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  1. So 3630 will be Ritz Carlton Residences... awesome building, but leaves me wondering...shouldn't Carter have snagged this trophy for his Streets of Buckhead? Seems like it would have been a perfect fit with what he's trying to create. Speaking of SoB, haven't heard much lately... I just hope the (looming) recession doesn't mean he'll fill up SoB with less than stellar names.
  2. Check out the webcam, they installed a crane today... Interesting, hmm?
  3. ^ Thanks Andrea... Looking forward to seeing more on this one!
  4. ^^ Have any renderings of the Crowne Plaza been released?
  5. Great news about Equinox... That's where I work out - it's a good gym, and I think it will be a good fit for midtown. They've been expanding rapidly over the past few years (not only in NY but also in other large cities), and I've been wondering when they were going to open in Atlanta. I knew it would only be a matter of time!
  6. One thing for sure...beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder! Bellsouth (AT&T) is one of my favorite Atlanta high-rise buildings, and with its clean lines & simple design, I think it has aged much better than its post-modern counterparts! Then again, I'm also very excited about this Chipperfield design, so goes to show there's something for everyone. IMO these are great renderings. I haven't been down to Atlanta for a few months....any activity on this site or is it still quiet? What's the latest?
  7. OMG, the third one down (i.e., w the conceptual name paces plaza hotel & residences) is truly frightening! Sorry folks, I've expressed my voice before on the SoB and I'm trying to keep quiet, but this one really takes the cake. I hope Verge was right when he said last month these renderings don't mean much!
  8. I haven't heard anything about the existing utility poles and electric lines... Is it safe to assume they'll bury the lines through that stretch of Peachtree??? It's hard to imagine otherwise...
  9. ^^ awesome pic!!! The SOB website contains a different rendering than the one discussed above. At least it's somewhat of an improvement IMO... It's not a new rendering, however, as I've definitely seen it before. This leads me to the question, which one is it going to be or are both of these merely conceptual???
  10. HORRIBLE. Pretty much what I was afraid of...Atlantic Station comes to Buckhead.
  11. What kind of a name is Streets of Buckhead??? This is totally ridiculous, and lacks any panache whatsover. I agree with Verge, the architecture does look boring and cheap. I'm holding my breath and hoping this is just simply a bad model, but I'm also having a negative prediction this is going to turn out to be a HUGE missed opportunity.
  12. Has anybody seen renderings of Novare's development of the Roxy site? Any information, # floors, etc? I believe they're supposedly planning to start construction late this year, I'm surprised at least some renderings haven't been circulating.
  13. Awesome! I can't wait to see theses two buildings rise. IMO, these are definitely among the best looking in Atlanta and I think they'll raise the bar for future development.
  14. This is one of my favorite ATL proposals and I've been anxiously awaiting construction... It's been delayed several times already. What's the deal? Does anybody have any inside scoop? How firm is the June start date recently published in the ABC article? I think there was some opposition from neighbors... Did this get worked out, and were there any design modifications?
  15. I've also never heard of this, and I agree it sounds like nonsense. Seriously though, take a look at the website. The condos go from floors 32-58, yet the total height is 580' (per emporis.com). Something doesn't add up, and in fact, emporis lists the building as 42 stories. Could this be creative marketing?
  16. On the mansion website, the condos start on floor 32 and top out on floor 58, so obviously that's where you're hearing 58. But, I don't think that means it's a 58 story building - the hotel portion only looks about 15 floors max. The total floor count is probably in the low 40s.
  17. Actually I find the JFK Airtrain totally convenient, and because of Airtrain now I purposely book all my flights out of JFK instead of LGA. Sure LGA is a quick cab to midtown, but it now takes $30 and I loathe the cab waiting line when arriving at a peak hour. Instead for $7 bucks, I consistently make it to JFK in an one hr, 20 min (door-to-door). No worries about traffic, no waiting in a line for a cab, one less car on the road (well, at least a car for somebody else to take), and $23+ bucks in my wallet.
  18. Totally agree with you! In my opinion, this design blows away Atlanta's other residential towers... Can't wait to get down there and check it out first hand!
  19. Though perhaps a bit TOO festive and bright, no? Talk about bling!
  20. Nice pics!!! Who's the sexy kid in the fountain, p.3?
  21. That's a great bridge, who's the architect?
  22. Well, at least one of the greatest cities... That's the Sony building (originally the AT&T building). Classic example of post-modernism at its best (or WORST!)
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