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  1. I guess people complained enough about the paid parking that they will only be charging between 2pm and 2am. I like it when our mayor and council are challenged. Obviously the people in this area will need time to adapt to the paid parking, and I hate it myself. It doesn't help if the paid parking is not implemented well, which the mayor is admitting that on some level. The legitimate problem is that during this economic slump we are in more of a position to mortally wound businesses. Besides that you should expect them to complain about any change that will affect their customer base as they should. Maybe people from Fayetteville won't travel to Rogers/Bentonville for their selection of restaurants, but what about those who travel from Bentonville to here? ------------------------------- Different subject: What is the office building being built near Veteran's Memorial park on Zion road?
  2. That's a good reason for a Fayetteville resident to be concerned, but should it concern a Bentonville resident or our metro in general? Sam Walton did not consider it ethical to accept even a coke from a possible vendor or supplier. Now the vendors, suppliers, and "associates" live in the same neighborhood and are changing the rules in Bentonville. Change is inevitable here, and although I don't like this possible change Fayetteville will have to work harder. I don't think we should compete because it will hurt us all, but it seems like you are saying it is too late and you might be right.
  3. That's pretty funny. From another view, I always wonder if the corporate trenches of wal-mart, jbhunt, and tyson influences how people treat others outside of work when those places seem so demanding of your soul sometimes. Maybe you can have a life outside of there if you're single, but not married with kids.
  4. I wonder about the likelihood that people up there will attend performances. I really know nothing of the demographics of people who go to WAC, but I assume it includes people who have some extra money and who like to "go out". I don't know the true demographics of the region, but I have doubts that our little metro can support the WAC up there. I wish we could delay the move until our population has grown much more. If the move causes Fayetteville to take over the WAC programming, it may lead to competition, and I thought it had been established that our cities need to work together for everyone's economic benefit.
  5. My Bad I should have searched for it. Well, the review won't stop me from trying. Although Aroma in Bentonville was not a great restaurant, the food was a good fix of Indian food.
  6. Has anyone tried the new Indian restaurant in Fayetteville where the Greenhouse Grill used to be?
  7. Here is an article that I haven't seen in a while: nwaonline article. For those who have subscribed they can read it. It basically is one of those old NIMBY articles (it is bittersweet to see one again because it means there'll be development). Oakbrooke sounds a little like Ruskin Heights with some features. I doubt college students will afford to move in to those homes. However, I guess it all depends on if the final product is as quality as they say it will be.
  8. Yeah, if they used that wording it is very confusing. We do have a rich resident in that side of Fayetteville: Lioneld Jordan.
  9. Hmm..that is interesting. My friend said the city turned it down because of the economic status on the south side of town. It sounded like he was repeating the verbage of the council. However, my source should be trustworthy but shame on him if he is wrong.
  10. I've been catching up, but is it true that wal-mart was approved to sell liquor at the store in north fayetteville but denied for the store on MLK (6th st.)?
  11. What were they planning to develop there? Student apartments? It must be hard for the council members to make decisions against things that might make them unpopular with rowdy people groups. They probably don't have enough fortitude to bear it. If it was a corporation the decision would be made and people would have to learn to live with it. However, in each case you hope that the right decision was made.
  12. I think as long as there is reasonable opposition the council should listen. I'm not in the situation so I can't really decide for myself if the concerns of the citizens are legitimate or not. Getting limestone from close by would be a really good thing. I don't even know though if it is considered a city or county quarry in that case. They may end up trucking it to places not so close by.
  13. I'm a little late on responding to this. I definitely agree with the idea of getting public input, who couldn't. However, like you said there were other meetings and charettes like this one. I was really hoping during the meeting that there would be some reassurances about the effectiveness of their style. There may be some good research that says these kind of meetings are effective, but I was hoping to hear that. Otherwise, it feels like an unjustified 3rd grade exercise. Should we make hand puppets that say what we want? Anyways, it's not only the style, but sometimes I like a little more guidance including hints on what are some major issues/ideas. I don't want to get a visual preference presentation in which I decide that a pristine looking flower garden looks better than extra sidewalk space. I also don't like just one way to share my ideas, but several options because I can't make every meeting time they decide on and there is limited time.
  14. I'm glad you were able to go to the meeting. Is it the facilitation style that you didn't like about the meeting? Would you have liked more clarity about their methods and how exactly everyone's ideas will be weighed? Just curious. This is just aside from the fact that they didn't give any hard info. I was under the impression (during the election debates) that the purpose was for business leaders in the area to get together and discuss how to better the local business economy. Now my impression is that it is sort of a 4-day hopeful replacement for doing the second part of the Eva Klein study. Sort of like a rejection of outside consultants in favor of the working man's solution.
  15. Yeah, that is neat. It's a cool little monument, and the "making of" video was pretty well done. Coody must have spent a lot more time in Washington than I thought.
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