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  1. Some nice renderings and a site map included in this article about DDA district boundaries being expanded to include Spectrum Health project property: WOODTV: spectrum-health-hq-project-clears-another-hurdle-in-grand-rapids Edit: just noticed the site map and renderings were already posted here back in the spring but the rest of the story is new.
  2. Many of you here have been intrigued by the idea of living in a shipping container. Maybe the next evolution of this concept is to live in a Quonset hut (you know - those roundish metal temporary housing units favored by the military around WWII - think of the building where Gomer Pyle lived while serving in the Marines on TV.) Saturday the Detroit Free Press had a story about a developer from NYC who has moved to Detroit and has bought some distressed property just north of Corktown and is building a community featuring Quonset huts. The Free Press story is behind a paywall: FREE PRES
  3. When I was searching around for the Wikipedia entry for the Trust Building the other day, I ran across this listing of all the National Register of Historic Places in Kent County. Some are pretty obscure including two separate small bridges over Plaster Creek (one of which was torn down and replaced and no one apparently cared.) You can click on any entry and bring up its history: WIKIPEDIA: National Register of Historic Places listings in Kent County
  4. The planning commission approved adding a floor to the old section of the building: WOODTV: grand-rapids/mien-company's-new-plan-for-old-baker-furniture-building-gets-ok The old part of the building was built in 1872. That was before steel framing so likely the building is supported mostly by the external walls. I've been in the building and the walls are thickest on the first floor and are thinner as you go up. Hopefully they have accounted for that. Probably the oldest steel framed building in Grand Rapids is the Trust Building built in 1892, one of the earliest skyscrapers
  5. Here's the Chinese solution for fast affordable housing: China Expandable Container House in ten minutes
  6. Headline: "Delivery of brewing tanks ‘a big step’ in bringing German beer hall to Grand Rapids" MLIVE
  7. Can't recall here (or anywhere) reading about this project: Joint Development in Garfield Park neighborhood and here's what some of the neighbors think: WOODTV: proposed-housing-development-faces-opposition-in-alger-heights I don't know enough to have an opinion but we sure could use more affordable housing.
  8. There was a short one-sentence explanation of the delay problem on WOODTV back on July 8: WOODTV: grand-rapids/eb-i-196-bridge-work-in-gr-extended-2-months "MDOT spokesman John Richard told News 8 that after crews ripped up the bridge deck, they realized it was in need of much more extensive repairs."
  9. Kind of an odd piece of property created because of rerouting Valley when I-196 was built. Too bad someone didn't consolidate all the parcels in this triangle for one big development. It looks like all the parcels are held by investment firms. Next door is or was some kind of Latino church which would be a problem for a bar but I'm pretty sure if they are still there they are just renters.
  10. Took this today on Market north of the RR tracks. I imagine this is for the sewer trunk line relocation: Not nearly as exciting as a crane going up.
  11. Took a photo on my walk today. Kind of a mystery. No signs or permits on the building itself. There are a few trash bags around but I didn't investigate them. Some of the parking lot is being used as a staging area for the Market Street utility work,
  12. Cherry Deli closing. From their Facebook page: We are sad to share that Cherry Deli will be closing after 17 years of business. The deli was one of the first businesses to locate on the now revitalized Cherry Street. “I wanted to open a business that would be a main-stay for the neighborhood and provide great food,” said Chef Scott Schulz, the genius behind the sandwiches. Unfortunately, Chef Scott was in a debilitating car accident last October. His children, Jacob and Madeline, powered through and kept the deli open through Covid. They will now be attending college this Fall. We love o
  13. John Logie the long-time mayor who left office in 2003 has died. He was a key person in the current success of Grand Rapids. Long before he became mayor, he was active in the early days of the Heritage Hill Association in their successful attempt to keep that defining neighborhood from being urban-renewaled. I can’t verify this for sure but I believe he actually drafted the bill that established historic districts in Michigan. I’ve mentioned this before. Back around that time, (the late sixties to about 1970) he was my neighbor. He and his wife Susan rented the upstairs of a house on
  14. Actually it's a mile to the north on Century just south of Franklin.
  15. Pretty impressive in any case but if you look in the footnotes Grand Rapids is actually #2. The (z) footnote for Akron notes that their percentage is less than 0.5 which would make them #1. I'm guessing why they didn't just list the Akron number was because whatever that number turned up to be, it was well under the margin of error and not to be taken seriously.
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