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  1. Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    As nice as this looks, since this is inside the security area, you’d wonder how much business they will get. GRR isn’t a hub airport where a lot of people are killing time in the concourse area waiting for a connecting flight. So you are left with mostly people waiting for their initial flight of the day. I’m not really a fan of airplane lavatories, so I know I’m not going to have a couple of beers before I get on the plane. I've been through the new concourse a couple of times the past month. Looks good. EDIT: Forget everything I wrote. Went by the new Founder’s in the concourse area today about 5 PM and they were busy. Do not hire me as your airport restaurant marketing consultant.
  2. Amazon looking for a city to put HQ2

    Muskegon's got a jump on everyone else. They've already got an Amazon sign up: And if they'll settle for little less space, there's an office available: amazon office space
  3. 50 Monroe to get de-skinned?

    On the Ottawa side it was the Helmer Building, 21 Ottawa NW.
  4. Redevelopment along 28th Street

    I did a quick Google search of “pedestrian lighting standards” and you are right. There’s not much available for pedestrian lighting other than what I consider to be light posts retro to the first half of the twentieth century. The images of the more contemporary looking posts look like they are more site specific and would likely look just as out of place along 28th Street or along Lake Michigan Drive out in the country. I still don’t like them in Wyoming though; they are premature at best until there is more real development. Along the length of Rogers Plaza there is not even a sidewalk to illuminate but the lights are there anyway. (I’m searching for anything here to defend my position.)
  5. Redevelopment along 28th Street

    Here is something that annoys me wherever they occur: these faux historic street lights when they appear in a streetscape that isn’t from the era represented by the street light style. They are all along 28th street in this stretch too. It just says that the people doing the planning along 28th street have even less aesthetic sense than I do and it doesn’t give me any confidence in their redevelopment plans. I feel the same way about the faux street lights on Lake Michigan Drive approaching GVSU in Allendale. That has to be someone trying too hard to make GVSU look like an old historic university. It just looks foolish for a school started in the late sixties.
  6. Meijer

    Well, since this thread is mostly about changes in the different Meijer stores, I have one thing along those lines to report. At the Rivertown store they’ve reversed the placement of the dry and wet cat food. The side of the aisle where the wet cat food was now has the dry cat food and the wet cat food is now on the other side.
  7. Grandville Castle Apartments

    So upon your recommendation my wife and I have stopped in to eat here three times since this comment. Still no sauerbraten, but there are some other great German dishes: csbrew menu Yeah, my criticisms of the project seem pretty mild in comparison. It’s a little unsettling to find oneself on the same side of an issue as the chronic Mlive commenters. I may have to re-evaluate this.
  8. County to sell 82 Ionia

    Commissioners change their minds: kent county scraps plans to sell 82 Ionia
  9. Village of Ada - Complete Makeover

    Cheri DeVos knows: amway heir works to save old schoolhouse
  10. Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    Frontier Airlines is returning next spring. However Frontier isn't a full service airline like it used to be. It's just a low cost vacation trip airline like Allegiant now where you pay extra charges over the advertised price for just about everything: frontier_airlines
  11. Southgate Meijer (Store 123) Renovation Updates

    Maybe it seems spamish to you since until you woke up Friday mtburb was usually the only poster in this forum lately. He only posts every few days. In a more active forum his posts would hardly be noticed
  12. Transit Updates for Greater Grand Rapids

    You should have posted some of this over in the Detroit forum. It’s pretty lonely over there. There's just mtburb who posts updates on Meijer renovations in the Detroit area. MORE TOPIC DRIFT - EVEN FURTHER THAN IT HAS ALREADY: Nice pic of the Book Tower in that link. You can only very briefly see the Book Tower Building a block over on Washington in the video, surprised you mentioned it, but it is a fabulous if somewhat forgotten skyscraper. When I worked in Detroit over thirty-five years ago, I could see the Book Tower building out my window. You can see the building where I worked in the background of the pic in the BOOK TOWER link above. For reference, here’s a picture of where I worked. That’s my window on the middle left ten floors up; Both the Book Tower and the building where I worked have been bought by Dan Gilbert and are being remodeled and restored. Gilbert owns about ninety buildings in downtown Detroit and makes CWD look like amateurs. Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on the Book Tower: wiki Book Tower I used to work with a woman (in Grand Rapids – not Detroit) whose husband was a descendant of the Book family that owned both the Book Tower and the Book Cadillac Hotel across the street. As far as I could tell, none of the Book fortune trickled down to them.
  13. So, it opened this week but with a different name as explained in this Mlive story: charleston-inspired_restaurant
  14. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Come to think about it, this might be why the rents are cheaper than downtown. Construction costs come down a lot if you don't need plumbing. The one in Middleville had decent sauerbraten but it closed a couple of years ago.
  15. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Authentic medieval castles do not have plumbing. If they’d have a restaurant that served good sauerbraten I might loosen up my opposition to this project a bit. I haven’t found good sauerbraten around town for quite awhile. I can be bought off.