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  1. A third of all scheduled flights at GRR have been canceled from Wednesday through those scheduled for Friday presumably because of a lack of passengers: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/airports/grr/departures
  2. That's the church building I was thinking of. The building was probably occupied by Schaafsma's much longer than any of the preceding churches. I remember them being there over fifty years ago when I was a substitute mail carrier and according to their website they were there from 1918 till 2007. Slide down on their website and you can see the old church building in the background with their name on it: link to schaafsma website
  3. Not 100% sure but I think the turret is actually the steeple of a church that was behind the station on Taylor Street.
  4. Not much activity here lately, so while we are all waiting for the virus to pass I thought I'd post this: Back around the time GR_Urbanist posted this I commented that back when I was a kid in the fifties, this building was a Standard Oil gas station. On REDDIT today there is a photo of it from 1938 when it was a Ford Service Station apparently selling Standard Oil gasoline. Here's the photo borrowed from REDDIT: Apparently in the 1930's Ford Motors tried to cash in on more service business by going into the service station business. It wasn't an idea that was popular with their new car dealers and was abandoned: Ford cashing in on the service business 1934
  5. No Midwest Express to Milwaukee, at least for now: MLIVE: grand-rapids-wont-get-direct-flight-to-milwaukee-after-all MILWAUKEE BIZTIMES: midwest-express-says-elite-airways-owes-it-150000 Maybe Kohler Aviation could come back. They sounded more fun anyway.
  6. It's my fault. I just don't care what other people think of Grand Rapids. I don't need their approval of GR in order to feel good about myself.
  7. Hate to be a Debbie Downer, after all this is a forum where we can escape from the usual news of the day, but I think we are going to start seeing a significant downturn in passengers soon because of the concern about the coronavirus. I know my wife and I are delaying vacation plans until we see how this plays out. Of course, I’m old and that’s a known risk factor for catching and dying of just about anything.
  8. Raildudes dad, you're into the RR stuff, isn't it likely that CSX will be selling off the routes if they can through Grand Rapids in the next few years since they're losing all their money making coal hauling business with the Holland, Grand Haven, and Muskegon generating plants closed and the big Consumers Energy Port Sheldon plant scheduled to close maybe as early as 2025? It might be an opportunity for MDOT or a smaller more open minded community private operator to take over and consider hosting some kind of commuter service along with maybe increased Amtrak frequency. I'm sure it would have to be subsidized somehow.
  9. if T.O.D. means Transit Oriented Development then the answer is no. The new village development does have some of the elements of T.O.D. design such as walkability, compactness, and mixed uses, but importantly the transit piece is missing (despite the nearby railroad track.) T.O.D.
  10. "Ada House" might turn out be an unfortunate name for the hotel. There was another Ada House out that way at one time. It was a bordello that catered to an upper-class clientele. It wasn’t right in the village but discreetly out in the township somewhere. It was raided and shut down around 1969. If you were around then maybe you remember it. I was around then but wasn’t aware of it till it made the news. After the raid I can remember hearing a conversation in the barbershop I frequented between barbers and customers where they said it had been running for years unmolested. I wondered how they knew. When it was shutdown, a number of the clients were listed in the paper to their embarrassment. I remember the year because this was around the time of the campaign to save the Grand Rapids City Hall, and people had bumper stickers that said “SAVE CITY HALL,” and some jokers printed up their own bumper stickers that said “SAVE ADA HOUSE.” Tried to quickly Google up some info on this just now but came up empty. It was a big story in the Press at the time so if someone wants to do the research, they can likely find the details and the names if they want.
  11. You may or may not be crazy but as weird as it might sound, vacation is correct: wikipedia - street vacation
  12. Nice update article on the Gordon Foods - Square Roots farm today. Surprisingly long for a TV news story combination of videos and written narrative: WOODTV: square-roots-gfs-turn-shipping-containers-into-food-oasis
  13. I’m not sure what the protocol should be for letting you know whether you are right or not. Should it be the original poster that always lets you know or can it be just anyone who thinks they know the answer? I think you’re right.
  14. I'm not going to say where it is but here's the same bridge from another angle:
  15. Drive-by photo out my car window this afternoon: You may remember several years ago tSlater used to post a photo weekly for us to guess the location.
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