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  1. I take these posts back.... http://www.charlotteeagle.com/
  2. Thus why I am still loving the Plaza Midwood area - Can go to any of the bars here and dance and hang out and drink with whoever whenever. Lol it would be funny to see something like that happen at Snug. But eh thats how it is. Let them screw up their clientelle.
  3. Well the good thing could be - that if liaisons picks a plaza midwood location and decides to reopen, then that will help out immensely. In case anyone doesn't know, check this out: In Plaza Midwood area: Petra's - Piano Bar - More on the Gay friendly side, but is an open establishment. Dish - not necessarily a bar and not necessarily gay, but the bar in the back of it is a great place for folks to gather. Same with Common Market. Snug Harbor - though it is mostly a band venue, there are the shows that take place each thursday night called Shipwrecked. Generally there is a drag number and a large amount of the clientel on Thursdays is lesbian, and some gay. Then add in Thomas Street which is not a gay bar, however I have never felt uncomfortable hanging out there on a weekend night. So the diversity is already there, but adding some new flavor would definitely help with the area, and a few more bars or social areas (not necessarily all gay, but definitely gay friendly) will help boost this.
  4. Wow swamp, the site is looking amazing. You've been working hard on it. I need to pop over to Carowinds Connection and see what all the buzz is - I'll check it out after playing on the site. Thanks for bringing it back up.
  5. Lol - Yes they were obviously there - I gave my two girlfriends hell because they both showed up wearing Red Shirts.
  6. I had fun as always - nice to see that we picked up Logo on Time Warner (Though I'm not a subscriber any longer). I missed my Chicken on a Stick though - didn't see it at all while I was there. Happy there is a bojangles there now though - the constant flow of soda really helped out. The Drag Show was awesome this year - it didn't feel as abbreviated as it had been feeling over the past couple of years. Good Times
  7. I actually enjoy living in Charlotte as a gay man. Maybe it is because there isn't so much "in your face" here when it comes to the gay community standing out. Everyone just sort of blends in with everyone else. Sure I have some of the same wishes that a lot of the gay community has, benefits, rewriting of the whole marriage concept(note I do not say gay marriage), but I like that (and this is solely in my experience) that I know and am friends with a great mix of people, not gay, not straight, not goth, not business professional, but just a nice harmonious mix. I'm not going to be the first person to scream for gay rights this or that because honestly the rights that we should have are all inclusive, and to ask for one is to ask for all. I continue to go to events like Pride and to gay bars, but I guess my approach is different as with Pride, its a like minded festival with good food, or with bars its cheaper drinks and atmosphere - not necessarily gay, but just comfortable because I know people or I enjoy the pool tables or the music - which is something we do lack in this city is a good place to go hear good dance music without being on a weeknight or Sunday or without it being in an uncomfortable Jock and Jill bar. Maybe I'm a little off the topic here, but all in all I am one who enjoys being gay in the Charlotte area. I'm sure there are more here that just don't feel the need to speak out because other than the issues that are on the more larger scale, we have what we need to sustain our lives and live comfortably.
  8. Hi all, I read this board a lot but rarely post. I wanted to say that I attended yesterday's Pride festival and was very happy that I went as always. Granted by the end of the day I was miserably tired from the heat. The protestors were only on the Trade Street side of the festival this year which was a plus since I was parked on the 5th street side of the festival. So I never actually saw them. Turnout was great, and I even saw quite a bit more straight attendees this year which shows that we are getting more support in our community. I still dream for the day that we can have a festival as strong as others... like the sheer size of Piedmont Park in Atl providing a much larger festival. But I'm proud of our city and I am definitely proud of the support that we receive here. I recall standing back and thinking at the festival... looking at the children in attendance, thinking that one day these kids are going to grow up and maybe in that time think "I danced in a dance contest as a 7 year old at a festival for what was called 'gay pride'. Can you believe that people actually had to hold festivals like this in order to raise their voice and be heard?" I dream for this day.
