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  1. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    Happened to walk by Forty Acres today on my walk down Wealthy and noticed they were open for take-out only. I probably should have stepped inside to look at the menu but I'd just ate and didn't feel hungry. EDIT: but I just found their take-out menu on the interweb. Here it is; 40 acres take-out menu
  2. Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    If my math is correct we are coming up to the fiftieth anniversary of the first scheduled jet service to GRR. On April 28, 1968 United began 737 jet service using a new 737 from Chicago O’Hare. The same day North Central Airlines began DC-9 jet service from Detroit. The fact that both airlines picked the same day was not a coincidence or some kind of marketing ploy. Back then, when airlines operated using mostly paper instead of computers and before deregulation, schedules and fares were not fluid like now. All airlines published fixed schedules twice a year that were effective with the semi-annual time changes. April 28, 1968 was the Sunday that year when daylight savings time went into effect. Of greater historic note: that flight from Chicago was also the first scheduled 737 service, or revenue service as the airline industry calls it, in North America. Lufthansa had started flying an earlier shorter version of the 737 in Europe in February. The 737 has gone on to be the most produced jet airliner in the world by far and it’s still in production. There ought to be an historic marker at the airport, preferably in what is now concourse A around gate A2 (that’s about where United had its two gates when the concourse was ground level, made of cinder block, and you walked out to your plane.)
  3. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    WARNING – maybe a little off topic, maybe not. For something different the other day for my daily long walk I chose to walk in some of the ageing early post war neighborhoods of Wyoming. Now that all the affordable housing for the non-rich is gone from all the hip neighborhoods in Grand Rapids, the idea popped into my head that maybe the new hot area in a few years might be Wyoming. Wyoming isn’t cool (but then neither was East Hills) and the houses are small, some ridiculously small, but they are affordable. Here are two little white houses, side by side, that I walked by that were on the ridiculously small side. Each is 396 SQ FT: Google view 3741-3745 Michael One was built in 1940, the other in 1947. Not sure what the political entity was back then but I doubt if you can build a house that small in Wyoming or anywhere today. Of course, these weren’t for sale, not many houses I saw on my walk were.
  4. East Beltline Developments

    I’m probably wrong but I’ve always thought that at least part of Hopcat’s popularity was because of its chic urban locations. Not that the Knapp’s Corner location won’t be popular but it sort of dilutes that urban image. Diluting the image might be OK I suppose in the long run for business. I guess I’m thinking about how TGI Friday’s evolved. It started out as a hip singles bar and restaurant in NYC and then became the somewhat mediocre chain restaurant that it is today but at a corporate level I'm sure it takes in a lot more money than in the old days..
  5. Wealthy Street Needed Renovations

    Quite a gap between the listing price, $710,000, and the tax assessment value ($55,000 2X = $110,000). https://www.accesskent.com/Property/realEstate.do?parcelNo=41-14-31-228-003&ele=0 I'm guessing the tax assessment did not consider the value of the front window artwork.
  6. Lake Drive Changes.

    Here’s the latest sign on their door. Took this photo yesterday on my walk: I’m only reporting what I saw; I can’t verify the credibility of any relocation plans.
  7. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    Well, I guess I don't know as much about this urban stuff as I thought I knew cause I couldn't figure out what CDBG is. But with the help of Google I figured it out. So if there is anyone else as ignorant as me who might wonder what it is, the answer is Community Development Block Grant: wikipedia
  8. Predictions for the coming year

    Not exactly how I envisioned it but it looks like my prediction is about to come true next month: Weird Al Yankovic is bringing his accordion to 20 Monroe Live Saturday March 10 (20 Monroe NW –wrong side of the river but technically the west side.) 20 monroe live event And considering his humor, not everyone will likely be happy. How's that for wild speculation?
  9. Predictions for the coming year

    Since I started this, I feel obligated to finish it. Amtrak finally loaded the new schedule into their reservation system and the change is so slight it's hardly worth writing about. Train leaves Grand Rapids still at 6 am and is scheduled to make it back to GR at 11:34 pm. It is also scheduled to arrive three minutes sooner in Chicago than before. The departure times remain the same in both Grand Rapids and Chicago. And so arcturus, this change is so insignificant, I retract my statement that your prediction is wrong.
  10. Predictions for the coming year

    OK, I see what you are saying, you are right I didn't see the "Schedules" link inside the page and that link goes to the schedule published January 22 as you said which doesn't show the Pere Marquette schedule changes effective Feb. 19. So to my original point, what the actual schedule changes are that they announced still seems to be a mystery. I even went into their reservation system and tried looking at future trains a few months out, and it always returned the times of the old current schedule including not only the times that arcturus mentioned but also the arrival and departure times in Chicago and all the intermediate stops. All the same times they've had for a couple of years. For whatever reason, it seems they haven't yet loaded the new schedule into their reservation system or announced the new schedule times even though they announced that a new schedule starts Feb. 19.
  11. Predictions for the coming year

    Huh? What link are you talking about? The link I posted is just an Amtrak announcement that there will be a schedule change on Feb. 19. It strangely doesn't show a schedule at all, new or old.
  12. Predictions for the coming year

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right. Wild speculation here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re trying to see if they can execute a schedule where the train arrives early enough in Chicago and departs late enough from Chicago so that they can add a second train from Chicago to Grand Rapids and back using the same train set. They’ve sort of done that the last couple of years during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays but because of the current slow schedule they can only round trip to Holland.
  13. Predictions for the coming year

    Well your prediction is wrong. Amtrak announced that they are changing the schedule on February 19 and shortening trip times since CSX is allowing them to go faster. The only thing is, they haven't bothered to announce what the new schedule will be: amtrak mystery announcement
  14. Predictions for the coming year

    garfield lofts 100 Burton SE
  15. Lake Drive Changes.

    On my walk today I took this photo of the latest post on their door: