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  1. The first thing I thought about with the Hinman proposal was elevators. Can you charge enough rent in Grand Rapids to cover the cost of elevators in a building with such a small footprint? Even in Manhattan, for a building with an even smaller footprint, can you charge enough to pay for the elevators? What about the engineering of it and the elevator wait time?.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfSBfL99VHI
  3. And if you want the Calder to sit on grass rather than concrete you've got to move it around a few times, that seems to fool the Calder Foundation people. Here's a Calder that was in Fort Worth owned by a bank and on a concrete base: then the bank was sold and they didn't want it so it was temporarily moved to Philly in front of the art museum - still on concrete: but nobody in Philadelphia came up with the money to pay the bank so Seattle bought it and by this time no one apparently remembered that it had to be set in concrete and had to be surrounded by mid-century buildings - so here it is by itself in the grass:
  4. I'm pretty sure that's Calder Red just like ours, not orange. So I think based on the Chicago Calder you could make a case for tearing down the surrounding buildings so long as they were replaced by taller black buildings that looked like they were designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the sixties.
  5. Back in 2011, don't know how it's doing: Meijer Marketplace - Chicago
  6. Looks like the tower has got its own Facebook page: Bridge Street Tower Facebook
  7. So I’m sure someone reading this is thinking to themselves, well this ought to increase police presence in Eastown.
  8. Drove by the other day and noticed that there is some construction going on and dirt being moved around outside the pyramid. I thought about taking some pictures but was afraid of getting caught by cloud security and I couldn't get a good shot from the street with my camera.
  9. Looks like the Tyvek gang got there first with their graffiti.
  10. At first I thought this was a crazy idea. Sure, it’s OK to put a few tables out front for three or four months during the summer, but spend all that money to tear off your roof and expose your diners and drinkers to the weather year round, no way. But then I thought to myself, you are just an old man stuck in your ways, these guys might actually be forward thinking geniuses. This might work. With global warming we are likely to end up with southern California weather pretty soon and then open air seating will be pretty attractive all the time. I wonder how much it will cost to take down my garage and put up a carport
  11. Interesting parking ramps in this shot. 15 cents per hour parking in the Wurzburgs department store ramp. The red building In the right foreground is the Morton House Hotel parking garage that's been mentioned a few times here over the years. The building just to north of it is the combination Michigan National Bank drive in bank and parking ramp. It is a long story as to why but before banks in Michigan were deregulated Michigan National was the only bank that could have offices in multiple cities and then only in certain major cities but in return it wasn't allowed to have any free standing branch banks in those cities. So in order to circumvent this restriction for the drive-in they built a tunnel underneath the street that connected the main bank to the drive-in bank so they were technically the same building.
  12. I walked by it about 6:30 PM yesterday. Maybe it's my old eyes but I could barely read it. There is not much contrast between the black background and the dark lettering. Maybe it's going to be lit up and that will make it easier. On the other hand if it's lit up I wouldn't want to be staying in a room next to the sign then.
  13. Yes, it is Terrazzo. It should hold up a lot better than the carpets and the linoleum like flooring material they put in last remodeling. Based on the renderings on the airport and the TowerPinkster sites, it’s hard to figure out how this all is going to fit together. I can’t see where the floor they’ve done so far matches much the flooring in the renderings. I guess it’s too early to see how all the pieces fit together. TOWERPINKSTER renderings GRR website renderings
  14. Took a few pictures of the airport construction today. First, inside they are working on the new floor. The wavy part is the new floor so far. The partitioned off part is where they're working now. It's quite a mess: From the observation deck here is a shot looking east toward concourse B along the edge of the existing terminal wall: Here's another shot looking east slightly away from the terminal: Here's looking straight south towards concourse A where they are beginning to build the foundation for the south wall of the terminal: And this one is looking west. They've built a foundation and floor for what will be a widened ramp to concourse A. This is pretty much on the other side of the wall where TSA is now in concourse A. The pale yellow boxes are new Kohler backup generators:
  15. Actually the percentages are down much more than the article states for the Pere Marquette if you look at the months since they changed the schedule last year in May. Maybe some of you might recall that I ranted about the Pere Marquette schedule changes back last year in April and how many people wouldn't want to get up so early or get home so late with the new schedule. Unfortunately I was right. In the eleven months that MDOT has provided passenger data since the change (April's data is not available yet,) the Pere Marquette passenger count has declined 14%. Here's the MDOT site where they publish the raw passenger numbers: MDOT railstats I was thinking about inserting a table of the data I extracted from the MDOT site along with my calculations but that's way too much work. I have no idea if Megabus benefited from the poor train schedule or not, I suspect most people just drove to Chicago or decided not to make the trip.