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  1. In 25 years, Memphis will resemble a shorter/smaller version of Chicago. Mainly beacause all of the new development seems to be lengthening the skyline along the river. Its not growing in at all. Here is a picture that I took that might help explain it. One Beale will be near the right edge of this picture. By the short white tower.
  2. I think he ment why is One Beale so far away from all the other skyscrapers downtown. My guess is that they wanted to be on Beale street, and Beale street is south from the main clusters of skyscrapers. I don't this is bad at all and it might even spur another cluster around it.
  3. Anybody downtown get some snow pictures this morning?
  4. Get on I-55 bridge and get off the first exit after the bridge in Arkansas. As you get off the highway take a left under the highway. Its called Dacus Lake Rd. It goes under the bridge and to fields. I don't know exactly where he was but if you need more help. Consult google earth.
  5. speechless... Can you take a better picture then that?
  6. How long till we see a post modern version of the sterick?
  7. The bluffs on our side protects us from floods. Arkansas is totally flat across from Memphis so nothing would stop a major flood. So they built huge levees or hills that you can see when you are about to enter West Memphis. Nobody has decided to take their chances here by building in a flood plain and that is why its rural on the Arkasas side.
  8. huh? So being known for your music makes you number 2? I'm guessing you don't consider Texas as a southern state as you seem to have forgotten about Dallas and Houston.
  9. Nice pics NCB Now here we have a picture of court square.
  10. Earlier this month i was downtown at night and the clouds were so low that I couldn't see the top of the 100 N Main. Also you could see the silhouette of the Sterick against the light from the First Tennessee tower. Wish I had my camera. Hopefully they will do something with the Sterick.
  11. I like the angle. Dont see that side of the skyline much in pictures
  12. I know I will be glad to be here in 10 years! All this stuff going on is just awesome. I think in 10 years I will be living downtown.
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