance on safety measures to keep things open, protect the vulnerable and lesson transmission with the general population until the vaccines arrived. What you describe does that - a common sense approach. Our political divisions then and now continue to be a hinderance to achieving this but its on both sides of the spectrum. Its not just the "you ain't gonna tell me what to do" Americans, but also "I'm smarter and more virtuous than you and you are going to do as I say" Americans. Politicians have always created divisions but Americans have in the past transcended politics, I wish we could do so today and become one America again.
  3. Nice video but unclear as to what that has to do with my comment? We were told not to wear masks in March of 2020. That’s a FACT. We were told 15 days to slow the spread but here we sit a year later. That’s another FACT. I had no political commentary in there whatsoever and never brought up Trump. However, I assume your post and video was another “orange man bad” commentary meant to end any discussion and debate that doesn’t fit a narrative or makes you uncomfortable. Which is par for the course these days and a sad commentary on where we are. I would still like to understand from @Windsurfer the comment re: masks and how in March of 2020 not wearing them caused us to shutdown. I’m curious and would like to engage in a discussion. Don’t need a Trump video.
  4. If we had "done that in the beginning"? You mean March of last year - the same month we were told by the CDC, Fauci and the media that masks should not be worn / were not necessary for the general public? Businesses were not closed because people refused to wear masks. They were closed because we didn't know what we were dealing with and we needed "15 days to slow the spread". 15 days. Its been a year.
  5. Agree. I love both Haberdish and Crepe Cellar, but they both have never had much of a local beer selection. Have not frequented Growlers Pourhouse so not sure if they provide a broad selection there. Let’s hope Supperland ups their game with more local choices.
  6. Marriott at UNCC - 1 crane Park Road - 1 crane 25 now.
  7. The new Farmington development - just up 485 at Rocky River / Harrisburg a few minutes from Mint Hill - will fill that retail gap. Dirt is turning now with a lot of activity. New road is already being cut through.
  8. Ingles is in the metro Atlanta market, albeit not a large footprint. They do prefer the smaller urban markets such as Greenville and Asheville (where they are based) and then of course the more rural areas where they may be the only grocer besides Food Lion. I think they are doing quite well though and not sure why their market areas have a bleak future - I see the opposite. Are you saying you don't see them surviving at all or that they are a target of acquisition?
  9. Drinking it now and I concur. Best hazy IPA I think I have had. Ever.
  10. Good article packed with information. Potential for CLT - China service, mentions the possibility of AA expanding CLT to Europe with the smaller planes, O&D traffic continues to grow. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tedreed/2019/06/28/could-charlotte-get-flights-to-china-and-europe-thanks-to-new-beijing-airport-and-airbus-a321xrl/
  11. Jacksonville's city population is inflated due to it being a consolidated city-county. The numbers reflect almost the entire population of Duval county. Indianapolis is a consolidated city-county as well, but their county (Marion) land area is much smaller than Duval. Jacksonville's population density is half that of Indianapolis and Charlotte.
  12. Atrium already does significant research - this will broaden and expand that and open up additional opportunities which come with being part of Wake Forest University. This is very different from the branch program with UNC.
  13. 25 by my count: Uptown 9 (KJHburg count), Southpark 6 (KJH), Novant Presby 3, Atrium Midtown at Kenilworth 1, Park Road 1, University City 1, Providence Rd 1 (was still there 2 weeks ago), Southend 2 and then Unknown 1 (I see this one way off in the distance from my office in Midtown, looking towards the southwest).
  14. First post for me here on UP! Wanted to share this write-up on Charlotte's developing food scene. http://www.foodrepublic.com/2015/11/16/can-charlotte-nc-become-a-great-food-city/
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