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  1. You're new around here ain't you: Brandywine Eastown
  2. Lately this has been where my wife and I end up on a Friday or Saturday night by default when we are hungry and don’t feel like waiting for a table at a more popular restaurant. I guess we’ll have to find a new fading restaurant or plan our evenings better. Still like their food though.
  3. Short article about the state granting this project a pretty hefty tax break: apartment complex gets tax break
  4. Well...it's been fun

    Well I was just browsing through so I didn't log in so I got to see the ads that I would have missed now that I am a supporting member. WOW, I've really moved up in the target advertising world. Anice ad for a Maserati popped up. That's going to be a good car to have to impress the Asian ladies when I go pick them up after they get here on the Chinese airline. Glad I didn't log in.
  5. People talking about Grand Rapids

    Must be all those high ranks on lists are beginning to influence people: Jim Carrey moves to GR
  6. Warner Tower - Lyon and Ottawa

    Well, that’s pretty neat but it isn’t what I think of when I think of a “vertical suburban office complex.” It's missing theacres of parking and/or low rise parking ramps. The reason this intersection in downtown Toronto works vertically is because there is a subway running under University, the cross street, and it’s just a couple of blocks from Toronto Union Station which has gobs of commuter trains all day. Without the subway and trains, you’d need parking and with parking you’d end up with something like the “vertical suburban office complex” look of Bridgewater Place which looks nice but doesn’t work too well as far as street life is concerned. WhenGrand Rapids gets a more intense transit system, developers can come around and start tearing down those twelve story buildings and replace them with buildingsmore vertical.
  7. New projects in East Hills

    Well, you can cross this one off the development list: developer abandons plan
  8. Well...it's been fun

    At one time you could pay for a premium membership that would exclude most of the ads but for some reason the option was eliminated in 2011. I never payed since I don't mind the ads that much. Generally they've been for hotel rooms at hotels where I had just booked a room. For awhile some advertiser thought I wanted to meet Asianwomen and that was followed up by an ad for a Chinese airline. Couldn't figure that one out except that I had been watching a few Crane Wives videos on YouTube. EDIT: just noticed this is my 500th post, that comes out to fifty a year. I think GRDadof3 probably does 500 a week.
  9. 1513 East Fulton - Church to Mixed Use

    Maybe I'm missing something but the only parking of note at The Abney Academy appears to be behind the schoolbuilding way far away. Maybe they could get the restaurant employees to park back there but it doesn't seem too convenient for youraverage casual restaurant patron. satellite view
  10. Well that link was entertaining even if it is a bit over the top. Today the Detroit News had a more blandarticle: Detroit News article What new information that I got from the News news was that 1)Afendoulis has introduced a new supposedly more palatable version of the bill which is actuallyworse, and 2) "It’s part of a Republican campaign being waged in several states, including Wisconsin, where similar legislation has passed. In Utah, similar legislation has been introduced." So maybe instead of just being some kind of local Michigan snit, this is some kind of national issue. I'm confused, while there are a lot of differing opinions about historic preservation, I never thought of it as a right-wing vs left-wing type of thing.
  11. West Michigan/GR Economy

    It has nothing to do with Snyder’s policies. GR is booming because of all the advice we give to developers here in the Grand Rapids UrbanPlanet sub forum, while the sub forums for the rest of the state are dormant.
  12. 110 mph from Grand Rapids to Detroit!

    If youneed something to read,here's the study where the article came from: Executive Summary; executive summary or the whole thing; Coast to Coast Rail Study I've only superficially read it myselfso far but I'm skeptical of their passenger projections unless maybe I-96 is going to be torn out and destroyed.
  13. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    So it was a nice day today so I decided to go for a walk from Reeds Lake down Wealthy Street to downtown and back. A lot of new things since I last did this. I saw the new butcher shop and I said hello to one of the ladies carrying furniture into the new animal hospital. But what really caught my eye was thatthere is a new vinyl banner sign covering up the Etoy Beauty Shop sign at 720 Wealthy. It's for CITY2SHORE realty. It didn't say "for sale" so I'm thinking maybe they intend to open anoffice in this building. I have mixed feeling. Like everyone, Ithink it would be great to have a more professional facade on that building. On the other hand, what's up with Ms. Etoy? It's not progress to lose another black business. Maybe she's retiring. I'm retired and it's great. I can spend all day walking up and down Wealthy if I feel like it. Sorry. I don't have a picture. If you are not familiar with the building I'm talking about, here is the Google street view: GOOGLE ETOY One other thing of note, J. Peterson has torn down the old church near the high school. Am I the only one who thinks of J Peterman ofSeinfeld and catalog fame every time I see one of those J Peterson signs? I can just see the Peterman actor, John O'Hurley, giving potential buyers tours through East Grand Rapids houses.
  14. John Ball Zoo

    Well I regularly patronize zoos and museums. Even though I could and would pay higher admission or membership fees, I’d prefer some other way to finance them even if it was a tax. The trouble with jacked up admission prices is that they have a way of excluding people on limited budgets. I guess I’m old but I can remember when the museum and the zoo were free anytime and as a kid I’d go to both as often as I felt like it. It would be nice if kids whose parents areeither indifferent or of limited means could still do that.
  15. New projects in East Hills

    Next Thursday January 14, Rachel Lee, aka GRGridGirl, who started this thread many years ago, will be giving a presentation at the monthly meeting of the Grand Rapids Historical Society called East Hills: Past, Present, and Future. It should be interesting. Here’s a link giving details: EAST HILLS HISTORY Note, because the Ford Museum is closed this year, the historical society is now meeting at Aquinas College. Directions are in the link. The meeting is open and free to all. Sure wish GRGridGirl still posted here on Urbanplanet.