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  1. walker

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    So the first guy to move in announced it on reddit and to date has got 125 comments in response, most of them snarky and a few pretty nit-picky about the interior. He's good-natured about the comments so far. REDDIT: i have moved into the castle
  2. walker

    New projects in Monroe North

    Another old man story coming up: When I was growing up there were at least a dozen rinks in Grand Rapids spread out around town. All of them bigger than that dinky little rink at Rosa Parks. The city parks department would build them in selected parks so there was one close enough for anyone to walk to. Usually they just flooded the softball fields and added temporary lights. We used to go over to the rink at Aberdeen Park right after school and play hockey for about an hour and half until the park attendants showed up for work and kicked us out. Hockey wasn’t allowed. We’d go home for supper then go back and just skate. Good place to pick up girls when you were in junior high or to smoke out behind the park building. Not sure when I did homework. Maybe that’s one reason I didn’t do too well in school.
  3. walker

    Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    That’s kind of a mystery. I would have guessed it was because of the ungodly time change a few years ago but I looked it up and that was way back in 2015 so that couldn’t be it, and megabus stopped their service so that couldn’t be it. Maybe Grand Rapids is so cool now there’s less reason to go visit Chicago now, but not so cool that people decide to come here from Chicago. Lately when I’ve taken the train, I catch it in Holland instead of Grand Rapids. I can get to Holland a lot faster than the hour it takes the train so I get to sleep in a few minutes longer.
  4. walker

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    I was around. When the airport was built and for several years after, the terminal wasn’t on a cul-de-sac. Kraft Ave. went through from 28th Street by the expressway entrance/exit to the terminal. Coming from the city, that’s how most people got there. There was no north east-west runway blocking Kraft until many years later.
  5. walker

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    . . . and he wears a freshly pressed uniform and sings about his job: typical fifties gas station
  6. walker

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    They say November 16 the first wave moves in: WOODTV residents-to-move-into-grand-castle-nov-16
  7. walker

    Wealthy Street Mega Thread

    Agreed. Looking at the photo though, I couldn't help wondering, where do people along Wealthy buy gas? There used to be about a dozen (admittedly ugly) stations along the length of Wealthy, three on this corner alone. Now there are none until you get to Division. I'd think there'd be more demand for a gas station here than a chicken restaurant. Now that this is cleaned up, it looks like it would be a good spot for a gas station, except I suppose that soon we will all be either biking or riding the bus or driving electric cars and won't need gas. HISTORIC NOTE - the first Kentucky Fried Chicken in Grand Rapids was in a converted Sinclair Gas Station on Plainfield around 1964 in the area that's now called Cheshire Village. It had the same classic 1950's gas station look. Really appetizing.
  8. Here's a trade news source that explains it: raw-steels-price-momentum-continues-to-grow
  9. walker

    Grandville Castle Apartments

    Here’s something I’ve been pondering for about a month now and can’t come up with an answer, Crinzema, how did get your drone to fly around inside the building?
  10. walker

    Lakeshore Projects

    Speaking of characterless, take a look at the BIL-MAR replacement in Grand Haven on the beach: lake_michigan_beach_restaurant
  11. walker

    People talking about Grand Rapids

    We've known for some time that that real estate was hot in GR, but who would have guessed that KENTWOOD has the hottest real estate market in the U.S.? USATODAY: hottest-housing-markets-u-s
  12. walker

    Grand Rapids Then and Now

    So I played around with this rare Sanford map on the library site and came up with this "then and now" - What was then the new Grand Rapids Chair Factory; 0 and from Google View what is now the empty Baker Furniture at Ann and Monroe (original factory inside red rectangle):
  13. walker

    UP Advice

    I kind of like the way it is. You and your wife have done a nice job with it. It’s already got the modern and old look that GRLaker suggests. I suspect that the building originally had wood siding so I don’t mind the current siding at all although I’m guessing it is vinyl not wood. Having said that, design isn’t my field, I’m sure someone else with more imagination than me can come up some excellent ideas. If it were my building though, I’d be thinking that with increased value in the neighborhood I might be thinking about flipping it, so I wouldn’t be spending much more money on it except for the roof. But that’s just me, sounds like your wife intends to stay.
  14. walker

    East Beltline Developments

    You underestimate how long we boomers intend to hang around. I'm one of the older boomers and I will only be eighty-one in ten years and I plan on still being here and posting on this forum. I'll probably just make even less sense and ramble more than I do now.
  15. walker

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    Interesting that they are using the much bigger A319 on the PHX route compared to the ERJ175 on the new Miami route, A319 124 seats vs ERJ175 76 seats. I think the choice was because the ERJ175 range might be just a few miles short of making it to Phoenix. The A319 is a nice mainline plane but it is going to be little tougher to fill the plane.