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  1. Hadn't realized it, but the Big Chill in Rogers has been closed since end of October. Damn Good Pies in Rogers is closed. https://www.facebook.com/damgoodepies
  2. I was waiting for that. Whataburger was the last straw.
  3. Yeah, I knew about the one in Fayetteville, but that vanished a long, long, long time ago...and yet the commercials kept coming. :)
  4. Good God. That finally explains why we keep getting Steinmart commercials when the nearest is far, far away.
  5. I suppose that's a possibility. Tried Smokin Joe's once. It was okay. Haven't really found any BBQ I care for here.
  6. Yeah, I had a brain drain there. Meant to say that they probably couldn't compete with the nearby Dickey's. Never cared for Famous Dave's
  7. Cheezy's was owned by the people next door and they held onto it until they could do something else. Isn't that a Famous Dave's by the mall? I think the small store worked best for them.
  8. Yeah, I didn't see anything in Arkansas, either. Wonder if the same people owned the Ft. Smith one?
  9. Last I passed by, their signage looked like it was gone and there was a big garbage bin in front Just checked. The Bob Evans website no longer lists them.
  10. So Pei Wei is open, but Bob Evan's is closed. Not a surprise about the latter. Wasn't run well at all.
  11. The new pizza place near Taco Bell is open
  12. Can't say for certain, but I thought I saw work on the Whataburger site by Pleasant Crossing. Anyone know?
  13. Yeah, that's what they said. Deluxe should open in about three weeks, by the way.
  14. They just finished the landscaping recently. I believe they are just waiting their turn in the Pei Wei line, so to speak.
  15. So, as I posted on the Pleasant Crossing topic, Gusano's now open where Mad Pizza was
  16. La Madeleine Country French Café coming to Arkansas, at least according to this (sorry, just linking to the headline. You have to sign in for this one) http://www.nwabusinessjournal.com/whispers
  17. Wouldn't it be good for them to finish the hotel first?
  18. No, Haverty's is going by Pleasant Grove, I think. Furniture land is developing.
  19. Yep, Core Brewing up there. They seem to be doing very well.
  20. TCBY seems to be doing fine near the Promenade
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