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  1. OK, stand corrected, disregard what I wrote then.
  2. There were three islands at one time and this is the last remnant I believe of island three. Indians lived on the islands in the summer. Speaking of flooding, Charles Belknap, of Belknap Hill fame, mentioned the annual flooding when he wrote of what the islands had looked like when he was a boy in the 1850’s. I posted this quote in a slightly different context several years ago: . . . even then the three islands were almost without a blemish. Indians never built a fire at the foot of a tree and the high water flooded the islands each year washed them free of all refuse of their camps. The heavy covering of grass and plants prevented washing of the soil. The prevailing west winds wafted the odors of the trees and flowers over the village. May not an old man today be forgiven for a longing that this beautiful playground of his boyhood might have been spared for his great-grandchildren? Only men of deep thinking can tell you how long nature was in creating and clothing these islands, but any school boy with a piece of chalk can figure how long man was in obliterating the last traces of them. Seems like there might be a chance to restore this last trace as part of the river restoration. Maybe there should be a marker on the island or the adjacent shore (above the high water mark of course) with Belknap’s thoughts. Belknap wrote a series of columns for the Grand Rapids Press back in the nineteen-twenties. They were collected and published as a book called The Yesterdays of Grand Rapids. The link points to the short chapter called “The Islands” from which I excerpted the above quote: http://archive.org/stream/yesterdaysofgran00belk#page/128/mode/2up Surprisingly the book is still in print. Well, it would have to be designed with the flooding in mind, Riverside Park floods many years too.
  3. I know a lot of us here, including me, have been cynical about the idea that the Silverline will encourage new business development along Division. But just today I noticed this new business cashing in on the Silverline name at 60th and Division right across the street from the route terminus: SILVERLINE MOTORS IT’S WORKING!! OK, it’s a slow news day here on UrbanPlanet when the other big topic is bitcoin blockchains. I wonder where John E is these days.
  4. First set of modular air handlers (the red boxes) have been installed: As a reminder, here's one of the renderings that shows where the rest of them go:
  5. Just found this - A real nice video of a movie made by the Grand Rapids Amateur Movie Club the year I was born: Grand Rapids 1946 Looks like a nice place to live.
  6. Assuming we all agree we need some more parking in the interim until all the SUV and car lovers die off in ten or twenty years, where would these new ramps go? There’s not much unbuilt land downtown or near downtown anymore. I’d nominate this Ellis lot, it could hold a lot of cars if you had a couple of basement floors and four or five floors above ground. You could tear down and include the nondescript / non-historic buildings just to north for even more: ELLIS LOT DIVISION-LYON While they are building the ramp, the city could sell you parking for your SUV on Calder Plaza, plenty of concrete there. Maybe Ellis could have the concession.
  7. Follow-up article in Mlive gives a little more information on the lease deal: SPECTRUM INDUSTRIES LOT "The city plans to keep the lots open until it recoups the cost of their construction - which officials believe will take three to five years. At that point, Spectrum Industries could sell or develop the property. However, if Spectrum Industries wants to develop the property before the city's investment is paid off, then Spectrum has to pay the city the balance." So I was curious what Spectrum Industries is going to do for parking. I've never noticed many cars in that lot so maybe they've never fully utilized it anyway. I found this article from last fall that they've leased a building out in Kentwood for "expansion," so maybe they may not stay downtown long term anyway: finishing-company-leases-half-of-industrial-building
  8. I grew up on Northlawn which is about four blocks south of three mile. Back then the merchants around what's now called Cheshire Village called the area something like Northtown, can't remember exactly. It was fairly descriptive back then but that was sixty years ago. Creston, or rather Creston Heights as it was called back then, was south of Ann to Leonard. And before the annexations in the late fifties, we called anything north of three mile or east of Fuller, out in the country. The name Cheshire comes from a side street of nice houses that branches off of Eleanor west of Plainfield right before Eleanor runs into Plainfield. EDIT: Rereading mpchicago's post reminds me of this: Creston Heights and Northtown were merchant organizations back then consisting mostly of merchants along Plainfield. We didn't really have neighborhood associations back then as far as I can recall with definite borders. Riverside Gardens was/is the name of the residential subdivision built in the late fifties along where mpchicago describes.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. I don't think it's any less historic than all the old ugly gas stations along Wealthy that can't be touched. I doubt if it can be saved though for any reasonable amount of money.
  10. You wouldn't think anyone would be pouring any serious money into Rogers Plaza right now but a Planet Fitness Center is going in at the east end where Big Lots used to be. Looks like they are cutting concrete so it's not like they are just throwing a carpet down and bringing in some exercise machines. Interestingly there is currently a Snap Fitness Center in Rogers towards the center that's only been there eighteen months and that store pretty much amounted to just putting down a carpet and bringing in machines and adding some changing rooms. Snap is being forced out. According to a notice on their door, a clause in their lease allows the mall management the right to make them relocate to somewhere else in the mall. The mall has executed that clause but according to Snap they didn't offer an adequate location so Snap is closing.
  11. This might be up for sale again. Someone I know said there has been some recent tour activity of this building lately. Don't know who or how serious. Not much but that's all I know.
  12. So here we go again. City is asking for RFQs from developers for 201 Market. I wonder if they're just fishing or someone is interested: RFQ 201 Market EDIT: I see GVSUChris beat me to this by a few minutes over in the Lady Godiva thread.
  13. So John Gallagher of the Free Press confirmed today that Dan Gilbert / Bedrock had bought and will redevelop the old Free Press Building. Story contains a nice slide show of a tour of the inside. Makes me sad how bad it looks: Bedrock to turn Freep Bldg into Offices, Retail, and Residential So as I said in the previous post, if I had been paying attention back last October, I would have had the scoop (an old newspaper term) for urbanplanet back then.
  14. Or think out of the box and utilize the mines. How about well designed communities in the mines:
  15. No more Megabus: megabus-ending-service-in-grand-rapids