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  1. With the weather so crappy this morning I did my daily walking inside Rivertown Mall this morning before any of the stores opened. Only maybe a half dozen other mall walkers, Didn't get kicked out but I don't think they are encouraging it like they used to. Walking by Sears they had some banner ads in their windows about blow-out sale whatever that means. I think those ads have been there at least since last year. But there was a new single ad in the window that said STORE CLOSING SALE. I'm not surprised if it is true but checking the interweb just now I don't see any announcement or news about this store closing. Except I found this one job posting for a temp job that mentions store closing Grandville, job - temp-backroom-store-closing-grandville So that's my rumor for today.
  2. Detroit Free Press today has a free article about the change: Free Press: detroit-tigers-minor-leagues--west-michigan-whitecaps
  3. Lynn Henning in the Detroit News today, 11/13/2020, wrote an article saying that it hasn't been officially announced yet but the Whitecaps are moving up a notch in the baseball hierarchy from low A ball to high A ball while the Tiger's current high A team, the Lakeland Tigers, will be doing the reverse, moving from high A to low A. The way this will work will be the whole Midwest League will be moving up to high A and a couple of teams will be dropped, and the whole Florida State League will drop to low A. I'd list a link to the News story but they put this particular story behind a paywall as they are attempting to get people to start paying for at least some of their articles. Instead here's a link to the Detroit Tigers Fan blog, Bless You Boys, that tells a bit of the same story (just not as good): blessyouboys: detroit-tigers-minor-league-restructuring-west-michigan-whitecaps
  4. Was walking on the White Pine Trail through Rockford today and saw this new notice posted on the take-out window of Beer City Bread Company (formerly Arnie's.) Their dining room has been closed all along so it's hard to imagine that a take-out window itself needs to close for remodeling. Just my guess but now that the cooler weather is here likely there is not enough walk-up business to make take-out pay. They don't have a drive-through.
  5. They had a PR event the other day for the media to show off the rehabbed building. Here are photos from the Detroit News: DETROIT NEWS: picture-gallery - former-detroit-free-press-building-renovations 10-27-2020
  6. A private equity firm has bought Hopcat, Project BarFly LLC out of bankruptcy. From the article this sounds like the equity firm that had financed their recent rapid expansion: hopcat-beer-bar-restaurant-chain-sold-private-equity-firm-bankruptcy
  7. OK, CORRECTION - WOODTV video of the event shows a few people mingling around holding masks and some even wearing them: WOODTV: statue-of-president-gerald-ford-unveiled-at-airport
  8. My first thought was - where are the masks? But they answered it in the LinkedIn link: Please note: Masks were worn for the duration of the ceremony. We briefly paused for a non-masked photo opportunity. ( although I don't see any masks in anyone's hands or faces in the other photos they posted either.)
  9. Nice update story on this project today on WOODTV: WOODTV: kusterer-brauhaus-to-revive-german-beer-hall-experience-in-gr
  10. WOODTV article today listing how twenty projects have been affected by COVID-19: WOODTV: how-covid-19-hit-20-projects-in-2020
  11. I'm guessing they were grabbing some government grant money before it disappeared. I just happened to be at the airport today for the first time in a long time around noon and saw signs of construction going on immediately to the east of the ticket area with a white tent outside apparently for the ground breaking ceremony (not sure if I was there before or after the event.) Couldn't figure out what they were up to. The place was really dead inside, only a small handful of people in the terminal when I was there. Here's their official press release: GRR Press Release 09-16-2020
  12. Over ten years ago I first started writing about the rehab of the old Free Press building. It's finally completed: DETROIT NEWS: 2020/09/16/free press-lafayette-ready-roll-again
  13. MLIVE: kent-county-to-acquire-final-properties-in-park-expansion-along-grand-river
  14. Interesting old Grand Rapids promotional film from around the 1920's on YouTube that someone posted on Reddit today: Grand Rapids Gateway to the Playground of a Nation
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