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  1. Obviously, above is a summary of the discussion about what makes planes fly. I should know better than to get involved in an engineering fight but it just happens that today my February copy of Scientific American arrived in the mail and right on the cover right to the right and below the magazine name it says "Why Do Planes Fly?" So, I look inside at the article and it basically says WINGBERT is right. How often does someone here say that? Interesting article and it's online too, but unfortunately there's a paywall. The link below is as close as you can get to it without paying $6.99 for the issue but if you click on the link and slide down slightly you will see the answer in the article's headline: SC: the enigma of aerodynamic lift And if you are interested enough to want to read the article, they'll let you buy it.
  2. They are going to announce the total Tuesday, Jan 21, and have a little ceremony with free cupcakes for anyone that shows up along with a drawing for a free travel voucher and parking. They are also going to take photos of an unsuspecting random traveling couple and award them a travel voucher. Hope the couple they choose should be traveling together: Ford Airport to Surprise “GRRand Passengers” After Record-Breaking Year
  3. Something like this? floral bed - Michigan Ave
  4. I’m guessing it didn’t have anything to do with architectural planning but rather how do you finance it if you don’t have committed tenants upfront for those additional floors. After all, this is the same firm that originally announced a forty-two-story building on this site.
  5. I guess the shelter really did turn out to be temporary: MLIVE: temporary-family-homeless-shelter-in-grand-rapids-is-closing
  6. I wasn’t living here when it happened but in the late seventies the dime stores were torn down and Monroe was extended to what was then still called Market Street and that block or so of street north of Fulton Street where they met was renamed Monroe. And what had been called upper Monroe became Monroe Center. So, the building in recent history called 50 Monroe where the AC hotel is now along with the BOB had both formerly had Market Street addresses. Market Street itself had dead-ended into upper Monroe approximately where the walk is between Rosa Parks Circle and the GRAM. If you look at Google satellite view you can kind of see the old Market Street route into upper Monroe. I went to that Kennedy rally along with the much bigger Nixon rally a week or two later at the same spot. I’m surprised there’s not any similar crowd photos of the Nixon rally. Back then a presidential candidate coming to town was a big thing. I think Kennedy and maybe Nixon too came by private train. Maybe it is because I’m older or just more cynical now but now they fly in and stop by so often it is just an annoyance with the traffic disruptions and all. If we had permission from our parents, we were excused from school in the afternoon to go to the rallies. And I took advantage of that and took the bus downtown both times. Don’t remember how I found the buses to go back home since the main bus stops were all along upper Monroe and that was obviously blocked off.
  7. Ha Ha, that’s been my philosophy too. In my late teens and very early twenties I used to fly a lot and just for fun. United had this special half-fare standby youth fare if you were under twenty-three, so I would fly to Chicago for twelve bucks and hang out around the airport or take a bus downtown for a few hours then fly back home. Never got bumped, planes weren’t crowded back then. But as I got older and discovered it wasn’t just the adults that I knew that didn’t know what they were doing, it was all of them, I got scared of flying and didn’t do any flying for years. But then I came to the conclusion that I was going to eventually die anyway and 30,000 feet might turn out to be as close as I’d get to heaven. Sorry, this probably doesn't help.
  8. It was built at the same time as the hotel. It started out as a radio and TV studio for Fetzer Broadcasting Company. Note the broadcasting tower in the background. They'd do a remote news segment from there for WKZO TV in Kalamazoo, and it was the studio for radio stations WJEF and WJFM along with I believe Muzak (it's where your elevator music was broadcast from.) Before the building was built Fetzer's Grand Rapids operation was in the penthouse floor of the Pantlind Hotel. Don't know what if anything has been in the building in recent years but for a long time there was a travel agency.
  9. Interesting thread in the forum airliners.net that covers Michigan airports outside of Detroit which means mostly GRR. Several of the most recent entries at the bottom of the thread in the link below talk about the new Allegiant flights along with gate congestion at GRR. CAUTION - this is kind of a geek site so they often talk in shorthand using airport and airline codes and acronyms rather than just taking the time to spell out what they are talking about. And just like here, much of what is written is opinion and wishful thinking rather than solid fact. The rest of Michigan Aviation Thread 2020
  10. Buried about two thirds down in the linked document below is a whole section on the Kortlander Building. If you do a FIND on Kortlander in the document it is the ninth entry down. The section includes an aerial photo of the building dated 1960 and it also states the building was torn down in 1960 and there were only a couple of tenants in the building around that time. That seems about right, the neighboring Cody Hotel on Division was torn down about 1958. They both were replaced by a city parking ramp that was built in the very early sixties. I’d take the bus and hang-out downtown when I was in junior high beginning in the late fifties but I don’t have any specific recollection of the building or much of any building off the main drag. stuff about Kortlander Building As far as the nadir of Commerce Street, it’s hard to say when that would have been. What’s now the Weston Apartments used to be the Grand Rapids Metalcraft factory and I remember it ran multiple shifts until at least the mid-seventies so the street still had plenty of business activity back then. And there has always been other businesses, admittedly mostly low-rent outfits, along the street. When I was a mail carrier back in the late sixties early seventies some of the older mailmen would joke about collecting postage due at the brothels along Commerce but the brothels weren’t still around back then.
  11. Google uses a different lense so it's hard to say, but if the awning over the door is essentially the same then here's what it looks like now: But if the awning in the old photo was on the next building down that's now a parking lot then this might be closer to the same spot:
  12. Does Holland count and can it be in a truck stop? Haven't stopped there but noticed their sign at the Adams exit at I-196:
  13. It's closed. Because it was raining out Sunday morning, I did my daly walking inside at Rivertown. The windows were all papered over and a maintenance guy was painting over the Abercrombie name.
  14. Interesting but the then and now pairs aren't all taken from the same block. The photo of the Anderson Art Supply store I believe is at the corner of Fulton and Louis, while the paired current photo is a block northwest at Ionia and Louis. The old civil war monument photo is facing westerly while the current photo is facing easterly. The monument itself has been moved once and maybe twice between the times of the two photos. The two shots of St. Marks are both facing the same way but the current photo was taken about two blocks further east. But if I was his Dad, I'd thank him and not nitpick.
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