  9. Oh nice... definitely on my way there now to sign up. Thank you Chris
  10. Hi all, new here.... Have stumbled accross this board a couple times in my searches for items about Carowinds, looking to see if any new developments are in store for the future. Well noticing that the park had been bought by Cedar Fair excited me, but I just wonder how far it will go. Here are some of my thoughts on the park and where I would like to see the park go in the future: I have been an ongoing visitor to the park since I was 6 in 1986. I'm a bit younger then a lot of the members that have posted on this board, but have experienced a lot of changes to the park. Ah...Smurf Island... I'm now 26, have established myself in the company that I work with, and plan on sticking around here for a long time. I now live in front of the Wal Mart on S. Tryon and Arrowwood Rd and was finally able to acquire a season pass this year. We have gone to the park religiously weekly, sometimes bi and tri weekly since we have acquired the pass. I am looking forward to next weekend as I am going with friends to Kings Dominion in Virginia. I am quite excited as I have seen a map for this place and love the similarities between the two parks, and am just amazed by the size of the park and where it can go from there. So with that said...here are a couple of my current opinions on the park: Favorite Coaster: Top Gun...I can ride this ride over and over again and love it each time. Just this past thursday, I rode the Front seat for the first time in years and completely forgot how crazy wild that seat can be. I have been more partial to the last seat over the past couple years just due to the faster pull...But as this random tourist said recently...."I bet the view from the front is amazing" I have to agree... its better than staring at the seat in front of you. We never go to the park now without hitting up TG and Thunderroad first. The second car on the backwards ride recieves the best air time. And the front of the forwards ride is just scary. I won't touch Drop Zone or the Sky Coaster... Too afraid of suspended heights. The borg... its eh... well its kind of a good idea... It just has the feeling of power... but the ride itself is a waste. Its too slow, it drags a bit, the line is long, its too short. And its a hand me down....whoopie. I do like the borg theme. But the ride will loose its shine soon. It still has a bit of an oooh ahh factor. On the side note of it stinking... I haven't noticed thisyet... BUT they can at least add some fountains throughout the water to give some flow to the water so it doesn't turn into that green color. Or just get rid of the water.... Though it does have a long history root in the park... its not necessary any longer. I'm still a fan of the classic rides....in the Carolina Boardwalk. And the Thrill Zone I am loving this year. When are we getting a Sling Shot? :-) Now that I have the time... I have been going through and picking out things that I think others have mentioned in this board and other boards about "historic" remnants of old rides. I have found the pole at Gold Rush, the Entry at the restaurant in Boardwalk for the Flyiers... I am still a little unsure about hte other shuttle base at the Nickelodeon Center Gift Shop. I love finding this stuff though. So here is a thought of mine... Something I have actually been toying with myself, though I am not a writer, I do have experience writing training manuals that work and a book like this could be something I could tackle. A few years back, Disney had a book about their anniversary that had Pictures of construction of the park, and history of the park. It was a very nice Coffee Table book... and Carowinds could certainly benefit from one. There is a lot of history in this park and it needs to be shared. I love the website online that has all the pictures and think that a team up with this person could be most beneficial in writing this book. IMPROVEMENTS. So now that Cedar Fair has taken over the park... what could this mean for the future? Who knows? Well we won't really know for a while and we also know that there isn't much left for the park as far as Zoning goes. But forget the Zoning Laws. What would we really want to see happen. I know some things that I would like to see happen. Purchasing of more land and change of Zoning Laws. We need the park to be bigger. There are many places around that need to just be rezoned and some things just need to go. If I offend any business owners in that area I apologize, but everything on the East Bound Side of Carowinds BLVD past I 77 just looks like an eyesore. Lets move the Fireworks Stores down a little, and use some of that land for the park. Maybe even move the actual Camp Ground Site to this side of 77. I know that people like where it is now because of convenience to the park, but I have an answer to that. So we just opened up the Campground space. Now lets talk about the parking lot. I love the park. It holds a place in my heart. But lets face it... That POOR POOR parking lot. Heck... I think the Carowinds parking lot alone is the reason that I had problems with my Car Inspection this year:-) The parking lot just needs to be revamped. Why exactly are all the businesses in the other side of the parking lot accross the way... The Mall, etc. I know they recieve some business from the park... but do they really do that well? They look like they are falling apart like the parking lot is. I'm sorry again.. but these need to go. Froogle... I love you....but lets move you across the street so your customers don't get stuck in traffic jams when they are trying to leave. OK so now... We have MORE area for parking. Curve the road as soon as you come into the park... "Gate" that entry as in add a crap load of trees and fencing around so you have an element of surprise on your way into the park. I take this thought from the old days at MGM before the tower of terror and all you could see was the Mickey Mouse Ears upon entry into the park. It added that element of surprise. Bring the entry road behind the Wendys and the Gas stations and as far to 77 as legally possible, then drive it back to the back of the parking lot. Leave the Bus Parking Lot there. The Hill of Grass that turns into parking lot during Scarowinds and the US Open... Level that out....and match it to the parking areas of the mall.... Take about Half of North Gate Parking Lot level all of this area of the new parking. Near where the bus parking lot is now... Make your Entry Gate into the Parking lot similar to the one that exists now. At this Gate... will also be a local bus hub as well as a hub for the light rail... This will take work from city planners as well. Bring Back the Monorail.... Or use Portions of Light Rail... that also extend to the "New" Camp Ground Area... This will be used to tolley visitors to the front gate. Now... Extend the park at the front gate more to the front... making it bigger and giving it a "Main Street" kind of feel of ol. Here is what else has happened: Room for Park Expansion in the Campground Area. Room for Park Expansion at South Gate. More Roller Coasters could be built. The borg would need to be moved definitely. Keep Main Street Divided by NC and SC. Bring back the train that used to go under the bridge. Create more themed areas for the parks much like Kings DOminion. Totally encompass the park by the train. And the rest is up to your imagination. I myself am more impartial to have divisions of the park... keeping more to a theme...much like the original concept of the park. But I also like the idea of thrill rides... There must be a way to marry these two ideas that could work very well for us. And though Cedar Fair loves the branding idea of rides... I myself get tired of them... When was the last time you felt like a Borg was going to assimilate you on that ride? Keep the names true to the rides and IF you go with theme... Go into more details with the theme. I would really like to see comments about this post... If I need to move it elsewhere or start a new thread, someone help me with where would be the best place to post this as I am new to the board and just saw this thread already in existance. Enjoy Chris
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