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  1. Lake Drive Changes.

    On my walk today I took this photo of the latest post on their door:
  2. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Not that I was looking forward to Amazon moving in but I wonder what was in the proposals of these other mid-size cities that made them more desirable than GR. Off the top of my head, I see that all of them are state capitals with accompanying major universities. None of them have nice beaches nearby and none of them as far as I know without doing some research have particularly strong mass transit, and none of them are airline hubs if that's important. It would be nice for Birgit Klohs to know for the next big proposal.
  3. Grandville Castle Apartments

    I don’t know what everybody thinks in Grandville, I don’t even know that many people in Grandville so I don’t know how accurate jthrasher’s comments are about everyone hating it. But I had an interesting experience this past October in Spring Lake when I was attending a concert at the Seven Steps Music Hall that gives some credence to what he says. While waiting for the concert to begin I was making small talk with the complete stranger sitting next to me. Somewhere in the conversation he mentions that he either lives or works in Grandville, can’t remember which, maybe it was both; then he goes off on a completely unprovoked by me rant about the castle and mentions just about all the negative things that people have mentioned here. Even though I really really don’t care for the castle, I swear, I didn’t bring it up, I don’t talk to people about this urban planet stuff in my real life, I was there with my wife just to enjoy a concert. That wasn’t you was it jthrasher? Good concert though. It was Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys, a great singer and band. It was part of the Mark Lavengood farewell tour. Too bad he’s left the band.
  4. BEFORE PICTURE - 123 South Division:
  5. Predictions for the coming year

    ) Accordion music after decades of decline begins to come back starting on the old west side. Not everyone is happy
  6. The Grand River?! You mean GR has a River?

    In the context of the rapids restoration project, a few days ago Mlive published this very good article about the history of the rapids: grand river rapids I am a little surprised no one posted it already (maybe they did somewhere else and I missed it.) One interesting thing is that there is a photo of an almost dry Grand River before the dams were built. The story says that so much water was diverted for power plants that in the summer there wasn't much water flowing in the river until retention dams were built. I wonder if this would be a problem again if all the dams were removed. An Mlive commenter on the article actually had something useful to add and that was this link to an old magazine article about the great log jam of 1883: STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST TERRIFIC BATTLES IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN INDUSTRY You may recognize the railroad bridge behind the old Baker Furniture factory on Ann Street where the jam broke through. The current iron bridge looks like an identical replacement.
  7. Suburban Projects

    I suppose you could have put it in the Wealthy Street thread. Before they relocated to the Michigan Street location they were called the Wealthy Street Baptist Church and they were in a building that is familiar to anyone that's traveled on Wealthy: I wonder where they are considering relocating to this time? Back to this location maybe?
  8. Packard Plant redevelopment

    Development is coming slowly but here’s some news: “A ‘Packard Plant Brewery coming soon’ sign was posted to a building in the 1600 E. Grand Blvd. block of the site.” “Construction is expected to begin in spring 2018 with an expected completion date in 2019.” brewery article Still like the Lindsay Lou video the best and this gives me an excuse to post it again: Lindsay Lou and her band the Flatbellys often perform in breweries
  9. Park Theater

    I noticed last Thursday that the roof in the front was collapsed and it was surrounded with caution tape. Since it was for sale I was hoping it was sold and someone was remodeling it. On Wealthy Street it would be just your typical rehab job. I was thinking about posting something here to see if anyone knew what was going on but obviously I didn’t Surprised you knew it had been a theater. Never went there but when I was a kid my father would sometimes take me to a barbershop across the street and I’d see it. It was still operating back then but I think only on week-ends. Movie theaters seemed glamorous to me back then. This area hadn’t been annexed to Grand Rapids back then and as you headed north there was a sign on Monroe at three mile just past the border to Grand Rapids at the old soldiers home that read “North Park unincorporated.” Always remember that because I didn’t know what unincorporated meant. Can’t find an image of it when it was actually a theatre but here is a short article about it from the historical commission: North Park Theater Here’s another from the waterwinterwonderland site: more about the theater
  10. Founders Brewing Company Expansions

    The train station (Amtrak) has its own surface parking that’s free. Surprisingly they don’t seem to have a parking problem. But then the only train leaves at six in the morning and if there are any Founders patrons filling up the train parking lot they’ve likely gone home before then unless they were too inebriated to drive.
  11. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    Coincidentally about the same time crinzema posted his pictures above, while looking for something entirely different, I ran across this article that shows the building that occupied the parking lot in his pictures until around 1956. You can see the 50 Monroe buildings in the background. Apparently this was an opera house originally but was taken over later by Mel Trotter (makes sense, the freight yards and the county jail weren’t too far away.) smiths opera house I also found an interesting photo slide show on the Mel Trotter Ministries History page that has a few slides showing this location far back before the opera house was apparently remodeled and apparently before the 50 Monroe buildings existed: mel trotter slide show
  12. Meijer

    I noticed yesterday that the Meijer at Rivertown has eliminated all of its self-checkout lanes except for a few limited quantity lanes and has replaced them with new lanes with actual cashiers. I asked a cashier what’s up with that. She said it was because of theft at the self-checkouts. Who would have thought that would be a serious problem in Grandville? Maybe they are just getting ready for when the castle starts filling up.
  13. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    The speaker series panel discussion at the library last night was live streamed and is posted on YouTube for anyone who is really really interested and has got the time to watch. The star of the show is Dave Allen, aka KCLBADave. Audio begins at 3:45: Gentrification Meeting EDIT: For a short less raw version, here's a summary that Mlive just posted: Mlive summary
  14. Had to look this up on Google - here's the before shot; Google view
  15. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    Payphone's gone. That's a very old photo. It dates back to the first entry by Josh Leo in this thread back in February 2007, back when the old lady still sort of operated the store. Not that I'd ever dare eat there but in a sort of perverse way I'm going to miss Mom's grill.