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  1. I agree. It makes more sense to combine Little Rock, North Little Rock and Sherwood from an economical standpoint. Certainly the area would be more attractive when you mention the population is 400,000 rather than 200,000 to businesses looking to expand. I think North Little Rock doesn’t want to give up control of their school district and local government. If there is ever a chance of combining the areas these issues will have to be addressed. I think moving the city hall and city education administration to the North Little Rock side might help. Also allowing the usage of North Little Rock and Sherwood to keep their names like the boroughs of New York City. I work at UAMS cancer program and we have patients nationwide. I once gave a patient instruction to McCain Mall and causally mentioned that North Little Rock was a separate city and he thought that was strange and waste of money from administrative viewpoint.
  2. Disappointed with final plans. Definitely a downgrade. As someone living in Bryant, I would like to move downtown to be closer to work at UAMS. I was looking forward to this original project but not now. Downtown condos are overpriced. Still hoping for a small cool condo development with mixture of commercial for downtown.
  3. http://www.forbes.com/2009/04/01/cities-city-ten-lifestyle-real-estate-livable-cities_slide_2.html?partner=yahoore Forbes has ranked Little Rock as the 15th most livable city.
  4. Off Topic to Aporkalypse. I have read your responses at Arkansas Times in regards to Hillcrest crime. Hope you do move back to The Rock as we do need progressive citizens who care about their community and want to improve it.
  5. Then again. Maybe it would have been the best for University Mall if the nightclub had been approved. Shootings, fights,etc... It would have been the death toll for this mall and then it could finally be sold to someone who really wants to develop this site into something worth while. Hey, I was driving north on I-430 today and noticed a large dust cloud near Shackleford and I-430 area. The trees are coming down.
  6. Diatom: Hot Springs
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